20 DC Heroes Fused With MCU Characters By Fans

Marvel vs. DC. It's the war of the 21st century. Fans will flock to any argument to defend their beloved universe from others, citing where and when it excelled and thumped its nearest competitor. Yes, at times it does get tedious to witness the age-old debate and wish people would dedicate the same amount of energy to real-life issues, but you cannot deny the passion demonstrated here. These heroes and villains mean something to people – they're symbols that are larger than life and stand the test of time. Even if you aren't a comic book fan, chances are you'll know exactly who Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and Hulk are. They're so deeply embedded in popular culture that it's harder to not know them.

In 1996 DC and Marvel did the unthinkable: they created a shared imprint known as Amalgam Comics. This resulted in the merging and reimagining of the characters in a new universe. There were several comics released in this period, showing how it's possible for these heroes and villains to coexist. Two decades later, it's as good a time as any to revisit the possibility of DC's characters merging with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So, instead of arguing if Batman is better than Iron Man, why not combine them into one mighty hero? This type of fantasy thinking might seem far-fetched and highly unlikely, but it's time better spent rather than fighting with faceless trolls on Twitter. Allow your imagination to run wild and see what some fans whipped up for this shared – and harmonious – universe.

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Hulk Flash
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Hulk Flash

When you think about the Flash, you imagine a lean, athletic figure – like a gazelle in full flight. After all, for super-speed, you'd expect him to look like Usain Bolt rather than Brock Lesnar. A bulky speedster defies all logic and physics, right?

However, this mashup of the Flash and Hulk by doubleleaf throws a spanner into the works. What if the Hulk also possessed super-speed to match his strength? Undoubtedly, he'd be beyond unstoppable because he'd flatten you before you could even blink. Would he still be so angry, though? The Barry Allen we know has few rage issues and is arguably the nicest guy in the world.


Thanos Joker

For many critics, Thanos was the best comic book villain since the Joker in 2008's The Dark Knight. While that's undoubtedly a matter of opinion, there's no doubt that the finger-snapping Mad Titan left quite the impression on MCU fans after Avengers: Infinity War.

Even if the Joker has more in common with Carnage, due to their homicidal tendencies, his status as the premier villain of DC films is on par with Thanos' right now. Now imagine if the Clown Prince of Crime somehow got hold of the Infinity Gauntlet? We don't think he'd stop snapping his fingers. Artist Antonio Clark conjured up this scary mish-mash.


Superman Captain America

Captain America and Superman are the do-gooders of their respective universes. Both of them are such good boy scouts that you'd presume they'd rat you out if you snuck your own snacks and drinks into the theater. Regardless, they're the beacons of hope of the comic book world and fans love them for what they are.

So, what would happen if Superman and Captain America combined somehow? Well, it wouldn't be a good time for villains, as they'd get smacked around and reminded about minding their language and taking their vitamins. If Krypton's favorite son and America's number one soldier amalgamated, like SavageComics imagined, it would be curtains for bad guys around the galaxy.


Spider-Man Batman

Generally, most people compare Spider-Man to Nightwing. It's probably because they both can't keep their traps shut when battling and twist and turn through the air like no one's business. However, if Bruce Wayne had been bitten by a radioactive spider rather than have a freakout when he encountered bats, things might've been different.

This Spider-Bat concept by masaolab is the stuff that dreams are made of. By combining arguably the two most popular superheroes in the world, you'd have the ultimate crime-fighter. Additionally, they share a similar moral compass, so it's unlikely they'd encounter any conflict on how to deal with those pesky rogues.


Superman Hulk

Superman and the Hulk crossed paths in an infamous Marvel vs. DC battle a while back. While the green hooligan laid waste to Metropolis and Supes' Fortress of Solitude, the Man of Steel came out on top in the end. It's what you'd expect, really, since he's capable of controlling his rage, while Bruce Banner isn't.

Let's say that Superman was susceptible to gamma radiation and developed the Hulk's bad temper. Do you think he'd be stronger, weaker, or simply an unleashed beast? Artist Richard Williams provided a look at what might be if the two were combined as one. It's an interesting – albeit a scary – prospect.


