Fan-Favorite Agent Carter Becomes Captain America

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Marvel recently announced a new Exiles comic book series by Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez that is set to debut in April. This new iteration of the series will follow in the footsteps of the original, albeit with a new cast that will be led by original Exile leader Blink.

Joining the teleporting mutant will be alternate reality versions of character we already know: Cartoon Wolverine, an older Kamala Kahn, Iron Lad, Nick Fury's Unseen and a Thor: Ragnarok/Tessa Thompson inspired Valkyrie. This new version of the team will travel through alternate universes, as the Exiles do, to save the multiverse, and along the way, they'll meet even more heroes -- the first of whom was revealed in Marvel's comic book solicitations for May 2018: an alternate version of Agent Peggy Carter who, in her universe, is the one and only Captain America.

According to the solicits, this version of Peggy Carter, named Captain Carter, inhabits a world where the Red Skull reigns with an apocalyptic fist. The arrival of Blink and her team of Exiles may just bring about a turn of the tide in the reality's fight for freedom. However, this is not a character created from whole cloth for Exiles. The solicits confirm that Captain Carter is the same character who debuted in the Marvel Puzzle Quest game in 2016, thus we already know her origin story.

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Players will recognize that the character's costume is the same in the game as it is on artist David Marquez's cover. A promo video released to tie in with the character's debut in the game told us that, in this universe, Steve Rogers had tragically died during World War II, and Peggy Carter had risen up in his stead to lead the charge in his absence. As best we can tell, this is the same Red Skull-controlled world that the Exiles will find themselves in.

Exiles 3 variant cover Puzzle Quest game Captain Carter

For decades, Agent Carter held an important place in Captain America's comic book history, but the character remained relatively unknown outside of comics until actress Hayley Atwell brought her to life in Captain America: The First Avenger. Carter became an instant fan-favorite who would turn out to have a very large presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, the character's story would be continued in her own solo television series, Marvel's Agent Carter, along with further appearances in Captain America: The Winter Solider and Ant-Man.

Agent Carter struck a chord with many fans, becoming a source of inspiration as a strong woman in a society controlled by men. Now, Agent Carter fans will get to see her in a new, even more super heroic form in Exiles. Though it's not clear whether she'll become a regular member of the Exiles or is just making a guest appearance, it has to be stated that there's nothing like having a shield-slinging Sentinel of Liberty on the roster to make a Marvel superteam feel complete.

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