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15 Fan Photoshop Mashup Posters We Wish Were Real

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15 Fan Photoshop Mashup Posters We Wish Were Real

People in general have fantastic imaginations. Especially when those people are fans of comic books, movies, TV shows, video games — you know, pop culture. A lot of the most creative minds in the world aren’t even working in a professional capacity, but they’re capable of professional work. That’s why we have the internet, where we can share ideas and gain support for those ideas. Sure, language might have devolved from a sophisticated form of communication where words have meaning to something that more closely resembles caveman speech, but the internet does have that something special: Memes and a plethora of other digital imagery that we can laugh about over the water cooler.

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We’re talking about fan-art mashups of our favorite comic book characters, parodies of inspirational posters, or hilarious movie posters that Hollywood will never be put into production. But we can dream. Imagine a dramatic biopic featuring our favorite Merc with a Mouth, or the planet being overrun with the most intimidating professor at Hogwarts. In no particular order, you will be shown just a few of these parody movie posters that are littered across the internet and you may argue amongst yourselves which is best and which shouldn’t have even made it onto the list.


This just isn’t fair and GOXIII over at Deviantart knows it. You can’t pit Deadpool against all the big hitters in Game of Thrones and expect a good story. Deadpool would walk in with some Valyrian steel swords, Dragonglass daggers, and bullets to annihilate the Night King and his army of wights. The Mountain probably wouldn’t be standing while Oberyn Martell would be back in Dorn with his family, depending on the timeframe Deadpool was introduced.

Then again, with it being Wade Wilson, he’s probably willing join forces with Cersei or the Night King, The Wall would come crumbling down and the politics in Westeros would be far more destabilized than they already are. You want to see chaos, add Deadpool to any movie or TV show. Just don’t make him a White Walker or give him a dragon.


Imagine it’s summer and you’re on vacation. So you go for a swim in the ocean to cool off. You’re far from land, but are at peace with only the sound of waves lapping against shore in the distance to soothe you. You feel a tug on your foot.” There’s no sharks in the waters”, you think to yourself. That’s when you hear “Ooteeni!” and remember there is something far worse than sharks, but it’s too late, though.

They already have you, and the last thing you see before you’re pulled under and sold to a local moisture farmer is the sight of a Sandcrawler on the horizon. Scariest. Movie. Ever. Maybe not so much, but it would be an enjoyable experience nonetheless. Disney should really consider this for their next anthology film. 


Brought to us by debs_graphic_design on Photobucket, we get a fun little mash-up of Ghost Rider and The Muppets. Kermit and Miss Piggy’s relationship has always been a tumultuous one, now they have a deal with the devil coming between them. That wasn’t a plot point one would ever imagine with The Muppets — they were always joyous and funny growing up. The worst thing they encountered was their studio being purchased by someone that wanted to end The Muppet Show.

Now Kermit has a motorcycle from hell and is clad in leather, chains and hellfire. What has happened to our childhood? Miss Piggy faces certain doom if Mephistopheles decides Kermit isn’t doing what he signed up to do. Or maybe it would be Gonzostopheles — there’s a twist one wouldn’t expect. They did their own variation of A Christmas Carol and Treasure Island, “Muppet Ghost Rider” isn’t too far off base.


User SusanneSterl on DesignCrowd brings us a poster that teases the world taken over by Harry Potter’s Professor Snape. Come again? We all read the books, we saw the movies, we don’t need more than one Professor Snape. A whole planet of him? He’s the Half-Blood Prince, spoiler alert, making him one of the most powerful wizards in modern times, so it probably wouldn’t take much for an army of him to take over Earth.

Imagine if Voldemort had an army of clones of himself. Hogwarts would have fallen in an instant. Harry Potter might not have ever been born. Come to think of it, though, it would probably be quite entertaining to watch Snape interact with himself, as everything would either fall into place for him or he would be bickering with himself for the entirety of the movie.


Nathan Davis over at RedBubble brings us one of the funniest and steadfast characters from Monty Python and the Holy Grail reimagined as the lead role in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Complete with the tagline “‘tis but a scratch” to draw in fans, the only thing that could have made this movie poster better would be the use of a live action model as opposed to a drawing.

It’s understandable and to be fair, the use of a real model might have driven fans crazy enough to think it was a real parody coming to theaters. The Black Knight might be the best foil for Bane. Break his back? ‘Tis but a scratch. Remove a limb? ‘Tis but a flesh wound. And let’s not forget what his chosen mode of transportation would be: hopping around with coconuts.


Best. Title. For. A. Parody. Ever. Thank you, dpbrave84, over at DesignCrowd for this. This is possibly one of the best uses of photoshop on this list. There’s no need to continue on. Just kidding! The silhouette of Doctor Manhattan with the doomsday clock on the bottom half of the poster is pure awesomeness and really sets the mood for this movie.

It would obviously be better as an artistic flick by the likes of Wes Anderson. It’s regrettable that Rorschach isn’t positioned center stage at the top like The Comedian is because he seems more central to the plot of Watchmen’s story. Then again, The Comedian’s actions clearly set the stage for the events of the story but either way we love this mashup and just how perfectly these two things come together. We admit, we would’ve never thought of this.


Sure, that works. Trek and Shrek rhyme, so why not mash-up these two film franchises? Talk about jumping the shark. Shrek in space is taking it to a whole new level, though. As much fun as it would be to see Donkey and Puss in Boots in space, we’re not entirely sure Shrek fits the bill to play Spock.

