Fan has nose cut off, face tattooed so he'll look like Red Skull

In a story that seems ripped from the pages of Weekly World News, or maybe just Captain America, we now learn of a comics fan who's had subdermal implants, tattoos and part of his nose removed in an effort to make himself look like the Red Skull.

Suddenly, that Superman fan who's undergone numerous plastic surgeries to resemble the Man of Steel doesn't seem so extreme, does he?

(Fair warning: Actual photos follow.)

According to the Mirror and Daily Mail, 37-year-old Henry Damon of Caracas, Venezuela, long dreamed of looking like Captain America's arch-nemesis. And now the married father has gotten his wish, thanks to Emilio Gonzalez, who dropped out of medical school to concentrate on tattooing and body modification.

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Damon, who now goes by the name Red Skull, had ridges implanted in his forehead and his eyeballs tattooed black before really committing to the role with the removal of the nose. He polished it all off with red and black facial tattoos.

"Henry, aka Red Skull, is a physically and intellectually healthy person,' Gonzalez said. "He's an excellent son, husband and father, who has an extreme taste for body modification. Most of my customers know that body modification is the last step of body art, everyone knows very well what they want and as well as Henry, many of them are waiting for me for many years to make their dreams a reality."

Hey, at least Damon isn't a M.O.D.O.K. fan ...


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