FANEXPO: "FF" Team Spirit Full Audio

Toronto's Fan Expo convention is officially wrapped for 2011. And while there has been plenty of breaking news for comic fans - from the continuation of "Alpha Flight" as an ongoing series to a new "Justice Society" book from DC, see the full list on Robot 6 - perhaps the most talked about aspect of the weekend came from an unexpected quarter: Marvel's "FF Team Spirit" panel.

The Thursday event featuring the creative team from "FF" including writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Steve Epting became a hot topic online after CBR's news report detailed comments from former Marvel cover artist and character designer Marko Djurdjevic on his parting with Marvel. During the hour-long event, Djurdjevic expressed frustration with Marvel Editorial saying "I was fighting with the guys at Marvel about this. You can't make people re-work your shit because you can't decide what you want. Either pay or leave" amongst other comments including his opinion that J. Michael Straczynski's writing was "like toilet paper." While other reports of the event including one at the MTV Geek blog corroborate the quotes, several have questioned whether the tone of the panel was clearly expressed, including Hickman who tweeted "He certainly wasn't disrespectful to me or Steve. Hell, I thought everyone was just having a good time."

CBR recognizes that live events like panels at cons and live interviews can often be experienced differently by different attendees - fans, reporters and creators included - and that what may seem awkward or angry to one person may be an in-joke to another. So to help keep the record of events as clear as possible, we're posting our full audio recording from the Friday's panel for readers to listen to:

Over the weekend, CBR offered Djurdjevic an opportunity to clarify his remarks, however at press time, the artist had not responded.

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