FAN EXPO 15: Momoa Reveals Aquaman Motivations, "Game of Thrones" Pranks

Jason Momoa took his place as rightful King of the Seas during Fan Expo Canada, talking about his role as Aquaman and what it was like working on past projects like "Game of Thrones" and "Stargate: Atlantis."

Momoa, who is known for powerful roles like Khal Drogo from "Game of Thrones," and Conan the Barbarian, entered the stage in a relaxed manner, sat down and took off his shoes. The mediator, Ajay Fry, started the panel out with a question on everyone's mind: What was Aquaman going to be like in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," much less in his own feature film?

"It's going to be amazing," Momoa exclaimed. "I'm truly honored and excited, and it is a dream come true. Being a father, I'm going to be pretty popular with my kids. My children don't get to see a lot of what I'm on -- they're still 8 and 6. We don't talk about too many things poppa does."

Since he isn't someone who has what would be considered the traditional Aquaman look, and calling him one of the most relaxed people he has ever interviewed, Fry asked how Momoa approached the character.

"I think it's just my forehead," Momoa joked. "I think most people get me confused for being angry. I normally smile more -- I make a good mean face, I guess."

Jason Momoa Promises No One Will Joke About Aquaman Again

Mean face and all, a fearless Atlantean Guard in full character and armor stood up in the audience and asked how swift his king's justice would be after the surface dwellers poisoned their waters. Momoa responded in almost Khal Drogo fashion, "Kill them all."

Regarding the fish jokes and the silliness other incarnations Aquaman have Momoa thought it was funny that people often make fun of the superhero. "There are a bunch of jokes about him, but I'm like, 'Well, just wait. Just wait two years. Then we can make some jokes'."

The Atlantean culture melded well with Momoa, as one of his tattoos resembles the teeth of shark, one of Aquaman's allies in undersea combat. The tattoo is part of his Polynesian culture, and is meant to depict the concept of bringing out the darkness as well as the light.

Asked if he was going to bring anything from his past roles to the DC Comics mythos, Momoa said the Atlantean king would exhibit some traits familiar to his fans, though he began with one of the major differences. "I don't think Aquaman is going to be raping and pillaging any villages," Momoa said. "I like bringing a lot of different colors to a character. I don't just like to play a bad guy, I didn't play Drogo as a bad guy, so I like to put many colors and flavors in it. So, yeah, I think there will probably be something I may put in there you might see from something else. Generally speaking, I try to make complex characters."

While filming "Stargate: Atlantis," Momoa said he used to pull pranks on the cast every so often. On the set of "Game of Thrones," Momoa is notably remembered for wearing only a sock before shooting an intimate scene with Emilia Clarke, and making her laugh. When shooting these types of scenes, he is a big fan of laughing, saying it helps break tension when you're naked around a whole crew of people.Beyond the sock gag, he said there weren't many times he joked around during "Game of Thrones" since he only knew them for one season. "If I was still there," he said with a smile, "those fuckers would be in trouble!"

Asked if he was open to rejoining some of his castmates from "Stargate: Atlantis" on the new sci-fi show "Dark Matter," Momoa answered in the affirmative. "I haven't seen that show yet... Yeah, I'm open to all of it, absolutely. I love Tori, I love Paul -- everyone on my cast I love. Except for David Hewlett, but you guys already knew that. I stay in contact with everyone, so I'm open to work with my friends and family."

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Throughout the panel, the audience saw a more comedic side of Momoa, even some of his sass. As one of the more rough and tough characters on "Game of Thrones," he was asked what it was like to have his ass handed to him by an infection.

"Well, it's a lesson to all you men: trust no bitch," Momoa answered. "How do you like them apples? And it wasn't an infection -- it was a fucking pillow that killed me. By a bitch"

When Momoa revealed his favorite superhero was Batman, a younger fan asked why, then, is he playing Aquaman.

"I got to put food on the table, kid. You like to eat? You like fish? It's all 'bout food, bro. Survival! I have two children, too. I'm not just randomly picking the jobs I want either, buddy -- I want to talk to your parents later."

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