Fan Expo: Aspen Comics

Greeting with a enthusiastic "aloha," Aspen Comics kicked off its panel at this year's Fan Expo in Toronto, Ontario to a small but dedicated group of fans.

Plenty of big things are coming for the company, most notably a number of possible film adaptations are gaining some serious buzz. The big question from the audience focused on the state of the Megan Fox-attached film adaptation of "Fathom." According to Frank Mastromauro, Executive Vice President of Aspen Comics, the script is completed, much to the excitement of the company. In addition, Fox is reportedly co-producing the film on top of taking the role of the series' protagonist, Aspen Matthews.

"Megan's ready to get going so keep a look out for it," said Mastromauro.

In other "Fathom" news, fans of the series can expect volume four to hit shelves in the next year. According to the panelists, the next two years of "Fathom" stories has already laid out as well.

Readers of the "Executive Assistant: Iris" series might be in for a film adaptation one day as well, according to the Aspen panel, although nothing is set in stone.

In comics news, "Aspen Showcase" will be coming out next month. The company is excited about another showcase release as it allows artists the opportunity to work with Aspen characters without having to be fully attached to a project for months on end.

More webisodes for "Heroes" will be making their way onto NBC.com in the coming months. Although no details were given specifically, the Aspen crew assured fans there's good things coming down the pike for the medium-spanning characters.

Aspen has been in discussions to bring "Soulfire" to the big screen. Meetings with various writers are already happening with hopes of making the late Michael Turner's series into a live-action film.

Discussing the new series "Dellec," Mastromauro said the book has taken the company in a very different direction than its other books, as was made clear by the obvious excitement between panelists. "We know 'Fathom' and 'Soulfire' are flagship books but check out the new stuff coming out," said Mastromauro.

When asked whether Aspen has considered making the jump to digital comics, the panelists assured fans that within the next six-to-eight months, they can expect to see some of Aspen's works making their way to digital.

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