Fanboy Radio Turns 5 & Announces Incredible Show Schedule

Official Press Release

Fanboy Radio reaches its fifth year anniversary. It has been a pleasure to speak with the paramount creators and personalities in the amazing world of comics. We are committed to expanding the awareness of quality comic books and related pop culture to the general public while entertaining and informing the core audience. FBR is pleased to announce the finalized show line-up for the rest of October and all nine of episodes in November.

Show shows are LIVE and listed at Central Standard Time (+1 hour Eastern, -2 hour Pacific)

*Wed, *10/25 *@ 1pm - FbR #343:* *Writer *Miles Gunter *and* Tad Stones*, Director and Producer of /Hellboy: The Sword of Storms/*

*Sun, *10/29 *@ 6pm - FbR #344:* *Writers* Jimmy Palmiotti &* *Justin Grey ***

*Wed, *11/1 *@ 1pm - FbR #345:* *Writer* Ron Marz* and* Steve Bauman*, Editor-In-Chief of MASSIVE Magazine

*Sun, *11/5 *@ 6pm - FbR #346:* *Creator* Darwyn Cooke**

*Wed, *11/8 *@ 1pm - FbR #347:* Joe Quesada*, Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics*

*Sun, *11/12 *@ 6pm - FbR #348:* *New York Times Best-Selling Novelist, *Laurell K. Hamilton **

*Wed, *11/15 *@ 1pm - FbR #349:* *Creator* Alan Moore**

*Sun, *11/19 *@ 6pm - FbR #350:* Open Lines *with Past Hosts*

*Wed, *11/22 *@ 1pm - FbR #351:* Paul Levitz*, President of DC Comics*

*Sun, *11/26 *@ 6pm - FbR #352:* *Creator* Joss Whedon – *Week Long Birthday Bash*

*Wed, *11/29 *@ 1pm - FbR #353:* *Creator* Mike Mignola*

The Fanboy Radio crew thanks our sponsors for helping us stay on the air. It would be impossible to get this far without them. We would also like to extend an invitation to organizations that are looking for unique and effective promotional opportunities in the world of broadcasting/podcasting. Our goal is to expand Fanboy Radio's syndication and spread the joy of comics to as much of the general public as possible. Beginning in November, Fanboy Radio has made available straight-to-podcast sponsorship to reach the thousands of global, online and subscription listeners. Please contact Fanboy Radio for more details.

We look forward to five more years of quality comic book coverage for the public. Thank you very much for the years of support.

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