Fangoria Comics to Debut in June

Official Press Release

NEW YORK, NY – Announced during San Diego ComicCon 2006, FANGORIA COMICS will debut its first titles in June, it was announced by Executive Editor Scott Licina.

The #1 news resource in horror entertainment for over two decades, Fangoria expands into original comic book production with the launch of Robert Kurtzman's BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE RAGE Issue 1 and BUMP Issue 1.

The FANGORIA COMICS line will be prominently cross-promoted via a slate of consumer promotions and advertising throughout the popular Fangoria media, including Fangoria Magazine (the #1 magazine covering the world of horror entertainment); Fangoria TV (Fangoria's 24/7 online entertainment destination for the best in horror films and original programming – www.fangoria.tv); Fangoria.com – the 'go-to' horror website for fans everywhere; and Fangoria Radio (the weekly horror entertainment radio show hosed by Dee Snider of Twisted Sister airing Friday nights on Sirius Satellite Radio).

Set to hit comic book store shelves on June 13, Bump serves as the basis for an upcoming film by celebrated goremeister Robert Kurtzman. Described by Mark Kidwell as "part ghost story, [part] survival horror, and [part] full-blown monster movie," Bump is a supernatural tale of extreme horror, where even the confines of the grave aren't able to contain the brutal spirit of serial killer Edgar Dill, and his legion of monstrous Treehuggers.

In Robert Kurtzman's BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE RAGE Issue 1 Kurtzman (creator of From Dusk 'Til Dawn and director of Wes Craven's Wishmaster) delivers a four-issue prequel to his upcoming horror film The RAGE which will feature Andrew Divoff (Wes Craven's Wishmaster, ABC-TV's LOST) as he reprises his movie role as the maniacal Dr. Victor Vasilienko. Scheduled for release on June 27, BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE RAGE depicts Dr. V hell-bent on bringing the world to its knees by infecting it with his Rage serum and transforming all of mankind into mutated, murderous monsters.

The artistic team on BUMP is creator/writer/artist Mark Kidwell (Image Comics '68) and colorist Jay Fotos (Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, Todd McFarlane's Spawn). Robert Kurtzman's BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE RAGE was created by Robert Kurtzman and John Bisson, and the creative team consists of THE RAGE film's screenwriter John Bisson on scripts, Stephen Thompson (Star Wars: Republic) handling the art, Jason Jensen (Evil Ernie, Purgatori, GI Joe) providing the color and the lettering is done by Brian J. Crowley (Hack/Slash, GI Joe). Both titles are edited by Scott Licina.

"FANGORIA COMICS is committed to bringing real horror comics from real horror filmmakers. We are excited to be working with the likes of Robert Kurtzman, Mark Kidwell, John Bisson, Stephen Thompson and so many other great talents. We all feel like we are on a mission to return classic horror comic book storytelling to fans – but with contemporary twists and turns," said Licina.

The launch of FANGORIA COMICS follows on the heels of Fangoria Entertainment's forays into television – with the introduction of the 24/7 broadband destination FANGORIA TV (www.fangoria.tv) and production of the highly rated FANGORIA CHAINSAW AWARDS and radio, with the FANGORIA RADIO weekly Sirius Satellite show hosted by Dee Snider. Recently the company launched FANGORIA FILMS to produce original theatrical horror features under the FANGORIA banner.

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