Fantagraphics goes mini-comics crazy this holiday season

Wouldn't it be awesome if everywhere you shopped this holiday season offered a minicomic with a $50 purchase? Fantagraphics is doing just that, through their online store. They've created 21 mini-comics by a variety of their creators that are available free with the purchase of their "matching" book or books, or for simply purchasing $50 worth of stuff from their catalog.

"I always was very fond of the mini-comics format -- take two to four 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, fold them once, staple, and voilà!" wrote Kim Thompson. "You have an adorable little 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 comic book for mere pennies. But I could never really figure out what to do with this old-school, low-tech format. Until now!"

The contents of the mini-comics are fairly unique, too; there's a David B. one featuring a never-before-translated-into-English tale, and a Stan Sakai one that reprints a Nilson Groundthumper story that originally appeared in the Critters anthology back in the day. There's one featuring out-of-print Peter Bagge strips, and one featuring a full-color 10-page summary of Tony Millionaire's doomed attempt to get Billy Hazelnuts onto television. And more, by the Hernandez Bros., Jim Woodring, Johnny Ryan, Richard Sala, Bill Griffith, Ivan Brunetti and even Doc Winner, E.C. Segar's assistant on Popeye.

The big chain stores might have cheap TVs this weekend, but how many of them come with a Tony Millionaire mini-comic? Not nearly enough, I tell ya.

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