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32-page black-and-white comic on glossy paper with cardstock covers • $4.50; $6.75 in Canada • MATURE READERS • Ronald's

The first issue in the series that has been creeping everyone out is back in print! Now you can finally purchase all nine current issues at once! BLACK HOLE is Burns' first novel-length work and has been racking up awards before it's even complete. Burns is the master horrorist in comics, utilizing themes of disease, disfigurement, fear, and the psychosexual world of adolesence in this story of a small Northwestern town ravaged by a sexually-transmitted plague affecting only teenagers. BLACK HOLE also features the most amazingly-detailed and slick artwork of Burns' incredible career, with equally impressive production values. One of our finest series.

BLACK HOLE #9 (of 13)

by Charles Burns

32-page black-and-white comics on glossy paper with cardstock covers • $4.50; $6.75 in Canada • MATURE READERS • Ronald's

A shadowy life spews forth from Harvey Award winning Charles Burns' dark pen once again, filling the page with an angst-ridden story of survival in a self-created civilization. Left alone in the woods to fend for herself, Chris finds hunger overwhelming and the wait for her boyfriend Rob doubly trying. Newly deflowered Keith takes her away from the cold tent and into his house. Everyone wonders why he's being so nice…BLACK HOLE is probably the best portrayal of the uncertainty and desire of teenagers ever.


by Peter Bagge

48-page full color comic • $3.95; $5.95 in Canada • MATURE READERS • Shipping from Ronald's

Yay! Another Pete Bagge bonanza - presented to you in color, no less! The creator of the seminal alternative comic HATE continues with a glorious bounty of shorts, stories and essays that will make you laugh and possibly cry (I said possibly). In this second annual collection: A ten page all-new Lovey story (this time she has sex with a Cripple), another great all-new Buddy Bradley story in which he has to explain to his nephew the sad truth that the famous baseball player Alex Rodriguez has never been to the Moon, Pete's Miss America (featuring Donny Osmond!) and Indy 500 (featuring Florence Henderson!) pieces originally created for Suck.com, PLUS an original illustrated essay in defense of the Beach Boys' Mike Love. And much, much more. Everyone still loves HATE and you should too.

LOVE AND ROCKETS VOLUME II #1 by Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez (2ND PRINTING)

32 pages on deluxe paper, cardstock covers • $3.95; $5.95 Canada • MATURE READERS • Ronald's

AY-YI-YI! The recent re-launch of LOVE AND ROCKETS, reuniting all three Hernandez Brothers, was a smashing success! So much so that we had to go back to press! If you haven't already picked up your copy of one of the most influential comic series in the past 20 years, then now is your chance! As most retailers know, the title LOVE AND ROCKETS remains a powerful draw. This new series -released on a three-times-a-year basis- has roped back in all those Hernandez fans who lost track of the Bros. when they were spread out over various mini-series and one-shots, and re-established L&R as one of the best-selling and most beloved comics of the new millennium! Don't underorder - this one's huge!

by Chris Ware

56-page b&w HARDCOVER 11" x 13*" graphic album • $24.95; $37.45 in Canada • ISBN 1-56097-485-0


by Chris Ware

56-page b&w SOFTCOVER 11" x 13*" graphic album • $14.95; $22.45 in Canada • ISBN 1-56097-455-9

Quimby is the second book from Chris Ware; his first book, Jimmy Corrigan (Pantheon, 2000), has been widely acclaimed as one of the medium's finest graphic novels in history and is currently in a third hardcover printing. Cleverly appropriated old-fashioned animation imagery and advertising styles of the 1920s and 1930s are put to use in Quimby at the service of modern vignettes of angst and existentialism. As this cartoon silhouette of a mouse ignominiously suffers at every turn, the spaces between the panels create despair and a Beckett-like rhythm of hope deceived and deferred (but never quite extinguished), buoying Quimby from page to page. Like Ware's first book, Quimby is saturated with Ware's genius, including consistently amazing graphics, insanely perfectionist production values, cut-out-and-assemble paper projects, and the formal complexity of his narratives that have earned him the reputation as one of the most prodigious artists of his generation.

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