Fans petition White House for 'Flash Appreciation Day'

If Central City can honor the Fastest Man Alive with "Flash Appreciation Day," why shouldn't the entire country? That's the thrust of a new We the People petition that asks President Obama to pay tribute to the superhero on Feb. 11.

It's an idea hatched by the contributors to the blog Nothing But Comics, who note the date is already celebrated annually by some Flash fans, who drew inspiration from a Season 2 episode of Justice League Unlimited. In "Flash and Substance," which originally aired on Feb. 11,  2006, the Rogues team up and threaten to ruin Central City's first "Flash Appreciation Day" by, well, killing the Scarlet Speedster. They don't succeed, naturally.

Pointing out that 2015 marks the 75th anniversary of Flash Comics #1, which introduced Jay Garrick, the bloggers suggest "Flash Appreciation Day" could "honor the Flash in all his iterations, and focus public attention on this inspiring superhero."

"The character’s legacy is impressive, and the hero’s adventures continue today in comics and on television," the petition states. "The Flash uses his powers of super-speed in the cause of justice, and has provided positive inspiration to his many fans for the past 75 years."

For the White House to even respond to a petition, it must reach 100,000 signatures within 30 days, which brings the calendar to Feb. 10, the eve of the proposed "Flash Appreciation Day." That's cutting things awfully close. As of this post there are just 23 signatures, meaning 99,977 Flash fans will have to move fast.

Once that's done, they can get cracking on that museum.

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