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Pop Hits The Fan: 15 Fan-Made Funko Pops We Wish Were Real

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Pop Hits The Fan: 15 Fan-Made Funko Pops We Wish Were Real

Funko Pop! toys are everywhere, taking over your local comic shop, your conventions and, if you’re anything like us, your shelves at home. It’s unsurprising really, with over 1500 different characters recreated in the adorable big-headed vinyl statues, and the Funko line tackling dozens of different franchises across TV, movies, sports, celebrities and games, there’s seemingly a Funko Pop! for everyone. One look at the custom Funko Pop subculture, however, and you’ll see that that’s not strictly the case.

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Not all people are created equal, and while most of us would sit and pine over the Funko Pops that will never be, some extremely talented individuals take it upon themselves to make rather than make do. Whether it’s unlikely mash-ups of your favorite heroes, or legendary artists of the 20th Century or forgotten heroes and villains of the ‘90s, custom Funko Pops are as vast and varied as the official line, only way more creative. They’re also impressively well made, so much so you’d be forgiven for thinking some of these were the real thing. CBR has sifted through the hundreds of custom Pops out there and picked out the best of the best: 15 Custom Funko Pops We Need To Own!


BatPool Funko Pop Custom

Capturing the irreverent humor of Deadpool in a statue isn’t easy, but Von Geek has found a way. It seems that Wade Wilson is as much a fan of cosplay as the rest of us, and has chosen one of the DC universe’s greatest heroes to inspire his costume. It doesn’t look like Wade can quite afford a real costume, though, opting to stick his little Bat Ears on with band-aids.

This design is exactly the kind of thing that custom Funko Pops do best. The creator has taken an average Deadpool figure and made minor modifications for maximum result. Bat ears (humorously attached), a cape, a fun sign and some new face paint are all that’s been changed about this Pop, yet the end result is a unique and hilarious statue that sits right alongside the best of the official ones on your shelf.


Yondu Poppins Funko Pop Custom

He’s Mary Poppins, Y’all! One of the funniest moments from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was the line uttered by Yondu that this Funko Pop, created by FunkoBoss, is referencing. It was a funny and heartwarming moment that not only endeared an already fun character to the audience but inspired a legion of fan artists, cosplayers and creators all over the world.

It was only a matter of time before someone made a custom Pop, one that captures the moment in a very literal way. The creator appears to have taken the Mary Poppins statue and mixed it with the head of the Yondu statue to craft a hybrid of the two characters, bringing the joke to its literal conclusion. Interestingly, Marvel owns both of these characters, but don’t expect an official version of this anytime soon.


Zombie Batman Funko Pop Custom

Is there a more popular twist on modern pop culture icons than to turn them into zombies? Perhaps Halloween costumes that can make seemingly anything sexy, but that’s a list for another time. Here’s an example of one of the best zombified Funko Pop customs, and it’s the unfortunate fate of the Dark Knight to become a soldier of the undead.

Artist DorkHorde created this great figure, and there’s even a step by step gallery that shows just how much work goes into crafting these custom statues. It’s a fascinating glimpse into a growing subculture, and while some of these figures range from new paint jobs to entirely new builds, in this example, DorkHorde has taken elements of Batman, The Walking Dead and even Mars Attacks figures to make this creepy undead superhero.


Groot Deadpool Funko Pop Custom

“I am…Deadpool!” One thing you can always rely on in our crazy fandom is the wonderful art of the mash-up. Whether it’s worlds — that should never meet — colliding in fan-fiction, or cases like this, where two unlikely characters combine to form a fun new creation, it’s never a dull moment with a mash-up.

Grootpool, created by DBeck Customs, feels like a “What If?” story waiting to happen. There is actually a Groot version of Deadpool from the Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin Deadpool Kills Deadpool miniseries, which sees many different versions of the Merc with a Mouth teaming up. This Funko Pop custom is arguably a better realization of Grootpool and even comes with multiple accessories because, as we all know, any version of Deadpool needs as many guns as possible.


