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15 Unbelievable Fan-Designed Flash Costumes We Wish Were Real

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15 Unbelievable Fan-Designed Flash Costumes We Wish Were Real

Throughout his extensive comic book, movie, TV, animated and video game history, The Flash has donned various costumes. With every new iteration of the character, every new identity, every reboot, comes a new vision and costume design. Every version of the character and costume brings something new to the table, no matter how small or big the change is. Revamping the costume every now and then helps keep the character fresh and gives artists the opportunity to express their creativity, as well as to infuse The Flash’s costume design with original ideas. However, official artists are not the only ones designing cool superhero costumes.

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Art inspires art and lots of amazing fans around the world are prompted by official costume designs to make their own unique versions of their favorite superhero’s outfit. By combining their passion for art with their passion for comic books, these talented artists are producing innovative, creative and original content. After going through heaps and heaps of unbelievable fan-designed Flash costumes, we can’t help but hope that maybe one day these ideas will grace comic book pages, or perhaps our TV screens. So, let’s take a look at some of the best fan-designed costumes for The Fastest Man Alive.


Ogi Grujic is a concept artist, illustrator and animator from Toronto, Canada. As a video game animator, he worked for Capcom and Tecmo Koei on games such as Smurfs’ Village Magical Meadow and Warriors: Legends of Troy. This Flash costume design is part of Ogi’s DC Remix Set, which looks gorgeous and you should definitely check it out.

His take on The Flash is very bright and flashy. In the description, the artist reveals that he was going for ‘flashy and cocky’ while designing this costume. The vivid and shiny colors combined with the detailed and fresh design, give The Flash quite a jovial look. And well, considering The Flash’s cheerful character and obviously his name, we think this flashy costume is a great fit. It would be incredibly cool to see the Scarlet Speedster sporting this costume.


Guy Bourraine Jr. is a computer animation artist based in Miami, Florida. Presently, Guy freelances as a concept artist and graphic designer, creating character concept art, book cover illustrations, as well as designing logos and websites. Besides The Flash, Guy has redesigned superhero costumes such as Spider-Man and Batman Beyond’s Batman, which you can check out on his page.

In his live action Flash concept art, Guy gives The Flash’s suit a rather smooth and advanced design. The suit looks extraordinarily sleek, making it perfect for high-speed running. Both the cowl and the helmet version look modern and fresh. However, the helmet kind of adds to the whole futuristic, sci-fi look and makes the design more original. The Flash would no doubt look amazingly cool in this innovative getup.


Kode, better known as Bosslogic, is a graphic artist from Melbourne, Australia. His love of art manifested at a young age and Kode has been drawing since the age of six. With the transition to a digital platform, Kode gained fans all over the world and achieved great success. Over the course of his career, Kode has produced countless mind-blowing pieces of art.

His mech suit designs for The Flash characters are a sight to behold, which honestly can be said for all of his work. This awesome-looking Mecha Flash gives off a dark vibe and makes Flash look 10 times more badass. Showing off a slightly alternative vision of The Flash’s DCEU suit, he gives it an edgy, mischievous touch. Kode’s mech set also includes redesigned costumes for Reverse-Flash, Zoom and Godspeed.


The terrifying image you see above was created by Denis Corvus, known as DanteCyberMan on DeviantArt. Denis is a Russian digital artist who has been drawing fan art of his favorite comics and cartoons since childhood. Apart from The Flash, Denis also created cool designs for Hawkgirl, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many more.

Denis drew the frightening and imposing Monster Flash design for a Comicon Challenge. To say that his design is a fresh take on The Flash’s costume would be an understatement — this costume design is insane. The blood spatter and the sparkling yellow streaks make it rather zany. The sharp teeth and the intense popping eyes make this the scariest Flash costume design. A comment below believes it looks as if The Flash merged with Carnage symbiote, and we agree.


Christopher Brändström is a full-time freelancer from Sweden. So far, in his impressive career, Christopher worked as a concept artist on a number of Hollywood movies and commercials, such as World War Z, Edge of Tomorrow and Wrath of Titans. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also landed his expertise for games such as Need for Speed, Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield: Bad Company.

This Noir Flash is Christopher’s take on The Flash from the ’40s. In the description, the artist states that he was going for a trial run suit before the red/yellow spandex came into play. Since it is set in the ’40s, the sci-fi gadgets, nano-fabrics and high-tech design gave way to a much simpler, realistic outfit. If DC decides to give us a version of The Flash from that era, we hope this is the suit they go with.


Nirmalendu Paul is a Singapore-based self-thought character artist currently making art for BANDAI NAMCO Studios. His most notable projects include Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame, Far Cry HD, Assassin’s Creed Rearmed and The Crew. Paul makes amazing 3D sculptures such as the one you see above.

His redesigned Flash costume, equipped with what appears to be a utility belt and hidden blades, definitely counts as an original take on the Scarlet Speedster. The muscular physic and the belt definitely give off a Dark Knight vibe, while the hidden blades unmistakably remind us of Assassin’s Creed. Other unique features that make this design stand out are the added brown touches on the suit and the awesome gold wings on The Flash’s shoes.


James Mason, or maseOne on DevianArt, is a digital artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Mason is currently engaged as a writer and artist at Urban Shogun Comics. Urban Shogun is a comics series about the adventures of a group of martial arts students from Atlanta, which you can check out on his website.

Not surprisingly, Mason’s Flash costume design also has an urban style. This stylish costume design gives The Flash a remarkably dynamic and youthful appearance, which perfectly suits his personality. The author stated that the inspiration for this design was none other than the real fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. That must be the reason for The Flash’s strikingly athletic build, the racing gloves and the yellow racing shoes. If Usain Bolt were to race in one of these suits, he would surely make a lot of nerds very happy.


