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Dynamic Duos: 15 Jaw-Dropping Fan Shipped Couples

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Dynamic Duos: 15 Jaw-Dropping Fan Shipped Couples

Read a currently published DC or Marvel comic with an arresting protagonist, and you‘ll instantly wonder why certain heroes have been the voice of reason with their peers for such a long time. Sometimes our love for a couple in a comic book perpetuity encapsulates our need for the couple to succeed in the face of certain doom, no matter how effective they are together, and no matter how well they fit together.

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Sometimes superhero unions come about became no other entity understands what they’re going through, and that’s a total fair assumption for anyone to make. Fans of comics involving superheroes imagine them in all sorts of situations with all sorts of love interests that they might not ordinarily embark on, given a specific mission, but which puts them in a certain unstable emotional state. The point is most mortals can’t comprehend the connection between superheroes and themselves, and they try to decipher the difference between themselves and their most admired heroes. We’ve searched high and low to find couples we think would work well together, no matter what universe, company or far away space they inhabit. With that in mind, CBR has compiled 15 shipped couples that are sure to dazzle you, whether they belong together or not.


Who exactly is crashing the party here? Is it Harley, who already has a canon relationship with Poison Ivy, or is it Catwoman, who isn’t exactly the friendly type but certainly seems down to party with the villainous vixens. Of the three, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are the technical baddies, while Catwoman walks a fine line between villain and occasional do-gooder.

Artist Jeremiah Skipper has captured all three of the ladies’ personalities perfectly, with Poison Ivy looking haughty and in command on her arboreal throne, Harley looking coquettish and provocative at her side, and Catwoman coiled coyly at their feet. All three could certainly bond over their hatred of Batman (assuming their nighttime escapade took place before Batman: Rebirth #24), but they also have similar alluring ways about them that fans love to see portrayed in fan art.


While many people have carried the mantle of Nightwing over the years, none have done so as famously as Dick Grayson, Batman’s first protege and eventual vigilante sidekick Robin. He sheds the Robin name later when he selects Nightwing as his moniker (actually the name of a centuries old Kryptonian hero, much to Batman’s delight), and at one point even assumes the role of Batman following Bruce Wayne’s supposed “death”. Jubilee joined the X-Men in the ‘90s as the youngest member, with the mutant power of shooting pyrotechnic energy blasts (sadly often reduced to “fireworks”), and an affection for Wolverine as a father figure.

Both Nightwing and Jubilee are orphans, and both of them found a family by assisting established superheroes with their missions. While Nightwing might have inherited his father figure’s slightly brooding nature, Jubilee balances his disposition with a cheerful one of her own.


Wolverine is nothing if not an unstoppable brute force and killing machine. He was basically created to do nothing else through biogenetic experimentation and the manipulation of his cellular structure with Adamantium. While Elektra may not have undergone the same, her mind and body were forged as a weapon of destruction by The Hand, so that she could become a highly trained assassin.

In this striking image, we see Wolverine and Elektra plummeting several stories in what looks like Tokyo, their bodies silhouetted by bright banners, and flags combined with a tall, gritty skyline of buildings. Elektra has a coy smirk on her face as she looks to be lifting her sai to his back. He strains to wrestle free of her grasp around his waist. Knowing the way Wolverine has gotten into relationships because of a fight, this looks like just a round of foreplay for these two warriors.


Originally, Batwoman was the female equivalent of Bruce Wayne, a rich socialite philanthropist who threw her money at galas, non profits, and weapon caches. She fancied what Batman was doing and wanted to copy his lifestyle, and possibly have them share it. Batgirl was originally Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Barbara Gordon, a family friend that then was trained to join the Bat family.

Granted, just like Batman getting it on with Babs in the animated Batman movie The Killing Joke, this sort of relationship would be a bit dodgy in terms of the age difference, but Batwoman only recently got involved with the Bat family, since she realized her superhero identity independently of Batman and his proteges. Perhaps a young impressionable Batgirl learns a few life lessons from the more experienced Batwoman.


