15 Fan-Made Lightsaber Designs Way Cooler Than Anything In Star Wars

When it comes to science fiction weapons, is there truly any weapon more iconic than the lightsaber? Sure you've got phasers and sonic screwdrivers, but do they really hold a candle to the kyber-powered weapons used in Star Wars by Sith Lords and Jedi Masters? Perhaps it's the balance of seeing people wielding lightsabers and sword-fighting in contrast to the massive space battles that also happen in the Star Wars movies that make it so exciting to watch. But could the lightsaber be innovated further? What if we combine it with weapons from some of our other favorite shows and movies?

How well would the Sword of Omens do as a lightsaber? Could you fit a lightsaber inside a prosthetic limb? Would Vin Diesel's Richard B. Riddick be a more vicious killer if he was armed with a pair of lightsabers? George Lucas was a brilliant visionary, but we've got drawings, 3D renderings, and models made by fans that would put even the creator of Star Wars' imagination to shame. No need to count midi-chlorians or choose a side with the Jedi or the Sith; just sit back and enjoy these 15 fan-made lightsabers way cooler than anything in Star Wars.


A computer programmer that finds himself trapped inside an actual computer program? It may sound like a Black Mirror episode but it actually describes the 1982 film Tron. Because he's inside a computer, certain items can be easily generated like light cycles and discs. Tron was a gorgeous film but was oddly not nominated for an Academy Award for special effects. Its impact on culture and cinema can be felt today, and such animated films like Toy Story could not have happened without Tron paving the way.

It made sense for kytjunon to mashup lightsabers with the computer-generated world of Tron. This Tron lightsaber looks clean and sleek. Imagine Flynn and Tron fighting MCP with these blue-green lightsabers. They could assemble and reassemble the weapon as easily as they create their light cycles.


Although Star Wars does give us an amazing glimpse into futuristic technology, let's not forget that the film takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. So if the film actually does take place in the past, then it's absolutely fitting that Natfoe designed a steampunk lightsaber. For those that don't know, steampunk is where technology is still fantastical, but is executed with antiquated means, such as steam power.

So how would a steampunk lightsaber work? It looks like a kyber crystal in the handle of the sword, but that may be too high tech for steampunk. There's an interesting double nozzle at the end, though, so perhaps the crystal, when exposed to steam, projects a blade? Judging by the gears and handles, perhaps it's something that's cranked out?


How effective could a fan be in a fight? If you're a practitioner of tessenjutsu, then you're familiar with the art of Japanese war fan fighting. War fans were normally used by an army commander to signal troops on when to attack, but eventually it was adapted into a form of fighting with the actual fan itself. Some fans were bamboo, others were iron, and they could be used to block thrown daggers and knives.

Since Darth Vader's helmet was inspired by the kabuto (helmet) of Japanese samurai, the artwork of JamesVillanueva beautifully continues the tradition of the Japanese culture's influence on Star Wars. Here we see that the ends of the fan are in fact lightsabers, both jutting out like blades and lining the curve of the fan. This Sith weapon is as beautiful as it is deadly.


If this lightsaber looks small to you, it might be because it's a shoto, a traditionally slightly shorter Japanese blade. It has also become slang term for a short lightsaber, also known as a lightdagger and in some instances a lightfoil. Isn't bigger better? Not necessarily with these weapons, because a lighter, smaller lightsaber could be used by people that want to attack with a lightsaber in each hand, like Ahsoka Tano, for example. Or perhaps you're a wee fellow like Yoda, and you need a smaller weapon to accommodate a smaller hand.

What's also awesome about this shoto design by JohnGWolf is that you can see at the top an exposed kyber crystal. Kyber crystals power lightsabers and also were a component in the superlaser fired by the Death Star. As Chirrut Imwe said in Star Wars: Rogue One, "The strongest stars have hearts of kyber."


Lightsabers are cool because they combine the skill of sword-fighting with futuristic technology. Lightsabers are ultramodern weapons that call upon traditional fighting methods fused with technological advancements, and the design and color of a lightsaber can speak volumes to the person wielding it. You look at Darth Maul's lightsaber as well as Kylo Ren's and you can't think of anyone else wielding those weapons.

DarthMater gives us a beautiful lightsaber that makes us ask the question: what does this say about the owner? The material (named here as "adamantine," meaning "unbreakable") looks like a combination of quartz and marble, and the long prons in the front make for an intriguing design, and dangerous even when the blade is switched off. The size of it also looks like it can't dangle from your hip like your typical lightsaber. The last question: is the owner a Sith Lord or a Jedi Master?


Whoa, why even bother turning on the lightsaber? The bottom of this hilt is a spiked mace and the front is comprised of several sharp blades. This allows for a variety of improvised attacks, especially since the lightsaber's owner is Fiona Fox from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Why give her a lightsaber? Well, you're going to have to ask that question to the artist, JamesVillanueva.

The 3D rendering, as well as the reflection of the weapon on the table, are beautiful artistic touches. The look of it is intimidating and just seeing it dangling from the belt of Fiona Fox is enough to make us want to avoid conflict with her at any and all costs. We're not sure if that yellow dot is a button or a dial, but if it was a dial it would be cranked up all the way to 11.


If you were a fan of Darth Maul from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, you probably were in awe at how skillfully he wielded his double-bladed lightsaber. His weapon complemented his flashy acrobatics and his ghoulish appearance. Here we see a lightsaber that may look familiar if you're a fan of another movie that spawned a trilogy or two: Lord of the Rings.

JNetRocks modeled his lightsaber after Gandalf's staff. If you look at the edge of the blade, you can see the resemblance that it bares to the magic staff that Gandalf walked around with. Given the length of the staff, only one side can activate at a time, which makes sense because you'd have to be as tall as an Ent if you were to have lightsaber blades shoot out of both ends of his staff.


