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15 Insane Fan-Made DC And Marvel Character Mash-Ups

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15 Insane Fan-Made DC And Marvel Character Mash-Ups

As fans we we look for different things in comic book characters. Some grow fond of a character because they can relate to them. Others like the character’s appearance or choice of weapons or personality. The powerset of a character has a lot to do with it too, though. Sometimes we just want an omnipotent character to follow along in a story where they just decimate the opposition. Sure, we want them to have a struggle, but who doesn’t like to see Superman use the fullest extent of his powers or the Hulk go full berserker and cause some mayhem?

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Sometimes a single character with their powerset isn’t enough. That said, there are a few different reasons why fans want to see an amalgam of their favorite characters. One is to amplify the powers of each character in the mix, another is because there are heroes and villains from both big publishers that are too cool to not throw them together, and another reason is to blend some characters that most wouldn’t ever imagine. At the end of the day, it’s just fun. We scoured the infinite highways of information on the internet in search of the weirdest mashup fan art of characters from Marvel and DC. 


Merging heroes is one thing because there isn’t a whole lot to fear to be had unless they decide to switch sides. They’re typically on the side of good, though, and will use their powers for such. But what about merging a pair of villains? That can be terrifying, especially when they’re two of the most powerful villains in their own universe.

EricGuzman over at DeviantArt brings us DarkSkull, a combination of Red Skull from Marvel and Darkseid from DC. Just what we need, a fascist and a god thrown together. On top of that, in the image above this character possesses the cosmic cube, which means it’s pretty much game over — you lose. Maybe Doctor Kal-El can save the day. Or perhaps our next entry on the list can provide some assistance.


Batman has stopped Darkseid before — with a gun no less — so throwing Deadpool into the mix wouldn’t be the worst thing. If anything, it would give him a better chance at survival. Clonem gives us the Detective with a Mouth. Or is that The World’s Greatest Mercenary? Either way, Batman doesn’t need too much assistance with his powerset. He’s survived a lot in his tenure over at DC Comics, but giving him an accelerated healing factor and a mouth that doesn’t know how to stop yapping away can help make him less gloomy.

Hearing him argue with himself while investigating could be amusing — you’re already kinda laughing at that thought, aren’t you? However, it would be overkill with Batman’s gallery of rogues. Having a healing factor would essentially make him immune to toxic gas, and forget about guns doing any sort of lasting damage.


This interesting mix of bird-named characters comes from payno0, also over at DeviantArt. Marvel’s Phoenix, of X-Men fame, is a cosmic entity that emanates fire, while DC’s Raven, of the Teen Titans, is an empath with shadowy-like powers and daughter of the demon Trigon. So combining the Phoenix with Raven is like having the offspring of an angel and demon.

Not too dissimilar from Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky except immensely more powerful and probably more funny. The real question here is if it’s Raven being possessed by the Phoenix Force or is a combination of Raven with Rachel Summers or Jean Grey? It’s not a bad design and if Lord of the Rings has taught us anything, it’s to fear whatever is birthed from shadow and flame.


Talk about a heavy hitter. Misterho has come up with an almost terrifying amalgam here by combining Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four with Justice League’s Cyborg. We use the term “terrifying” because who wants to run into a giant rock monster with cybernetic implants and a literal hand cannon? This mixture would be a pleasant addition to either the Fantastic Four or the Justice League and would probably have an equally enjoyable origin story.

Was he a cyborg first that later manifested rock features? Or vice versa and the cybernetic implants are keeping him alive? The splash panels alone with him slamming his right fist into an opponents while using his left hand to shoot enemies from a distance would be glorious and well received by fans.


Perhaps we were a tad preemptive with the use of terrifying in the last entry because Edge-Works brings us a truly frightening combination of characters that you wouldn’t want to run into in a back alley, or the Iceberg Lounge, or a grocery store. The Joker doesn’t need any help being Batman’s longtime fearsome rogue, yet here we are. Imagine the the chaos the Joker would do to Gotham City with a symbiote of his own.

Sure, Batman would probably be able to take him down with a little research into the symbiote, but Joker would be wreaking all sorts of mayhem in the meantime. Hearing the Joker laugh as Venom would probably force Batman to run back to the Batcave for a change of pants before commencing with any plan he formulated.


A novel idea from Marc Lewis, giving Nightcrawler a power ring from the Blue Lantern Corps is fitting. A little outside the box, but it fits. Kurt Wagner has always been a bit of an optimist, so it’s not a stretch to think that he would be offered a blue ring. Coupled with his power of teleportation, Nightcrawler would make for a powerful Blue Lantern.

Especially if he was able to befriend a Green Lantern — which wouldn’t be hard for him — he would be able to amplify his ring’s ability to its fullest extent, bringing a positive change to the universe. Nightcrawler is a natural leader once aspiring to be a priest, so it probably wouldn’t even be difficult to imagine him as the eventual leader of the Blue Lantern Corps.


We’re already seeing the worst version of Steve Rogers imaginable in Marvel’s Secret Empire, in which Steve is an agent of Hydra. This might be the same Captain America oryxace gives us if a dead Steve Rogers was brought back by the power of a Black Lantern Ring. He would want to snuff out all life from the universe in the worst ways imaginable.

Again, this is pretty easy to imagine since we’re seeing a literal Nazi Cap in Secret Empire. Then again, a Black Lantern Cap would have the power to fly, regenerate and create constructs of pure energy. So maybe a more frightening version of Hydra Cap that keeps coming to kill you with no discernible way to stop him. Blue Lantern Nightcrawler might be able to help, but let’s just make sure that an evil Captain America never gets a Power Ring.