Batman Captain America

It's hard to imagine Captain America and Batman getting along. Mind you, it's difficult to see the Dark Knight actually having any friends. Young Bruce Wayne obviously didn't need a second controller for his NES or an extra Super Soaker. In addition, Cap doesn't seem to share a fondness for billionaire playboys – just ask Tony Stark, if you don't believe us.

If the Caped Crusader received Super Soldier serum, though, he'd be even more dangerous. As it is, Batman's brain is his greatest weapon, but if he had the enhanced abilities to go with it, he'd be invincible. Check out doubleleaf's interpretation of this wild hero combo.


Justice League Avengers

When The Avengers was released, Warner Bros. undoubtedly wondered what a Justice League movie would look like. Thus, it hired Joss Whedon to redo all of Zack Snyder's work and give the studio the DC version of Marvel's mightiest heroes. Creepy CGI faces and shoddy special effects certainly weren't what was expected by fans.

In a parallel universe somewhere out there, the Avengers and Justice League are one. Instead of fans battling over which universe is better, they celebrate as one voice and in total harmony. Can you imagine a utopia where the internet doesn't fight with itself? This is the world that devasthion designed.


After the release of Captain Marvel's trailer, the internet determined that it was the MCU's answer to Wonder Woman. Truth be told, it isn't a bad comparison and entirely understandable since they're two of the most powerful beings in their respective universes. You wouldn't want to pick a fight with either of them, that's for sure.

With such crazy superpowers, it's unfathomable to think what would happen if they merged. Well, that's exactly what Eric Guzman did with his creation. This new superheroine would be the greatest hero the world has ever seen and would lay the smackdown on all challengers. Fighting her would be completely fruitless and at your own peril.


What a time to be alive, because right now, Loki is more popular than the Joker. It's a sentence we thought we'd never type. When Joaquin Phoenix's Joker arrives, it's possible that things could change. However, Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief is the MVP among the pranksters at this very moment.

How would you react if the Joker turned out to be Loki, though? DC has promised to reveal the character's origin(s) soon, so maybe that could be the big twist. There have been a few hints that Mr. J might be more than a mere man in recent history, so who knows what could happen. Nick Tam imagines this concept for us.


Batman Black Panther

Is Black Panther the MCU's Batman? He has an endless supply of money, outstanding fighting prowess, a formidable rogues' gallery, and loves the color black as much as Gotham's Dark Knight. Still, Wakanda looks like a much safer (and happier) place to live in than Gotham City, so there's that noticeable difference.

Cartoon Hooligans decided to see what a mashup of these two heroes would look like – and it's breathtaking to behold. T'Challa has donned a cape before in the comic books, but it has been absent in recent years. However, this image proves that the cape should be a permanent fixture for him going forward.


If you think about it, Aquaman and Daredevil are two of the most underrated superheroes around. Both of them possess outstanding qualities, but often fall to the wayside in favor of the "bigger" names. Well, here's hoping the upcoming third season of Daredevil and James Wan's Aquaman movie will catapult them up the comic book popularity ladder.

Artist doubleleaf combined the heroes into a new creation known as Aquadevil. It makes sense when you consider that both of them have heightened senses, and that would be useful underwater. Although, we do wonder if Matt Murdock would be keen on riding a seahorse named Storm – even if the creature is adorable beyond words.


Superman Thor

Superman is often seen as a god among men, so it's only natural that he'd draw comparisons to the God of Thunder, Thor. While both characters share different personality traits, they do have one thing in common: a desire to do good. Heck, if you were assembling a group of heroes, Thor and Supes would be the first two names on your list.

This Thor-Superman mashup by Cartoon Hooligans imagines what it'd be like if their godlike features were combined. Personally, the only thing that could've made this artwork better is if it had included Superman's mullet hairstyle from the '90s – that was a special hairdo that deserves all the praise in the world.


Iron Man Batman

When it comes to superheroes with the superpower of money, there are two who stand out: Iron Man and Batman. In fact, if you're in the mood to start an argument online, put up a picture of both and ask who's the best and grab the popcorn.

