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Casting Ben Affleck as Batman was a bold movie which was met with almost universal disapproval. But Affleck is not the first actor who's casting as Batman caused backlash. Years before Affleck, Michael Keaton was cast in Burton’s Batman movie, leading the fans to write letters to the studio demanding

the role be re-cast.

Over the years, there have been many live-action Batmen. While consensus has not been reached on which Batsuit looked the best, it is safe to say that Bale’s suit from The Dark Knight and Keaton’s suit from Batman are the most popular. Affleck’s suit, based on The Dark Knight Returns, didn’t look horrible but some fans had something a bit different in mind. This is a very cool early concept for the Batffleck done by British artist Ben Wilsonham and we would have loved to have seen it in the movie.

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