Steampunk Droids Star Wars Funko Pop Custom

Sticking with the mash-up theme, the Star Wars universe has always transferred over to the Steampunk aesthetic really well. There’s something about the classic Saturday morning serial vibe of the original trilogy that mixes with the anachronistic science fiction technology of Steampunk in a way that sparks the imagination.

Take these little droids, for example. Artist Rusty Toaster has taken the Funko Pops of everyone’s favorite robotic odd couple C3P0 and R2D2 and given them a completely different style. It seems like the original statues have had nothing more than a detailed paint job but the end result is effective nonetheless. Their rusty, dented bodywork and their large, black eyes make you think that they would be more at home in Bioshock than Star Wars, but if you’re a fan of steampunk then these definitely are the droids you’re looking for.


Doctor Octopus Funko Pop Custom

This next entry is one of those occasions where an actual Funko Pop of the character in question exists, but a designer has taken it upon themselves to create their own anyway. In this case, Texture Me Customs has created a Doctor Octopus that’s much more in line with the look and feel of the comics character than the official version.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the official version, but it’s perhaps hampered by the realistic constraints of mass production. The popular Spider-Man villain was released as a Funko vinyl statue in 2016 and comes with glasses and his trademark mechanical arms. This custom figure, however, has much longer arms, making Doc Ock way closer to his comics and movie counterpart, as well as being an imposing presence on your Funko Pop shelf.


Salvador Dali Funko Pop Custom

From a character who already has an official figure, to a character that likely never will (although stranger things have happened — looking at you, Funko Pop Bryan Fuller), Salvador Dali was a Spanish surrealist and one of the most prominent figures in his field, if not of the entire art scene of the 20th Century. His work is instantly recognizable, as is the man himself, so it makes perfect sense for him to have a Funko!

This spectacular custom statue is the work of Etsy artist Ekabooom, and as well as being a well-crafted figure in his own right, Funko Dali also comes with a wooden stand depicting a scene from one of his more famous works: “Persistence of Memory” (the one with the melting clocks). Even without the imagery of that painting, however, Dali would stand out in any Funko collection thanks to his iconic mustache.


Doomsday Funko Pop Custom

Doomsday is another example — much like Doctor Octopus — of a character that already has a Funko Pop, but there’s a very different reason for the custom creation of this classic Superman villain. As those that have seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will know, Doomsday shows up near the end of the movie to battle the heroes. Much like a lot of movie interpretations, this version of Doomsday looks nothing like the comics, so it’s unfortunate that Funko picked the movie version to base a Pop vinyl figure on.

That’s where the fan base steps in. This sadly unsourced custom build re-creates the Doomsday we all know and hate-to-love from the “Death of Superman” story of 1992. With a classic color scheme and familiar boney protrusions, what makes this figure truly special is that it manages to retain that Funko Pop cuteness, despite being an unstoppable bone monster.


Jack Kirby Funko Pop Custom

In a world where Stan “The Man” Lee has no less than 24 variations of his own Funko Pop statue, it seems ludicrous that his partner in crime Jack Kirby has zero. Stan and Jack are known for being the co-creators of many of the most significant characters of the Marvel universe: The Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Hulk, Thor, Daredevil and more. So when this Funko Pop travesty was discovered by writer Russell Payne, he decided to take matters into his own hands, and create his own.

This is sadly not a real custom build, merely a photoshop. However, the likeness is uncanny and manages to capture Kirby in a way that even the official pop of Stan Lee doesn’t. The cigar he was often seen with, as well as a paintbrush and even the surly look on his face, all make this figure a great caricature of The King.


Vincent Van Gogh Funko Pop Custom

In a case of impressionism that’s entirely appropriate for the subject matter, this custom figure goes above and beyond merely attempting to recreate a likeness of someone, and attempts to recreate the entire aesthetic of the artist in question. There are a few figures like this, but this specific example of a Vincent Van Gogh Funko Pop is from Etsy shop Boopstoof, and instead of crafting a figure that merely looks like the man, the creator has painted the figure with the same swirling, hypnotic brush strokes as the great artist himself.

