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It’s More-FAN Time: 15 Fan-Made Power Rangers (Better Than The Originals)

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It’s More-FAN Time: 15 Fan-Made Power Rangers (Better Than The Originals)

Since the 1993 debut of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the franchise has been through a plethora of changes. Over nearly 30 different series, we have seen new Rangers debut, updated costumes, and a number of power ups give our heroes something new to wear. Between, ninjas, samurai, dinosaurs, wizards, and more, the Power Rangers have taken on many unique looks throughout the years that have allowed fans of the show to take inspiration from everything they have seen.

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A franchise like the Power Rangers has infinite potential when it comes to costume designs, but it’s important to remember that the show is limited by what the Super Sentai Japanese television show is able to come up with. That’s where the fans come in. With the only constraints being their own imagination, some of the most gifted artists around the internet have redone the Power Rangers like you never thought possible. CBR has collected some of the most impressive designs out there that will have you wishing we could see them in live action. Some of them look like they could be the next Power Rangers series, while others look more impressive than the Power Rangers live action film. Check out these 15 Insane Fan-Designed Power Rangers.


A few years ago, the news of a live action Power Rangers film had only just hit the internet. Long before we knew what the heroes would ultimately look like, artist Isaiah Stephens set out to create a look for the team that would be more movie friendly while still keeping to the traditional costumes of the Mighty Morphin era of the franchise.

What he ended up creating were armored suits that have more than a passing resemblance to an Iron Man suit. He added intricate detail to the costumes and weapons of Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini and Kimberly in order to make them more realistic than the television show. He even added Tommy Oliver to the mix by creating a Green Ranger and White Ranger costume.


In 1996, the franchise made a huge change by introducing the Power Rangers Zeo series. In an effort to boost viewership, Saban shook up the cast and moved onto source footage of Chōriki Sentai Ohranger, which gave the Rangers a distinct new look. Artist David Fernandez channeled this time in franchise history and merged it with the lighting effects of Tron.

The result was a beautifully sleek design that gives the Power Rangers an armored look, as well as a futuristic, high-tech aesthetic. In Zeo, each Ranger had a color and shape theme, and Fernandez was able to expertly incorporate both with face masks that match their symbols. The artist has gone on to develop updated designs for other Power Ranger generations, but it’s the Tron/Zeo mashup that stands out most.


When the costumes for the latest Power Rangers film were released, fans of the franchise were disappointed with what they felt were ugly, boring, and just plain uninspired designs. People wanted something closer to the source material, rather than the Transformers-style robot armor we got. Artist Carlos Dattoli set out to correct what the movie had gotten wrong.

The result was an outstanding hyper-realistic design that gave fans the familiar elements they wanted, while also including intricate designs that made the suits feel more like alien armor than Halloween costumes. It’s clear that these costumes are far superior to what Saban ended up going with in the end. Dattoli even gave us a proper Green Ranger, which is awesome. Sometimes it can be depressing to see what could have been.


In Power Rangers, we got a Green Ranger, but it wasn’t the person we all wanted it to be. It is revealed that Rita Repulsa was actually the Green Power Ranger alongside Zordon’s Red Ranger one million years before the start of the film. It was a cool addition to the mythos, but fans of the franchise want Tommy Oliver in the next movie.

Lucky, his inclusion in the film series was teased in a mid-credits scene, so we know what to expect from the sequel. Artist A.J. Sensenberger gave us an idea of what to expect with a movie version of the Green Power Ranger. It even comes with a see-thru Dragon Shield, reminiscent of the one seen in the Power/Rangers fan film from 2015.


Over the years, we have seen the Power Rangers take on many different themes. After years of channeling prehistoric animals, even the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers embraced new animals when they channeled their animal spirits in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Artist Fernando Peniche took some direction from this in order to create Power Rangers that took on a subtle animalistic aesthetic.

He made the Black Ranger bigger and bulkier, like a mammoth, and exaggerated the features on each of the Ranger’s helmets. The Green Ranger actually has a scaly exterior like a reptile would have, and the White Ranger resembles a bird, which could call back to the 1995 film, where Tommy Oliver channels the powers of a falcon. These sleek designs come out beautifully on the page.


Artist Kyle Fast embraces the themes of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to create costumes that more closely resemble each Ranger’s animal theme. Instead of subtlety, Fast goes at it as directly as possible in order to create a group of heroes that could very well have existed in prehistoric times.

It actually brings back memories of the Beast Wars television show with animal parts making up the costumes. The spikes on the Blue Ranger, the tail on the Yellow Ranger, the cape on the Pink Ranger, the tusks on the Black Ranger, and the dinosaur heads and teeth on the Red Ranger make these designs incredibly unique and primed with potential for a prehistoric Power Rangers series. It’s worth wondering if these Rangers rode around on actual dinosaurs instead of giant robots.


An artist on DeviantArt under the name GeekTruth64 actually created a full concept for a Power Rangers movie reboot. The designs seem to be much more realistic with identical suits that seem to be based off the Batsuit from The Dark Knight trilogy. Each Ranger has an individualized helmet that is unique to them and their Zord.

GeekTruth64 created an awesome version of the Megazord that is visible behind the assembled heroes. He also has plans to include the Green Ranger and his Dragonzord within his personal movie universe. His movie reboot would include Liam Hemsworth as Jason Scott, Donald Glover as Billy Cranston, Jamie Chung as Trini Kwan, Michael B. Jordan as Zack Taylor and Lyndsy Fonseca as Kimberly Hart. What do you think compared to what we got?