Darth Maul first appeared in The Phantom Menace and his double-blade lightsaber was quite remarkable. Up until then we were only exposed to single lightsabers and the idea of varying the design was an unknown option. Then we met Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens and we were in awe of his crossguard lightsaber. It was as dangerous and violent as the person wielding it.

Artist chingoryu takes the crossguard lightsaber one step further and instead of a raging red beam coming out of it, we see a fiery green beam and what appears to possibly be the kyber crystal in the hilt. The secondary blades are referred to as quillons and this might be an homage to the green crossguard lightsaber found by Ezra Bridger in an episode of Rebels. We wonder if the kyber crystal in this lightsaber is cracked like the one in Kylo Ren's.


In the Star Wars series, we see a number of characters lose limbs have been removed, thanks to fighting with lightsabers. Luke lost his hand while fighting Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back, for example. Anakin is virtually hacked to bits by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Although there's amazing technology in the world of Star Wars, instead of growing new limbs, most people seem to get mechanical replacements of body parts, but how come we don't see crazy cyborg Jedi?

The "How Come No One Hasn't Done This Yet" award goes to JohnGWolf for designing a cybernetic arm that has a lightsaber built in. That makes perfect sense; a compact weapon that you can hide in your forearm that is in our opinion one step above having Adamantium claws. It's not a red lightsaber, so we are sure that it's not a Sith weapon, but instead has the yellow blade often used by the Grey Jedi. Could you picture Luke with a lightsaber that shot out of his hand?


The lightsaber, although elegant and deadly, is still a bit of an anomaly. Do lightsabers run out of power? Do Jedi get to choose the color of their blades the way that Mace Windu did? For a while there was even some debate if a non-Force user could even fight with a lightsaber. Thank goodness broodofevil was around to answer just some of our many questions. For example, just how long should a lightsaber blade be?

Here we get less of a drawing and more of an operational schematic, and we couldn't be happier by it! In the bottom center drawing we see controls that adjust the blade length as well as the power. Of course, we're not sure what the power setting would do, and why you wouldn't just have it on maximum all the time. Either way, we're impressed at the blueprint and if we had the time we'd build this saber!


The Chronicles of Riddick, the 2004 sequel to the film Pitch Black, pitted Vin Diesel's Richard Riddick against Necromongers, people not quite dead but also not quite alive. Riddick needed to use every tool and skill at his disposal to keep his enemies at bay, but fortunately the man never seems to run out of ability and in the end becomes the leader of the Necromongers (which is undone almost immediately in the third sequel, Riddick).

We're impressed that hapajedi had the vision to combine Riddick's curved blades with lightsabers. Come to think of it, Riddick does have Jedi-like powers, and Riddick is ridiculous enough to rock two lightsabers at the same time. When Riddick plays the game "Who's the better killer" you best believe he's going to come out on top. These weapons make sure he gets to the bonus round.


In the beginning of Return of the Jedi, Luke tries to release Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt. On his first attempt a trap door opens up and drops him in a pit that contained a rancor, a giant beast with long claws and sharp teeth. Luke is without his lightsaber but is still able to kill the rancor by dropping a giant gate on top of him. Although he's not heard from again, whatever happened to the rancor's body?

Artist hexterah has a proposed answer to that question. At first glance this lightsaber looks like it's made from exotic material, and it turns out it is: it was carved out of a rancor tooth. Was it carved from the tooth of the very same rancor that Luke killed? Even if it isn't, it's still an impressive weapon and a sign to your opponent about what you're capable of doing.


As the saying goes, the most powerful weapon is the one you don't have to use, because using it would be absolutely devastating and no one would want to see that kind of destruction happen. A lightsaber is slim and powerful, but it's not at first sight as intimidating as Negan's bat or Worf's bat'leth. Thanks to some modifications by billymcguffin this Sith lightsaber is quite formidable.

Around the grip of the lightsaber is a very sharp and intimidating blade. It's so menacing, in fact, that you almost forget that it's also a lightsaber! Even without activating the lightsaber, the hilt can still be used as a stabbing weapon. If the edge portion of the lightsaber doesn't get you, the actual saber will. It makes you wonder why more Sith lords don't modify their weapons in this way!


In Star Wars: The Force Awakens we were introduced to Kylo Ren and the premise that he was a part of a larger group called the Knights of Ren. Rumors abounded that the Knights of Ren would be explored in the sequel The Last Jedi, but unfortunately that never happened. Concept art for the Knights of Ren show several people wearing outfits similar to Darth Vader holding a variety of weapons.

The artwork for robotpencil gives the Knights of Ren a run for their money. Depicted are four people, all possibly Sith Lords given the red glow of their weapons. Speaking of weapons, this lightsaber posse have a variety of weapons, featuring lightsaber nunchucks and a variant of the crossguard lightsaber. We don't know who these guys are but while we're waiting for the Knights of Ren, we'll definitely take 'em!


One of the cool things about the Thundercats leader, Lion-O, was his weaponry. Not only did he have a sweet giant yellow claw for a shield, he also wielded one of the coolest weapons ever: the Sword of Omens. It started out as a stubby dagger, but Lion-O was able to call upon its power and turn it into a full broadsword. What could possibly make the weapon any cooler?

JamesVillanueva knew exactly what to do. The Sword of Omens is powered by the Eye of Thundera, a powerful energy source that could possibly be sentient. If you think about it, the Eye of Thundera functions like the Force (its possible sentience also makes it close to midi-cholorians), so linking the Sword to a lightsaber makes total sense. Even the retracting blade is reminiscent of a lightsaber.

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