FAN EXPO: Tron: Legacy 3D Presentation

With a lengthy line already formed more than an hour before the "Tron: Legacy" presentation, it's clear the anticipation for the sequel to the 1982 classic is high.

Going so far as collecting all cellphones, voice recorders, and cameras (a journalist's complete arsenal of weapons), security was adamant about keeping the content of Fan Expo Canada's presentation under wraps. Although with the promise of an exclusive seven-minutes of footage from the film (in 3D no less!), the inconvenience was minimal when compared to the excitement.

The audience was first treated to an in-depth look at the upcoming "Tron: Evolution" video game from Propaganda Games. Design Director Chris Whiteside, appeared on stage sporting a "Flynn Lives" t-shirt, much to the amusement of the packed theatre, to give a gameplay demonstration and offer the background of the game.

Referring to the process of creating the game, Whiteside assured the audience that this was "not a movie game;" working alongside the film's production staff, the "Evolution" aims to bridge the gap between the two films.

The live demonstration showed off the fighting engine, RPG elements, and, of course, the laser cycles. Players will take the role of Anon, a special forces-type figure trying to restore order to the fragmented world.

"That sense of flying around the world, it's everything a bad ass program should do," said Whiteside.

Multiplayer is going to be a huge part of the "Evolution" experience as players are able to level up in single player before going head-to-head online with all their upgrades.

Before the brief screening the crowd was given a surprise appearance by none other than the actor that played Tron himself, Bruce Boxleitner, who will be making a return to the character of Alan Bradley in the upcoming sequel. Discussing his return to the role, as well as his relief that he didn't have to undergo the "man-thong" outfit from the 1982 film, Boxleitner's presence at the Fan Expo event was well-received.

"If you're a 'Tron' fan, I truly believe you will love this movie," said Boxleitner.

At last it was time for the teaser.

The packed house, sporting 3D glasses for optimum Tron-age, sat quietly as Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) was suited up with his own light ring from a number of seemingly robotic females, operating in precise unison, and footwear that can only be defined as "light heels." The scene was eerie, cold, and absolutely mesmerizing. The 3D elements didn't feel like cliche in the scene, but rather a necessity to legitimately better the film's experience.

Following Flynn's immersion into the system he confusedly asks, "What do i do?" to which one of the females simply responds, "Survive."

Before cutting off the crowd's "Tron: Legacy" fix, a final shot of Flynn entering a gladiatorial-like arena ended the seven-minute teaser. However, without divulging too much of the brief teaser, it was Boxleitner that defined the film-as well as its overwhelming anticipation-best:

"It's frightening and exciting."

Tron: Legacy hits theatres December 17

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