Fan-Made "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" Trailer is Inhumanly Epic

This fan-made trailer for a fictitious "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" movie will have you wondering less about "Who would win in a fight between...," and more about, "Man, how cool would this team-up be?"

The trailer, crafted by YouTube user and veteran fan-film creatorAlex Luthor, takes on the moniker of the video game series by the same name to present a supercut of Marvel characters in film throughout the years, edited to appear as though they are all sharing the screen for one ensemble super-hero movie to end them all. Everyone from Deadpool to Blade is in attendance.

Of course, the Marvel film rights have been convoluted for quite some time, and while certain character's film likenesses are owned by Marvel, and can appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, others, like the X-Men, are controlled by 20th Century Fox. The result is that there's a very slim chance many of the characters featured in this trailer will ever appear in the same film without protracted legal bargaining. But, as the current deal between Marvel and Sony over Spider-Man proves, there's always a chance!

So while there's little legal hope that these characters will assemble alongside the Avengers, that's what trailers like these are for: wishful thinking. But if Wesley Snipes ever does reprise his role as Blade and starts lopping off vampire heads alongside Captain America, we'll be the first to let you know.

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