Let’s stop giving villains a symbiote. While Venom has been a hero on more than one occasion, as a villain he is a frightening character. DavidDeMendoza thought it would be a good idea to imagine the man that broke the Bat’s back as Venom, and that’s just not okay. Because even if someone were to remove the symbiote from Bane, he’s still a hulking, maniacal strategist with steroids pumping into him.

Giving him a symbiote is just adding a layer of evil to a character that doesn’t need any extra help — it’s overkill. He now has the mobility of Spider-Man and is capable of forming bladed weapons on a whim. Who fights him? Batman or Spider-Man? Let’s say they team up to take down this abomination. Again, if they get rid of the symbiote and there’s still Bane to deal with.


Here’s a fun one where payno0 imagines a DC villain mixed with a Marvel hero. Gambit’s weapon of choice, and even his look, goes hand-in-hand with The Joker. However, giving Joker a power like kinetic energy manipulation is a bit much, and by the look of it, “Wildcard” isn’t exactly going to be a friend to the X-Men.

Someone with Joker’s mind coupled with the ability to blow things up just makes him a deadlier version of himself. He can walk down the street and blow up a car simply by touching it. It could be much worse than a car, too. Would this also mean that he gets the same fighting ability as Gambit? If so, he would be capable of holding is own in a one-on-one fight with Batman.


This is either one of the most intuitive combinations of characters or one of the most counter-productive entries. Brought to you by AshleyWharfe on DeviantArt is Doctor Kal-El. Superman has two major weaknesses. One of them is kryptonite and the other is magic. Mashing up the Sorcerer Supreme with the Man of Steel essentially takes away that weakness and makes him one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse.

Not only would he be able to fly, but if time is a real issue he would be capable of teleporting great distances to diffuse any situation. Trouble in the astral plane? No problem. Doctor Kal-El is on the job with his super strength, superhuman speed, laser eyes, frost breath, and an eidetic memory of spells. Good luck, villains.


Another piece by EricGuzman, we have the ever popular Logan mashed up with DC’s Creeper who is no stranger to rapidly regenerating from mortal wounds. This isn’t exactly a combination the average fan would think of, but it is fun to think about. Most might imagine Creeper fused with Nightcrawler since they have similar features and it has been done once before in Amalgam Comics.

While Wolverine has been seen jumping around in the middle of a fight, giving him the acrobatic prowess of Creeper would make him a much more formidable opponent. The question now is, do we pit him against villains from DC or Marvel. Villains like Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike might still be able to hold their own against this abomination, but someone like Eclipso or The Joker might not be much of a match for someone with Wolverine DNA coursing through them.


Who gave Magneto a Yellow Power Ring? Please take it back from him. Please? Pretty please? We blame Milo619 for this atrocious act against humanity. Magneto can already control magnetism, manipulating metals as he desires. Now we’re giving him the ability to mentally form objects out of energy that will only amplify his mastery over magnetism? This is a bad idea and you know it.

He would also be capable of space travel which is exactly what the Marvel or DC Universe needs. With how many metals are just floating around up there he could make his own planet. He’s already had his own asteroid and he armed it with nukes. With a Power Ring he probably doesn’t need nukes, but he also doesn’t need a power ring. Just take it away.


Switching gears for a second from villains over to heroes, alternat3world created the exact hero that we need to save us from all these evil imaginations. Captain America with the powers of The Flash. Or maybe it’s The Flash with the abilities of Captain America, but based on the image, we’re going with the former.

All the honor, integrity and superhuman strength of Captain America combined with the speed and everything that comes with being The Flash. He’s the fastest Captain alive. A Captain America that can run a thousand circles around a group of enemies while phasing through objects, does he even need his shield? Probably not, but we’re gonna give it to him because he might need it against someone like Venom-Bane or Black Lantern Cap.


The anti-hero to end all anti-heroes has entered the fight. No need to look further for a complicated, misunderstood hero. Jeroy94 gives us the most brooding comic book character of all time: Bat-Punisher. Talk about being at odds with oneself. This version of Batman is just breaking all of his own rules. He kills, he uses guns, he tortures and no one is safe from his vengeance. He probably regrets all of his kills and even internally, maybe externally, fights with himself before he does it each time.

His utility belt is probably filled with more ammunition than gadgets, but that’s not to say reading a one-shot of this character isn’t desired because it probably is, and it would probably be a good read. The Punisher is usually shooting or punching people, so mixing him with Batman makes him a ninja, and that would be fun to read.


Last and definitely not least, JoeAzpeytia brings you The Main Man, The Last Czarnian, Mister Machete — with a symbiote of his own. It makes perfect sense that an interstellar bounty hunter would come across a parasitic alien symbiote and use it to his advantage. This is definitely a comic or movie that we would love to get our eyes on.  

After seeing this stunning piece of art, it’s obvious that somebody needs to make this happen. Seeing The Main Man ride around on his motorcycle in the spaceways wearing a black symbiote that only accentuates his biker outfit while taking contracts, and then using the symbiote to make weapons is sure to be a top seller. If he were to still have his Red Lantern Ring he would be the most feared entity in the multiverse, surpassing even Brainiac or Darkseid.

Which of these DC/Marvel mash-ups do you want to see happen? Let us know in the comments!

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