Fan-Made Chew Teaser is a Tasty, Disturbing Live-Action Treat

Image Comics' delightfully twisted "Chew" just got the live-action it deserves from graphic design and production company FAM!. The teaser starts with protagonist Tony Chu, portrayed by Monroe Park, entering a diner. He takes a seat, jots down the name of the establishment on his notepad, then stares at his plate. Slowly, he brings a chicken drumstick toward his mouth and takes a bite. That's when it happens.

In a flash, he sees the chicken's dying memories and recoils in disgust. After pushing the plate away, he flashes his badge at the waitress and exchanges the plate of chicken for a bowl of beets. In the background, agents can be heard performing a raid as Chu begins to chow down. The short is well done with high production values, of which the character's co-creators approve.

After viewing the trailer, writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory tweeted their thoughts:

For those unfamiliar with the long-running creator-owned series, "Chew" follows the adventures of FDA agent Tony Chu, a cibopath, who uses his ability to view psychic impressions from whatever he eats to solve food-related crimes. Poultry, in this alternate world, is outlawed, and beets are the only food that Chu's powers do not work on. The series, which began in 2009, has won two Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards. "Chew's" series finale, issue #60, arrives this November.

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