Fan letters save Spider-Man's marriage -- in the comic strip

At the beginning of the year, the Spider-Man newspaper strip received a bit of a makeover that brought it in step with comic book continuity. Echoing "Brand New Day," the strip reverted Peter Parker to an unmarried student living with his Aunt May. Mephisto not included, it was just an abrupt change to the status quo.

"In keeping with the new Spider-Man story line at Marvel Comics, we, too, are going back to Spidey’s roots. He’s single, and attending college. Now let the surprises begin!" the editors wrote back in January.

Well, surprise! -- fans of the strip weren't very happy with the change. The editors have decided to "bow to your letters" and return the strip to the previous set-up. Writing off the last few months as a dream, Peter Parker woke up today to find his wife, in a Dallas-style homage, getting ready to shower:

Read the entire strip -- and humorous commentary -- over at The Comics Curmudgeon.

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