Fans May Have To Wait Years For New DC Comics Shows To Hit Netflix, Hulu

If you're one of the many "Arrow" and "Flash" fans that waits to watch the shows when they hit streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, your viewing habits may be about to change. According to a report from the Associated Press, Time Warner is considering changing the way it distributes is DC Comics-based shows to streaming services in a move that would favor traditional cable and satellite packages.

The news comes from comments made by Time Warner Inc. chief executive Jeff Bewkes to analysts during a conference call on Wednesday, wherein he brought up delivering seasons of their DC-based shows to streaming services several years after they first air rather than one year later. In the meantime, past episodes of those shows would possibly be available on-demand to traditional cable customers.

DC's crop of TV shows includes "The Flash," "Arrow," "Gotham," "Supergirl," "iZombie," and the upcoming "Lucifer," "Legends of Tomorrow" and "Preacher."

The move, if made, would be done to deliver "even more value to consumers, especially those who subscribe to the traditional bundle," said Bewkes. This discussion took place after Time Warner Inc. revealed their third-quarter earnings on Wednesday, numbers that reportedly disappointed investors.

If the move takes place, it most likely comes as Time Warner's response to Netflix's rising influence and prominence in the TV industry, according to analyst Anthony DiClemente of Nomura Securities. "Some of the media executives are looking at Netflix as a digital distributor who has gained too much power," he told the AP. "They are thinking, look, maybe we should keep our most valuable content inside the traditional pay TV ecosystem, which is the golden goose."

"The Flash," "Arrow" and "iZombie" currently air new episodes on the CW. "Gotham's" second season is underway on Fox while "Supergirl's" run has begun on CBS. "Lucifer," "Legends of Tomorrow" and "Preacher" will debut in 2016 on Fox, the CW and AMC, respectively.

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