16 Fan-Made Female Superhero Redesigns (Way Better Than What We Got)

Female superheroes have had a certain kind of attire that is, to say the least, off-putting to some. It is basically the reason why this list exists; many people redesign characters, men or women that have suits better suited for their jobs of fighting crime. Of course, it is also just fun to see the characters we love in a new, fun style that we never would get to see somewhere else. We've almost always seen them wearing their same typical attire, it's so common that when we don't see them wearing their costumes, we actually think of it as weird. That's why it's a breath of fresh air when we can see a unique redesign.

This list will heavily focus on the new designs of the costume, and whether or not they work due to their color, whether or not they are practical, and whether they fit the hero in question. Often times, in comic books the women are dressed not so much to impress, but basically just to show as much skin as possible. It is rare that we actually get female heroes dressed to go fight a godlike monster, as the men do. Thankfully, these redesigns take care of that problem.

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Wonder Woman is one of those characters that has received many redesigns. This time around, she comes packed in a nice medieval warrior look. She even comes with a soft color feel, which is nice to see since we've always seen her bright color scheme.

The costume itself has basically gone through a complete redesign. It's very different from what we are used to seeing. For a beloved character, it might have been hard to pull off, but this artist pulled it off beautifully. This piece was done by theDURRRRIAN.


Supergirl is a beloved character. She became a fan favorite as soon as she was announced, because girls finally got a superhero who was just as tough as Superman. The redesign shows her having more white on her costume and a lot less red.

Her normally red cape only has the color on the inside of it now, which is an interesting take on the costume. Instead of having the same look as her cousin, this one here allows her to stand apart from her family. Here is the artist's website to see more.


This is quite possibly the best redesign Elektra could have gotten. Her new redesigned costume really does keep a lot of the old features that she had while adding a new color scheme. It seems as though most redesigns keep the same color scheme and that's totally fine, it just means that the original was good but lacked a little something special.

This costume looks more like something an actual assassin would wear, instead of the usual skintight costumes that she was made to wear. Here is the artist's Pinterest for more.


Anyone who is a fan of DC knows Black Canary's iconic costume from the comic books. It was iconic because it barely kept her covered. How that was meant to be practical for crime fighting, we will never know.

So naturally, this is an upgrade, since she is actually covered up and ready to go to battle in this outfit. It is perfect for her to sneak around in the dark, and it looks like it is made for her to use for her long battle sequences. It won't get worn out. This photo is by tsbranch.


If you have ever played Mass Effect Andromeda, you'd notice some similarities between that and the new Power Girl design. The design is made to be practical, but is still appealing as it is complementing to Power Girl.

The suit is not bright in its colors, but a superhero should not be so concerned with how pretty their suit is, but rather, what they can do in it. That is what this redesign accomplishes. This piece of work was done by ingvard.


This photo makes Zatanna look like a butler and it works, even as an update to her existing stage performing street magician costume that she has been known to wear in the books and in the on-screen adaptations. It gives her a bit of a classier look, and honestly, it even adds to her element of disguise.

She doesn't even look like she is a superhero in this outfit, which means she can get away with using her magic in front of anyone -- that, of course, is her whole shtick! After all, if she is masquerading as a circus musician, it would fall in line with her costume. This was done by ze-tarts.


The Huntress is a character that has become a quick favorite among fans of the Batman family. Her costume in the comics is, of course, showing off a lot of her skin. But the reality is that if this hero is going to be fighting crime, she needs something that will keep her hidden, and allow her to fight.

So, this illustrator has given her a practical costume that will allow her to move easily in the night. She looks fantastic. The illustrator is, as seen above, by Andy Poon and Maya Mani.


Both of these designs may seem very different from the original, and while that is true, we definitely think both constitute as their own upgrades. This is especially true of the one on the left, which is seriously gorgeous in the way it was drawn.

The breastplate she wears is shaped as a hawk, and is a brilliant touch; we love the way the artist allowed her wings to even match up to the armor she is wearing. Both of her helmets are cool, but the one on the left looks way better. This piece was done by jadenwithwings.


This is definitely not the first time that Jean has been seen wearing a green suit, but this is definitely the first time that we have seen her in something so casual. Between wearing dresses to wearing skin-tight tactical suits, this one is a nice in-between of the two.

Her casual shorts mixed in with the X-Men top make the suit perfect. It is quick and easy for her to throw on before she goes into battle. This was drawn by Superduty455.


Storm has been through a lot of costume changes over the years in the X-Men comics. Some have been amazing, while others left something to be desired. Personally, we think this fan art actually outshines everything we got in the comics and the movies. Her outfit seems to be ready for battle, with minimal skin showing.

Not to mention the fact that she looks pretty cool with the lightning coming out of her hands as she stands majestically in her uniform. Check out the artist's page for more!


Most people were always torn about the way Catwoman was dressed. If there was any improvement to be made while keeping the overall idea of the original costume, it would be this design.

It's as if Catwoman actually went out and got her stuff from a mall; the cat ears are basically a hood and the sweater and pants work well on the character. This leads us to believe she's someone who wants to look average while doing above average acts. Here is the artist's website for more.


Between walking around in the buff and wearing barely anything at all, needless to say this costume is definitely a glow-up from anything Mystique had in the past. The only time she had more on her was when she was in X-Men cartoons, and even then, in the old '90s series, she was basically ripped straight from the page!

Here, she finally has the look she deserves. She looks as though she is actually ready to go into battle and be the kind of supervillain she was meant to be. Here is the artist's website for more.


Black Widow is sadly known more for her skintight costume than she is for her abilities. In fact, some people who watch the MCU movies are more focused on that than her fight scenes.

That is why we are loving this incredible redesign that features her amazing gear on display. She actually looks like a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative here. Thanks to the many outfits she is showing off, she can go from S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, to assassin, to Avenger all in a day. Here is some more from the artist, Debora Spiro on artstation.


This costume has little to do with the actual name of her character. The artist did include her using her powers, which was nice to see but the clothing was the best. The original costume was basically an adventuring onesie, but her later iterations -- again during the '90s -- soon showed more flesh, as per usual when it came to female heroes.

This new one, however, fits in with her actual persona, and her job at fighting crime and also being a genius. This suit looks like it has her ready to go into space, which she is of course known for, along with her family. See more from the artist here.

2 Scarlet Witch 2.0

This Scarlet Witch redesign has been featured on CBR previously, but it's just such an amazing costume that it deserves to be seen again. Seriously, look at this thing! It is clearly a cross between her own costume and Magneto's look, who is her father.

This is an amazing redesign, and honestly, it would look awesome in the movies. We are hoping for something this amazing in the near future, especially since Elizabeth Olsen has said she is hoping for a costume change. This amazing piece came to us from Daniel Kamarudin.

1 Iron Girl

This is a little bit of a cheat, considering that Iron Man is a boy, but we thought we would slip in a little gender-swap to end our list. This is a beautiful redesign of the Iron Man costume, and it even looks like it has gotten better!

This amazing lady looks like she is ready to kick some tail and take some names, and look good while doing it, too. Who wouldn't want a costume that looks this amazing? This fantastic art comes from Mars.

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