The back of the jacket he’s wearing also comes with a mini version of his famous starry night painting, making this figure a unique encapsulation of the artist and his work. For the Doctor Who fans among you, there’s also a version of this figure in the outfit he was wearing in that classic, emotional episode.


Batmans Day Off Custom Funko Pop

Everyone needs a break, right? This is especially true of superheroes, with their constant supervillain battles, team-ups, crossovers and major summer events. Batman seems to be a character that never takes a break from punching the mentally ill every night in the dark alleyways of Gotham, so it’s nice to imagine him during a rare day off.

Enter Dragonfly Designs and their piece, Batman’s Day Off. Depicting what looks to be the Adam West Batman of the ‘60s, this custom build shows a Dark Knight ready to relax. The detail is superb, from his little Bat-Slippers to his Joker mug, the World’s Greatest Detective deserves a night to himself, and with his utility belt slung jauntily over his shoulder, he looks like he’s settling in with a bath and a good chick flick.


While this is not the first character that comes to mind when looking for custom Funko Pops, this is definitely one of those cases where you didn’t know you wanted it until you saw it. Now any Funko collection feels incomplete without a venomized version of Captain America.

Created by MFComic Art, this highly detailed custom figure gives yet another fun mash-up of two characters. They’ve fought multiple times, but never really merged together (unless you count the alternate reality Edge of Venomverse, so the mind boggles as to what would happen if Steve Rogers succumbed to the Venom symbiote. While it may not be a regularity in the comics, the creators of this piece have ensured that we can at least get a glimpse of what that pairing could look like.


Kid Flash Funko Pop Custom

There have been multiple versions of Kid Flash over the years, but this next custom Funko Pop — designed by thelazman — recreates the look of the original Kid Flash, Wally West. First appearing in 1959, this character was the sidekick to the Barry Allen version of The Flash, created as a result of the popularity of Batman’s sidekick Robin. There were many sidekicks created around the same time — Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy, Green Arrow’s sidekick — and they’d all come together to form the Teen Titans in 1964.

This custom Funko Pop is special thanks to its detailing. The costume that Wally is wearing is really well designed, with the distinctive lightning bolt on the front, and the red goggles on the top of his head, in front of his exposed shock of red hair really help to make this figure look truly distinctive.


Known as the iconic company mascot for fast-food chain KFC, the Colonel has become a bit of cult figure in his own right thanks to some excellent marketing campaigns over the years, most notably in the annual KFC/DC Universe crossover issues released to coincide with San Diego Comic Con every year since 2015.

In those issues, the chicken-loving Colonel Sanders fights alongside Flash, Green Lantern and the rest of the Justice League in stories with their tongue set firmly in their cheeks. This custom Pop by FunkoBoss is brilliantly well designed, with his signature style and facial hair, and even carrying his own bucket of KFC chicken. Now we just need to get some variants of this, like one of him brandishing his own Green Lantern ring or facing off against the evil version of himself from an alternate Earth, both of which happened in the comics.


Hamilton Funko Pop Custom

Is there anyone at this point that hasn’t seen Hamilton, or at least listened to the amazing soundtrack? The famously popular musical from Lin-Manuel Miranda took the world by storm on its release in July of 2016, capturing the hearts and imaginations of theatergoers with its fantastic soundtrack and brilliantly original reimagining of an important story in the history of the United States.

This set of two custom Funko Pops was created by Amber Kempter, and perfectly captures the characters of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton, from their distinctive costumes to their elegant poses, even their adorable oversized heads look like them. These figures are just two in a series created by Kempter for her “Broadway Goes Pop” custom builds, others of which include Seymour and Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors, and Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd.

What are your favorite custom Pops? Let us know in the comments!

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