10 Pieces Of Fanart That Prove Captain Marvel And Valkyrie Should Be Canon In The MCU

The MCU has been changing a lot of the canon that comic fans have been taking for granted – and that isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes change can be good. The changes have resulted in fans hoping for other changes – such as transitioning from one canon ship to one that has never happened before.

In this instance, we’re talking about Captain Marvel and Valkyrie. Now, in the comics, Carol Danver’s love life has consistently been aimed at Rhodey (aka War Machine). But fans of the movies have formed a new ship, and based on the fanart they’ve been making, we can hardly blame them for this. In fact, we’re all on board for this ship.

The best part about this whole new ship is the fact that the actresses are on board with it. They keep sharing the fanart and publicly chatting about it. Needless to say, it’s spurring the fandom into a frenzy.

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10 Floating Love

via @beverlyjohnson (Twitter)

This adorable piece shows our Captain Marvel and Valkyrie floating in the air. All credit to Bev Johnson for this one. But she perfectly captured all of the cuter elements that this relationship could be. We know that there will be sassy moments as well (how can there not be, given these two characters?) but it can be fun focusing on these moments too.

We especially love the attention to detail on both characters. While Bev Johnson didn’t captain the artwork – nobody had any doubt about who was in the picture. And that’s always satisfying and impressive. Can we get a few more pieces like this, please?

9 Rainbows All the Way

This piece by Monika is absolutely standout. We especially appreciate that it exists in two forms – a gift and a still image. What more could we possibly ask for? Though the rainbows are a very nice touch, of course.

This piece shows off more of the attitude our two favorite ladies have; from their stances to their clothes. And frankly, we love it (and so do both actresses, in case you were wondering). The realism in this piece really gives us hope that we’ll see more of this in the MCU.

8 Muscles

They say that working out together is one of the best things a couple can do. And based on the muscles in this image, we have no doubt that Captain Marvel and Valkyrie would do just that (fighting battles counts as a workout, right?).

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Kathryn Layno truly captured the strength these two women posses, but more than that as well. You can really see the emotion she put into this piece. And we especially love the way Captain Marvel’s powers were rendered here – subtle and beautiful all in one.

7 Priorities

This piece may be one of the more realistic ones out there – in showing their behavior, at least. Because we have no doubt that Valkyrie would continue her drinking habits – and that Captain Marvel would just go with it.

Neon Shades clearly had a lot of fun with this bit of fanart. While we can’t see Valkyrie’s expression (not that we’d be able to anyway, with that bottle of hers), Carol’s face just looks so happy and serene. We just love it.

6 Iconic

Helenrira brings the ship to the iconic world – showing off our favorite characters with some of the elements they’re best known for. Captain Marvel has her iconic red and gold backdrop, plus the stars. And Valkyrie has her blue backdrop, plus her knives of course.

We love that Captain Marvel and Valkyrie are making eye contact, even though they’re otherwise not actually touching. It’s a nice touch. As are the raised eyebrows. It’s actually pretty perfect for these characters when you think about it.

5 Sailor Moon

Sometimes fanart will show off ships while also blending fandoms – and it’s amazing when that happens. Here Brianna Garcia has put Captain Marvel and Valkyrie into the world of Sailor Moon, and the end result was this absolutely precious piece.

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The inspiration for this piece had to do with Brie Larson’s (justified) obsession with Sailor Moon. But the final piece is out of this world. We love all of the decisions made in this piece, from the backdrop to the characters our heroes are dressed as. Can we have more of this? Please?

4 Happy Faces

This smiley face Captain Marvel and Valkyrie image is simply adorable. And honestly, who doesn't want to see Valkyrie at a happier point in her life? She deserves it, after everything she's gone through!

Tumblr user sparklesstars did a fantastic job of capturing a happy moment between our two potential lovebirds. We especially love the shading and style choices made for this piece. It really makes our characters pop.

3 Ready for Battle

This piece of fanart by maxattack shows how the duo can rely on each other emotionally – and in battle. We know that in a fight, Captain Marvel and Valkyrie would absolutely watch each other's backs. And probably pass some witty banter back and forth while they're at it.

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We love how these two seem like they're about to jump into the fry. The art style really enhances the battle feeling for this image – giving it a raw and edgy look that is just so perfect for each of these characters (both individually and as a pair).

2 Wardrobe Swap

Every wondered what Captain Marvel and Valkyrie would look like if they swapped wardrobes? Well, wonder no longer! Thanks for answering that question for us, Mika Lavender. This bit of fanart portrays our two heroines in each other's armor. And frankly, they're rocking the new looks.

The little commentary on the side made this piece, though there was a lot to love about this one. At a glance the costumes may look off – but that absolutely has more to do with the fact that our brains are having trouble accepting the costume swap! Once you get over that, you have to admit they look good.

1 Snuggles and Laughs

via Tumblr user: Brown-nii

The final piece on our list is by tumblr user Brown-nii, and it has a bit of a story. You see, the artist saw a photograph of our two actresses (Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson) of them hanging out on set together. Naturally, this inspired a respond in the artist. They just had to draw the image out – but with a twist. You'll see our two in their MCU forms.

Thanks to the origin of this piece, our characters just look so natural together. You can clearly tell that they're having fun, and thus can see the potential for their relationship to go somewhere else.

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