Again, yes their names are similar in spelling and sounding, but Shrek is the least logical or stoic character in the Shrek movies. What’s next, Lord Farquaad is a part of the Borg? Wait. That’s actually a tad intriguing. Or maybe it would be more fitting for him to be a Klingon. Despite all these holes we’re poking in this idea, it’s difficult to not want to see this idea come to fruition. We would be loyal fans to a Donkey and Puss in Boots spin-off.


Who hasn’t wanted a sequel to their favorite childhood fantasy novel/movie? Especially after seeing Robin Wright blossom into an amazing actress with credits such as Netflix’s House of Cards and Wonder Woman under her belt. If we got to see the same character Wright played in Wonder Woman, she wouldn’t be the damsel in distress waiting for her sweet Wesley to rescue her anymore.

In fact, she could teach Wesley or the next Dread Pirate Roberts a thing or two. Perhaps she becomes the next Dread Pirate Roberts herself — the possibilities are endless amd Buttercup is all grown up and can handle herself, thank you. The plot of this movie is up to you, just let your imagination run wild. There’s still a whole world from The Princess Bride yet to be explored. 


Punksthetic from Facebook brings us something truly special. Do you get the same feeling from this photoshopped movie poster that we do? If you get the craving for this exact movie with a focus on Arkham inmates, then yes you do. Suicide Squad promised a similar idea, but dropped the ball as far as a lot of fans are concerned. You can’t go wrong with a movie that takes place in Arkham Asylum focusing on the weirder side of the inmates.

While Suicide Squad was much more of an action film, this “The Grand Arkham Asylum” could be more of an existential exploration of the villains that have popped up since the emergence of Batman. Maybe we would get to finally see the world’s greatest detective do some detective work on the big screen. A Wes Anderson Batman movie is a dream that needs to come true.


“Timid maid by day…Vampire killer by night”. Yes, please! We would see this movie three times during release weekend, plus the midnight showing, buy the Blu-ray and Collector’s Edition because this has all the makings for an Academy Award. Blade gets jobs as a maid across New York, but only accepts them when he knows the employer is a vampire.

He goes in for some light cleaning and leaves once his employer has departed this Earth. Okay, you come up with a better story. Make it a little darker, a little grittier and this would be a great Blade movie for Marvel to green light into production. We couldn’t find the creator of this masterpiece, so if it’s yours, please come forth and you’ll be properly credited.


JozVoz, brings us a masterpiece, and this time it’s a thought-provoking piece that almost has us asking why this hasn’t been done yet. First of all, directed by Clint Eastwood? Yes please. Starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson? Absolutely. This could be the next Deadpool flick after Deadpool 2 starring Reynolds and Josh Brolin. If Cable returned, this would be the making of an all-star cast and crew already.

Who wouldn’t want to see Cable and Deadpool square off in a Clint Eastwood directed movie? The man is known for his action movies as an actor and as a director he has yet to have a flop. We know it would be top quality as far as movies go and might even earn a nomination for an Academy Award. Why hasn’t it been done? Probably because Clint Eastwood is staying away from comic book movies. Yeah, that’s the only reason.


With a new Bond movie coming (and Daniel Craig staying in the titular role), 007 is poised for a huge return that will wipe 2015’s Spectre from most fans’ minds. Also ready to make a comeback to the big screen is Han Solo whose own spinoff film is in the middle of shooting right now. We’re excited for both, but we sort of wish they were mashed together and the internet has made our dreams happen.

This poster shows Han Solo at the infamous cantina from A New Hope where he controversially may or may not have shot first (he shot first) but depicted as James Bond from the Casino Royale poster. Nothing is cooler than James Bond and Han Solo, unless it’s James Bond mashed together with Han Solo. Craig’s cameo in The Force Awakens makes this poster even cooler.


Falling down the tumblr rabbit hole, yet again, we discovered this little gem, which looks almost genuine since Uma Thurman and Gal Gadot have a similar body-frame. This is another movie that we don’t know how it would work, but we would be there for its midnight release. Bonus points if we get the Vincent Vega dance scene with Wonder Woman instead. That scene would be worth the price of admission alone.

We think if Wonder Woman was a main character in Pulp Fiction, we for sure would’ve found out what was in that briefcase because Diana would crush heads to get her hands on it. You know, thinking of all this really makes us wish there was some alternate reality where we can see this movie be made, or at least any Tarantino version of a Wonder Woman film.


There is no telling what this movie would look like. What we do know is that we would watch it. For those that don’t know, Foxcatcher is about a multimillionaire that helps wrestlers compete in the Olympics and various other large scale competitions, and has a tragic real-life ending.

Dark ending aside, we think this mashup would have Ash playing the multimillionaire while Brock and Misty play the athletes hired to help, in this case, Pokemon trainers. It would portray a much darker tone than Pokemon is known for, and cover a lot more adult themes than one would expect from a movie starring Ash Ketchum. One thing is for and that’s that you will leave the theater in tears. Blame DCastello over at Ript for bringing this idea to the internet.


Depending where you stand on the recent Doctor Strange movie, it might be one of the weaker films in Marvel’s long list of successes. Merge that movie with Benedict Cumberbatch’s other film The Imitation Game and you get a completely different film. JozVoz imagined just that to bring us this exquisite visualization.

Dr. Stephen Strange himself is a kind of cryptanalyst much like Alan Turing, whom The Imitation Game is based on, except he deciphers surgical problems in the human body. So it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine these two movies mashed up into one. Except with less computers and more reality-bending magic in a time period that was just beginning to understand computers. That’s the movie we imagine, at least. What’s your take from this idea?

 Which of these movie mashups do you want to see the most? Let us know in the comments!

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