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All Red Everything: 15 Most Devilish Fan-Designed Daredevil Costumes

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All Red Everything: 15 Most Devilish Fan-Designed Daredevil Costumes

When Daredevil first appeared in comics, his costume was nothing like the one we all know and love today. Although short-lived, Daredevil’s first superhero suit was a combination of yellow, red and black and it resembled a gymnast’s tights. However, it soon gave way to the well-known and loved red costume. Netflix’s Daredevil started off in an all-black outfit he assembled from practical sports and military clothes, inspired by the comic book series Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. In fact, the first time we see the red-horned hero in his iconic red and black costume is in the last episode of season one.

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But, all these different costume designs have inspired fans to make up their own versions of Daredevil. Some of these redesigns are based on the existing versions of the suit, such as the one from Netflix series, the comics, or the 2003 movie. Others, on the other hand, are completely original and unique takes on DD. These incredibly creative, talented and inspired artists managed to capture the essence of the Man Without Fear, while at the same infusing the design with their own perception of the character. This resulted in amazing fan-designed Daredevil costumes and we have the 15 most devilicious ones, just for you.


Rodrigo A. Branco, known as dgitalinkrod on DeviantArt, is an amazing Brazilian 3D artist and concept artist. Rodrigo has been studying and creating incredible art since 2010. His concept art has gotten a lot of attention and has been featured on a number of websites. Rodrigo’s work is impressive, original and breathtakingly beautiful. Apart from Daredevil, Rodrigo created concept art for Hellboy, Star Wars, Deadpool, etc.

This incredible Daredevil design was his entry for the Comic Con contest in 2011. Rodrigo’s design of the tunic, the forearm guards, gloves and the belt are kind of reminiscent of the outfit from the popular video game series Assassin’s Creed. Just imagine how cool it would be to watch Daredevil parkour through the streets of some medieval city. If you wish to see more of Rodrigo’s work, and a Medieval Elektra, check out digitalinkord’s gallery.


Chris Turcotte, better known in the online community as TurkCheeps, is a video game and comic 3D artist, who enjoys classic martial arts films and ice cream. Currently, the talented sweettooth, Chris, works as a 3D Artist at Next Level Games. In his spare time, he reads comics and creates amazing art. In his gallery, you will find amazing drawings of Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange and other comic book characters.

Chris’s Daredevil is sporting a dashing cowboy outfit and looks very cartoonish. The body shape and the quirky design of the clothes make this entry the most comedic on the list. Chris’s Daredevil has the whole package: the head scarf, the wide-leg trousers, the massive belt buckle and the cowboy boots. And the gunslinger pose makes the fearless hero of Hell’s Kitchen look rather cocky.


Fred Gago, who also goes by Gagoism, is a freelance storyboard and concept artist from Los Angeles, California. Gago has over ten years of experience providing art services for television, games, fashion and print. In the past, Gago has worked on huge TV shows such as Banshee and American Horror Story. Currently, he’s creating storyboards for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

His Daredevil costume redesign was part of his personal project where he redesigned the costumes of his favorite Marvel heroes. This most striking aspect of Gago’s Daredevil costume design are the enlarged curled horns, which make the red-horned hero look awfully devilish indeed. The suit itself is an homage to the original tri-colored costume with the addition of wing-like extensions to aid Daredevil while gliding.



.Axis. is a somewhat mysterious artist from China, uploading her incredible art pieces on Pixiv. Not much is known about her, except that she apparently likes anime such as Gintama and No.6, as well as Marvel superheroes who wear red outfits. In fact, .Axis. did a redesign of the Marvel red group, which includes Spider-Man, Deadpool and, of course, the Man Without Fear himself.

What defines and distinguishes all three costume designs is the addition of the hoodie to the heroes’ usual attire. But Daredevil’s costume is definitely the one with the most original input. Not only is Matt cloaked in a red-horned hoodie, he is also wearing a shirt and tie underneath. Considering he’s the best avocado at law there is, this is an incredibly fitting costume design for Matt Murdock.


James Mason, who goes by maseOne on DeviantArt, is a digital artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, James is writing and illustrating his own comic book titled Urban Shogun. The comic book series follows the adventures of a group of martial art students from Atlanta. James has redesigned many superhero outfits over the years, including Daredevil.

James’s design is based on Daredevil’s costume from the comics. According to the artist he gave Daredevil a full mask and baggy pants to make him look more like a ninja, because essentially that is what Daredevil is. The red markings on the suit are there to make cool images while the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen parkours at night. We have to admit this ninja attire is a fitting look.