Aaron Diaz, aka Dresden Codak, is a 30-year-old internet cartoonist from Portland, Oregon. Aaron majored in Physics, Anthropology, Computer Science and, lastly, Art. After he “ran out of money for school” Aaron started drawing comics. Currently, Aaron is working on his own web comic book series titled Dresden Codak.

His take on The Flash is very original and quite different from the one in the comics. In fact, Aaron went a step further with his design. Not only did he design The Flash’s costume, he also gave him a new identity. This version of the Scarlet Speedster goes by the name of Ananth Patil and he’s a scientist who considers super speed to be more of a curse than a blessing. According to the artist, the outfit was designed with emphasis on comfort and practicality.


Ben Weeman is a digital artist from Los Angeles, California, still in school to become a professional character designer. Ben usually draws comic book fan art and costume redesigns. Apart from The Flash, Ben has redesigned costumes for other heroes, such as Marvel heroes, Spider-Man and Daredevil.

Ben’s sleek costume design makes The Flash look almost like a speed skater, which is what the artist was going for. The idea is for the suit to be silky but durable, in order to withstand high speed. The goggles and the balaclava mask, apart from looking dashing, are obviously there for protection. This speed skater Flash costume looks all set for a high-speed race and we would love to see Barry Allen give it a go while draped in this.


Bionicdirectoins is an incredibly talented artist on DevianArt. Unfortunately, the available information on this artist is rather scarce. However, if you like what you see, you should consider checking out his gallery. Bionicdirectoins’s mecha Flash design kind of resembles Iron Man’s armor. Perhaps it’s the combination of red and yellow but upon seeing this image, Iron Man immediately comes to mind.

But the originality of the design is still impressive. The pointy helmet, the scarf hanging around The Flash’s waist and the pieces of fabric tied around his elbows give this Flash costume a distinct look. Plus, if you focus on the background, you’ll see that The Flash is actually standing in the middle of some kind of a desert, which would certainly explain the scarves on his waist and hands.


Oleg Shekhovtsov, aka leshiy, is a freelance CG artist based in Russia. Oleg made a name for himself with his stellar illustrations and designs. Throughout his professional career, he has created promo art for video games such as Allods Online and Skyforge, as well as concept art for DOTA2. Oleg is currently working as a freelance artist for Moon Studious GmbH.

Oleg’s Berserk Flash you see above was created for the Comicon Challenge 2011 and won second place in 2D. For this incredible piece of fan art, the artist re-imagined the DC hero as a fantasy warrior. Obviously, this is an extremely different version of The Flash compared to, well, every costume he’s ever worn. The fantasy warrior Flash is far from being the friendly neighborhood hero. The mask on his face looks especially intimidating, as well as the rest of his get-up, making Berserk Flash a pretty menacing sight.


Naratani is an unbelievably talented artist from Japan. His DeviantArt gallery is full of incredible comic book fan art, including Wonder Woman, Captain America, Luke Cage, Daredevil and many more. In the image above, Naratani gave Green Lantern and The Flash a dash of Japanese flavor with this Kongo Rikishi remake.

In case you don’t know what Kongo Rikishi means, here’s a brief lesson in history. Kongo Rikishi are the guardians of Buddha standing at the entrance of Buddhist temples in frightening wrestling-like poses. Similar to Alpha and Omega, Kongo Rikishi signify everything. The statute on the left (Green Lantern) represents life, while the one on the right (The Flash) represents death. Such a cool and original take on the characters, plus they both look pretty daunting.


Toha Andreev, known as Toxandreev, is a 26-year-old illustrator, graphic designer and character designer based in Russia. His DeviantArt gallery is packed with incredible superhero fan art and on his Behance page you can find a ton of cool stickers, if that is something you find interesting.

Toxandreev’s redesigned Flash costume is in the popular steampunk style, and makes the Scarlet Speedster look very steamy, indeed. The mono-goggle and the golden wing truly make this design stand out, as well as the detailed and shiny prosthetic leg. And let us not forget the rocking skirt and shoulder bag which just add to the creativity of the design. We wouldn’t mind seeing The Flash in action wearing this costume. Ok, perhaps he should lose the skirt.


Eduard Pronin is a Russian industrial, graphic and character designer, who in his spare time creates art like this for practice. As a 3D modeling artist, Eduard’s portfolio mostly consists of astounding robotics-related designs. His famous human-robot designs look like they belongs on the big screen in a blockbuster sci-fi movie.

His interpretation of The Flash’s costume is definitely an impressive feat. This robotic Flash suit appears so thin and light, that it actually looks like something a speedster would wear on a high-speed chase. The striking amount of details and the subtle yellow stripes highlight the key features of the costume. The combination of dark gray and yellow give the design a nefarious feel, which is suiting considering the fact it was made for The Reverse-Flash.


Justin Currie is a graphic designer, concept artist and visual storyteller from Canada. Justin is the originator of the “shattered vector painting” technique, which has become his trademark style. His studio, Chasing Artwork, has recently started publishing graphic novels.

Justin created his Flash design using his signature technique and we must admit it looks pretty goddamn amazing. According to the artist, this suit is constructed using a lightweight alloy able to withstand considerable concussive force, which would allow The Flash’s armor to bounce. Pretty cool indeed. Now, the downside is if he moves at too high a speed for too long, the suit will begin to break apart at a molecular level. One can see how this could be an issue. Nevertheless, it would be cool to see this suit in action.

So, which of these costumes would you like to see the most in the comics? Let us know in the comment section!

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