Fantagraphics reprints, enhances Jack Davis art book

Despite making its debut at shows like the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival last year, Fantagraphics' Jack Davis: Drawing American Pop Culture — A Career Retrospective has yet to be released to shops. If you've been wondering why it missed its December release date, Fantagraphics has posted an update on the book on their website:

...we noticed a quality control issue with this initial printing — namely, the covers were prone to warping — so we decided that the best course of action was to reprint the book. Of course, being the obsessive perfectionists that we are, we couldn't resist making a few additional tweaks to the book first, including brand new cover art as shown above, which is why it's taking a little extra time. The new improved version should be hitting the shelves in May or thereabouts. We certainly do appreciate your patience!

If you did buy a copy of the book already, Fantagraphics is offering to replace it for you with the new version--either with a one-for-one trade or, if you want to keep the one you have, they'll sell you the new version for 50 percent off if you send them a picture of your copy.

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