Easily one of the more inventive designs on this list, artist Scott Wade has given us a full redesign of the Power Rangers rendered in the Ukiyo-e Japanese art style. These portraits depict the Power Rangers as they would appear in feudal Japan in a style that flourished from the 17th century through the 19th century, which typically depicted the pleasure-seeking lifestyle of Edo.

Each of the Power Rangers are seen in full samurai armor along with their traditional weapons. The Ranger’s personal Zords are also portrayed as Japanese spirit animals in the background, emerging from a traditional setting. Wade’s collection includes the Green Ranger, White Ranger, and even Goldar for good measure. It would be interesting to see other characters from the franchise appear in this form.


We’ve seen several iterations of the Power Rangers that were based off of nature, spiritualism and Asian culture, but what about religion and mythology? Indonesian artist Markus Benyamin Diredja developed an idea for a new Power Rangers series based on the powers and abilities of the Greek Gods of Olympus, called the Olympic Strike Rangers.

The artist even included a breakdown of each of Ranger, the name of their weapon, and the god they channel. The Red Strike Ranger (yes, the leader is a woman) channels Zeus and has a lightning bolt-shaped spear. Blue wields the trident of Poseidon, Black has the scythe of Hermes, Yellow uses the sword and shield of Athena, and Pink holds the dagger of Aphrodite. It’s a pretty great concept, and each Ranger holds a unique design in concert with their god.


The Power Rangers concept almost seems capable of taking on any theme imaginable. While playing around with different themes for the Power Rangers, DeviantArt user Eddmspy created something really fun. These Rangers — he calls them Power Rangers Enduro — all look like professional Motocross racers, and bring back memories of vehicle based Rangers, like Turbo.

Each member of the team has an identical bodysuit, but their helmets give them a unique design for each Ranger. The artist even included some really cool designs for a male and female White Ranger, whose color scheme looks perfect for this kind of idea. For fun, he has also created other themed Ranger teams, including knights, paladins, and other interesting mythical and mystical ideas, but it’s the bikers that really caught our eye.


The Power Rangers have always been depicted as normal teenagers chosen by a higher power to fight evil and save the world, but what if that concept was turned on its head? Artist Bryant Koshu created a team that was engineered by the US government using condemned criminals to do their dirty work. Zordon is an AI and the Power Rangers are the only one who can stop a disturbance on the moon.

Koshu’s designs can’t exactly pass off as people in suits, so his take would probably be best suited for an animated television series. This would also allow for a more imaginative portrayal of the future world that these Rangers live in. The characters look like a cross between Transformers, the Symbiotes from Spider-Man comics and as a team, the Suicide Squad. Pretty cool!


Many iterations of the Power Rangers have the team take on animal forms, but DeviantArt user K-Lau has them take on the forms of mythical creatures. Each Ranger is linked to a different culture with a creature out of their mythology. The team includes Japanese White Dragon, Viking Blue Wolf, Egyptian Pink Gryphon, Greek Black Lion, Roman Yellow Owl, Irish Green Hound, and Chinese Red Tortoise Dragon.

The series is a fun mashup of animals and cultural fashion. The Green Ranger is adorned with a kilt and sash, Pink wears what resembles traditional Egyptian fashion, White has on samurai armor, and so forth. It’s a cool way to incorporate people of different cultural and racial origins, which the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers set out to do.


Artist Cristian Melián created the Power Rangers Neon as an ode to his childhood and where one of his favorite shows of all time would end up in the future. He purposefully designed the team to have bright and gaudy colors, representative of the ‘80s and ‘90s in which he grew up. You can kind of see how he took the traditional costumes and sent them into the future, similar to how they did it in the recent live action film.

Each Ranger has a futuristic armor that makes the team look like Power Rangers, designed by Michael Bay… and it totally works. Melián’s Rangers wield their traditional weapons, but they are given a lightsaber revamp to make them into energy weapons. It’s a good concept that honors the past and takes it into the future.


The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers costumes are a classic, but they could definitely use a sleeker remodeling to update them for the 21st century. Artist Alex Graham did just that by giving the Power Rangers a nice little retooling on his DeviantArt page. It’s easy to see how his designs could be the development art for a new animated series.

His Rangers are smooth and stylized, giving each character something unique without sacrificing uniformity. Graham also gave us a look at what Rita and Goldar would look like as well. He revamped the Zords and Megazord too, making them look less mechanical and more biomechanical. It’s all a very cool exercise in what the franchise could do in different formats without having to rely on source footage.


Looking back at the Power Rangers television show, it’s hard to see how their costumes actually offer them any real form of protection from Rita’s monsters. They might look cool, but unless there’s some kind of alien magic running through that fabric, the Rangers should have been killed years ago. Through slight alterations, artist Nick Williams managed to make the Power Ranger costumes better and safer.

Williams made the team look like they are actually prepared to engage in hand-to-hand combat against the Putties. Each of the characters are wearing body armor that looks like it has been laid over a black bodysuit, giving them a unique layered design. In small, subtle ways, Williams made the original Power Rangers look more badass than ever before.

Which of these designs do you like best? Have you seen any other Power Ranger designs that beat these? Let us know in the comments!

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