The God of Thunder and the Goddess of Lightning? If these two got together, imagine the crazy weather conditions that would result. And talk about sparks from a first kiss. Storm is one of the most powerful X-Men to date, revered as a demi-god of her people. Thor is a god and royalty among his people. Both share the burden of leadership, and you really don’t want to make either of them angry.

A relationship between superheroes means they, unlike anyone else close to them, understand the demands of the job. Few superheroes also understand each other’s powers, since so many of them have different strengths and weaknesses. Here, artist Michael Magtanong shows the pair in outfits resembling their classic ’80s gear, complete with Storm’s signature mohawk and Thor’s metalhead hair, soaring in the blue sky, with barely a cloud to be found (by their own design, no doubt).


One of the biggest shipped couples, partially because they’re both the biggest names in DC, and partially because they often really don’t like each other, is Bats and Supes. Opposites often attract, so maybe Superman finds Batman’s prickly personality and broodiness alluring, and maybe Batman finds Superman’s optimism and altruism…quaint? They’ve been partners, enemies, and co-founders of the Justice League, and with so much time spent around each other, begrudging respect might turn into more.

Here we have Superman being clingy and adorable, and Batman being Batman. Maybe Superman could help Batman through his family issues, and maybe Batman could help Superman feel like he belonged. This is a perfect image for the entirety of their relationship, romantic or otherwise, either directly before or after a fist fight.


In a way, it only seems natural that the two biggest pranksters on either side of the Marvel/DC divide would find each other. Here, artist J. Tyndall has drawn them looking like a perfectly matching couple, from the red and black uniforms right down to the grenades on their utility belts. They’re both loaded to the teeth with knives, explosives and guns, but lets not forget accessories; note the tiny Mickey Mouse bobble dangling from the rifle of the gun strapped to Deadpool’s back.

Harley Quinn is no stranger to mentally unstable partners, nor an odd sense of humor. That describes Deadpool in spades. But he also has the capacity for loving, mature relationships, something Harley has often lacked. Clearly, this duo would get into a lot of trouble and a lot of fun.


bucky black widow

If you watched Captain America: Winter Soldier or read the comics he’s featured in, you know the capacity Bucky Barnes has for violence and mayhem. He started off, in Captain America Comics #1, as the plucky sidekick of the First Avenger, before he was kidnapped and brainwashed as a Russian assassin. Later he even had the chance to step into Cap’s shoes when he was presumed dead.

While the Winter Soldier and Natasha Romanov (aka Black Widow) didn’t have much interaction in the film (she was more concerned with Cap’s welfare), they’re depicted here sharing a domestic moment of vulnerability, where Bucky is lying peacefully in her lap and she’s comforting him. Perhaps she knows something of the effects of a lifetime of brainwashing, and knows the right things to say to soothe his conflicted soul.


One of the most famous pairings in all of comic book history is Storm and Black Panther. They’re a power couple that wasn’t shipped relentlessly by fans, but actually came about through their natural courtship. A less likely pairing involves Storm and Loki, whose personality quirks and way of channeling their superpowers seem at odds. Storm is (for the most part) calm, collected, and in control (mostly because her powers can be so chaotic). Loki on the other hand, is reckless, self-serving, and has been known to leave his abilities unchecked.

However, Loki is a god and Storm is a demi-goddess, and the work by DC artist Peter Nguyen shows Storm’s quiet supremacy in watercolor and ink, while Loki stands in the background, his eye clearly on what he wants. Since Loki has only ever desired power, a courtship with one of the world’s most powerful mutants might just be his ticket.


In the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil series, we see Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) charged with crimes he didn’t commit; a killing spree that was not his fault (for once). To his defense comes Matt Murdock and Foggy, representing him in court and trying to lay blame on the real culprit. However it’s Karen, their secretary/investigative reporter that ends up uncovering much of the valuable information in the case, not to mention has the most faith in Frank’s innocence.

