Fans to make their own ElfQuest movie

Richard and Wendy Pini have long wanted to make a movie of their ElfQuest series, but for some reason it has moved at a glacial pace. Now, The New York Times tells us, a group of fans are taking matters into their own hands and making an ElfQuest fan film with an all-female cast—and the Pinis have given the project their blessing.

The film is really just a trailer for the ElfQuest franchise, but producers Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes are pulling out all the stops, using a cast of " some of web video’s best-known actresses," according to the Times.

Thorpe and Rhodes are producing and co-directing the project, with Galacticast's Rudy Jahchan committed to doing special effects and A Good Knight’s Quest director Brett Register editing. A prosthetics artist has been commissioned to create elf ears directly inspired by Wendy Pini’s art, a cost which makes up a significant portion of the budget, along with food and location expenses. The plan is to shoot for two days towards the end of November — before it gets too cold, as ElfQuest characters don’t wear a lot of clothing — creating a one-to-three minute trailer.

The producers are funding the project via IndieGoGo (similar to Kickstarter), and donations have surpassed their goal of $5,000.

Meanwhile, on the non-web film front, Pini reports that Warner Brothers still has their movie in "active development" and recently hired the design team that worked on concept art for Avatar to develop a look for the ElfQuest universe. And no, Pini is not worried about diluting the brand.

“Our thought is that the more buzz ElfQuest has in every possible arena, the better things are for the film,” Pini said. “You never know how Hollywood is going to react, but it can’t hurt.”

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