Fangoria Comics announces 25-cent Shifter #1/2

Official press release

FANGORIA COMICS is pleased to announce that our forthcoming title SHIFTER will debut with a 25¢ #1/2 issue on November 14, 2007. Patrick Durham, John Sachar & Michael Madsen present SHIFTER features co-creator and film icon Michael Madsen (of RESERVOIR DOGS, KILL BILL VOL. 1 & 2, and SIN CITY) in the starring role.

What is SHIFTER? It's a brand new take on the werewolf mythos, following the brutal life of a mob hitman who is much more than human. He can be or look like almost any beast or man, and never be stopped. At least, that is, until a rival boss calls in something even worse than he is....

SHIFTER's script is by Mark Kidwell (Fangoria Comics' BUMP, Image's '68); the book features art by Stephen Thompson, colors by Jason Jensen, and lettering by Brian J. Crowley (your visual team from BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE RAGE).

SHIFTER #1-4 will ship consecutively in December 2007, January 2008, February 2008, and March 2008.

SHIFTER co-creators Patrick Durham and Michael Madsen will be appearing with FANGORIA COMICS at the San Diego Comic-Con International. Consult booths 4517 and 4519 for times.


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