Throughout the second season, there is a mistrust between Frank and Karen, that morphs into a mutual respect, and finally a sort of concern. Their interactions are raw, genuine, and visceral. They bear a lot of themselves to each other over the course of the trial and at one point, he even saves her life. The artist shows a surprising but welcome moment of caring between these two.


Maybe it’s the affinity for all-leather suits. Maybe it’s because Daredevil’s horns sort of look like tiny kitten ears sometimes. For whatever reason, Daredevil and Catwoman are shipped as an item, no doubt having come across each other on a dimly lit New York rooftop, her with a bag full of precious gems, him with the need to serve her some justice.

While not exactly the friendliest of superheroes, Daredevil nevertheless always does the right thing, though a certain undercurrent of bitterness seems to underlie his actions. Catwoman, more of a villain than an antihero, fits Daredevil’s type, who has an affinity for smart, butt-kicking women with a taste for violence. She wouldn’t settle for too altruistic a superhero; she likes a bit of dysfunction in her man. Acclaimed artist Phil Noto has depicted them mid-cuddle, though Daredevil looks less pleased at Catwoman’s antics.


Thor gets another entry on this list because this ship is sort of adorable — adorable if you forget the age difference between a 16-year old girl and a thousand year old god. We’re thinking that if Lady Sif or Superman ever found out about this rendez vous, there’d be some words (but probably some blows). Supergirl has the look of the lovestruck fangirl about her, while Thor just looks dumbfounded by her raging high school hormones.

The artist, Ralph Sevelius, has depicted Kara Zor-El, Superman’s biological cousin, debuting in Action Comics #252 in 1959, and the original possessor of the title “Supergirl”. She’s thought to be the definitive version of the several different incarnations of Supergirl that existed after her. Note how her flurry of kisses has caused the mighty Thor to drop Mjolnir on an unsuspecting populace below.


Based on the latest Avengers movie, Vision seems almost like a father figure to Scarlet Witch, who looks like something out of a teen film there, along with her brother Quicksilver. This could also be due to the difference in ages between Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen (almost twenty years, folks). However, he’s clearly drawn to her, protective of her, and they exchange all sorts of looks throughout the film. The audience could be witnessing the planting of the seeds for their eventual relationship, though it remains to be seen’ if that develops in Phase Four of the planned Marvel films.

As for their relationship in the comics, it most certainly happens, and results in marriage. Here, artist Sergey Titov depicts them in a tender moment, while losing none of the power of their characters. Not pictured is Quicksilver kicking rocks.


Wonder Woman gets paired off with Superman quite a bit. Like employees that work in the same building (meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice…), the two biggest names in DC represent the ultimate power couple to some. But how about the First Avenger? If you think about it, it makes perfect sense; both Captain America and Wonder Woman have lived through the 1940s, and have the sensibilities and worldview to match. Here, the artist has depicted them in their classic outfits, looking as prepared as ever to serve up some justice.

Both value integrity, honesty and liberty. They both encourage their teammates and peers, as well as inspire them to do their best. They are self-sacrificing, loyal, and always put the good of others before themselves. And perhaps most importantly, they both love America, have star-spangled outfits, and use shields.


Green Lantern and Captain Marvel are big names in their respective universes. Each of them carry a title that’s been the name of several other superheroes in DC and Marvel Comics. Unlike Batman or Superman (who only have stand ins for them in case of their untimely “deaths”), their names are passed on to them or taken over.

The most recent incarnations of Green Lantern have been Kyle Rayner and Simon Baz, though this version appears to be Hal Jordan. Captain Marvel in this depiction is Carol Danvers, who’s honestly held the title so long that some people don’t even know there were any others. Here we see Hal unabashedly flirting with Captain Marvel, with a mysterious aura emanating from the ring. Since Power Rings run on the emotional spectrum, one wonders exactly how he might use it on her.

Which of these shipped couples do you want to see the most? Let us know in the comments!

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