Fantagraphics teases new Dan Clowes graphic novel

If you thought teaser images and announcements of announcements were strictly the domain of superhero publishers, think again.

Fantagraphics Books raised the subject of Daniel Clowes' next graphic novel with a teaser image posted on its Twitter page:

Coming in March 2016. Five years in the making. pic.twitter.com/oChHUyKbQm

— Fantagraphics Books (@fantagraphics) April 6, 2015

There's no word on if "Patience" is the title, but this unnamed graphic novel is something has mentioned in passing as his next big project going as far back as four years.

"I’m kind of working on a bigger, longer book that I don’t want to talk about or it’ll jinx me," Clowes told Flavorwire in 2011. "The minute I say, 'Oh, I’m doing this,' then the next day I’ll realize I don’t want to do it and I’ll look like an idiot. I’ve done that so many times where somebody will call me up and I’ll mention it one time because I’m excited about it and of course it falls apart and I’m stuck explaining myself for the rest of my life."

So it seems from the marketing efforts of Fantagraphics and that picture of art boards all stacked up that Clowes is close enough to being finished that he doesn't worry about jinxing it.

That said, neither Fantagraphics nor Clowes has said anything more about the book since that tweet. However Clowes will be doing a book signing on April 18 for the collected The Complete Eightball 1-18 at the Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery in Seattle.

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