Now, just for one second presume that Batman decided to implement Iron Man's armor into his repertoire, as per BossLogic's artwork. Wouldn't he be more powerful and stronger than before? Luke Fox's Batwing attire shares a lot in common with Tony Stark's, so it's likely that the two have had a chinwag about the most effective (and safest) way to fight crime.


Wolverine Green Lantern

With Disney's acquisition of Fox – along with the X-Men film rights – it's only a matter of time before Professor Xavier's gifted students are introduced in the MCU. The big question is, will Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine one more time (à la the WWE, where retirement means nothing) or is the role set to be recast?

Warner Bros. is being apprehensive about introducing the Green Lantern in its new film universe after the 2011 film bombed, but there are tentative plans for Green Lantern Corps in 2020. Once again, artist doubleleaf has the perfect solution: fuse these two heroes. Hopefully, the power ring is strong enough to sustain any possible adamantium nicks.


Hulk Superman Batman

What's better than two combined superheroes? Three, of course. How crazy would it be if Batman, Superman, and the Hulk were merged together? You probably wouldn't need an Avengers or Justice League squad because this new SUPER-superhero would be all the world needs to protect it.

Artist splendidriver called this concoction Super Bat Hulk. This is the origin story, according to the creator: "Bruce El was born on planet Kryptopolis into an honorable scientist's family. His parents discovered a terrible treason scheme against the whole planet, which was planned by the military based robot Abranimation. Unfortunately, just before they had a chance to alert the planet's leaders, they were assassinated in a small alley."


Spider-Man Harley Quinn

It's strange to think of Harley Quinn as a hero. After all she did with the Joker, is she even redeemable? Well, Warner Bros. and DC certainly think so, as they've reimagined her as this universe's answer to Deadpool. Judging by Suicide Squad's financial success, it was a good move, but Birds of Prey will be the true test of her star power.

Now, what if Harley had the heroic qualities and powers of Spider-Man? Artist DavidDeMendoza decided that Spidey Quinn is what happens when a teenage spider is bitten by a radioactive clown. It's an intriguing premise, though we do wonder if she'll squash spiders with her mallet.


Batman Daredevil

The reason for this entry is because it's so meta. Ben Affleck played Daredevil and Batman, so if the two became one, Affleck would need to play this new hero, too. Would he be up for it, though? Affleck doesn't seem to be too keen on comic book roles anymore, so it would probably be a hard pass from him.

Still, we can dream, can't we? Artist Walfiend2 smashed together these two characters and produced a fascinating piece known as Devilbat. The mixture of black and red works well with the character and he'd certainly look fearsome to any unsuspecting criminals. No one would mess with this hero!


Captain America Shazam

It's still a while to go until the Shazam! movie is released. Even so, fans are excited, thanks to the Comic-Con trailer, and there's a sense that Warner Bros. could have a smash-hit on its hands here. While Billy Batson's alter ego has always been popular in the comics, this cinematic outing could raise the character's profile for the general audience.

Payno0's pairing of Captain America and Shazam might appear peculiar, but it works. After all, Cap could do with a bit of a sense of humor and Billy would provide it in abundance. In Billy's case, he could learn a thing or two about being a leader from Steve Rogers.


Not enough people give Green Lantern the credit he deserves. He can will things to life using his power ring and be one of the biggest assets to any superhero team. While he's yet to have a successful film, such as Iron Man, you can write him off at your own peril.

The above pic by Dwarf4r reimagines a captivating scenario we already saw in Amalgam Comics when Iron Lantern was born. This character was known as Hal Stark in the comics, an obvious allusion to Hal Jordan and Tony Stark. How cool would it be if we saw Iron Lantern and other Amalgam Comics characters make a comeback?


Batman Punisher

Many of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice's detractors will say that Batman was more like the Punisher in that film than his usual self. While it can be argued that the Dark Knight was a little more violent than usual, we didn't exactly see him put villains up on meat hooks.

Richard Williams' design of Bat-Punisher is the sort of thing that'll give Gotham's criminals sleepless nights. If you combined the Caped Crusader's brains and combat prowess with Frank Castle's lust for violence vengeance, the streets of Gotham would be the quietest they've ever been. In fact, even Jason Todd/Red Hood would blush when he sees this lethal hero in action.

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