Igor Korotitskiy, known to his friends as decepticoin, is a very creative digital artist from Russia. Igor’s DeviantArt gallery has tons of incredible fan art of comic book characters such as Batman and Spider-Man, anime characters such as One-Punch Man’s Saitama, as well as video games like Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania.

One of Igor’s hobbies is redesigning superhero costumes and he’s very good at it. His take on Daredevil is very simple, but at the same time rather authentic. What makes this costume especially interesting is of course the Robocop-style helmet spruced up with some very cool and sharp horns. Another important characteristic of this design is the red color Igor used for the suit. Notice that it is not the usual dark red, but a rather bright and pinkish hue.



Rob Duenas is a full-time illustrator and graphic artist living in San Diego, California. Currently, Rob is freelancing as a cover artist for IDW Publishing, Big Dog Ink and Megavisions Magazine. Other than that, Rob likes to upload videos of him drawing and sometimes stream it live on Twitch. His gallery is absolutely packed with mind-blowing art pieces, which you most definitely need to see.

Rob redesigned the costumes of some of the most iconic Marvel and DC comic book characters, including Batman, The Flash, Captain America and, of course, Daredevil. His unique take on Daredevil’s costume gives the Man Without Fear a rather bulky and menacing look. The devil motif is certainly more prominent given the long pointy horns. Plus, Matt is now equipped with some serious gear.


Shane McDermott is a cartoonist, illustrator and educator from Memphis, Tennessee. In 2015, Shane completed his MFA in Comics at the California College of Fine Arts where he also works as an assistant professor. Currently, he’s working on his first comic book series titled Seahorse. Shane’s incredible talent shines in all of his art pieces.

Shane’s Wild West Daredevil looks ruggedly handsome dressed in his cowboy outfit and showing off his revolvers. The return to the original suit design with the addition of the yellow pants, face mask and cowboy hat, make this design both refreshing and nostalgic. The entire cowboy outfit looks very stylish and oddly functional. If in some alternate reality Daredevil is set in the Wild West, this is how he should look like.


Anthony Diecidue, known under the alias ARTofANT, is a digital artist from Los Angeles, California. Anthony specializes in storyboards, pre-visualizations and concept art for movies, television and theme park attractions. However, his biggest love is creating comic books. In his impressive career, Anthony has worked for Disney, Image, IDW and the comic book god himself — Stan Lee. If you’re interested to see more of Anthony’s work, check out his gallery.

His steampunk samurai Daredevil is a very unique and fun take on the character. Matt’s trademark weapon, the cane, has been redesigned to have a curved handle. The metallic suit, the pointy details and the massive horns give Anthony’s Daredevil a very sinister look. Perhaps this is what Daredevil would look like if he was a villain.



Tom Hunt is a 3D artist and rigger from London, United Kingdom, who is currently working as a Game Technical Artist at King. Tom provided his expertise on projects for both character and game design. One of the most notable projects he’s worked on is the online game Pepper Panic Saga, for which he designed the characters.

However, when he’s not designing games and game characters, Tom works on his personal projects. One such project is his redesign of Daredevil’s costume. Tom’s Daredevil definitely stands out due to his peculiar arm and leg accessories, as well as the white horns. The bandage-like scarves around his lower legs and forearms and the cuts on his suit, make this Daredevil look as if he’s still in training.


Rose Davies is an incredible self-thought concept artist and 2D Digital Artist from Chester, United Kingdom. Rose creates concept art for the video game, television and film industry. This talented 22-year-old artist has been sketching her entire life and entered digital design at the age of 15. Rose’s gallery is full of incredible character design pieces for Spider-Man, Hellboy, Deathstroke and more.

Her Daredevil costume design is very sleek and futuristic. The suit looks like it’s made of a very thin and light material, which would increase agility when parkouring around Hell’s Kitchen. The design of the mask is especially interesting. The eye area seems to have built-in red lights, which give this suit a fully original look. And even though the red parts are somewhat flashy, details such as the horns and the chest symbol are still very discrete.


Kristafer or Kris Anka is an American comic book artist and inker who has only recently started working with Marvel. So far, Kris has worked on series such as Runaways, Spider-Man, The Uncanny X-Men and Captain Marvel. As of 2016, Kris is drawing the new ongoing Star-Lord comic book series, written by Chip Zdarsky.

But before he became a Marvel big shot, Kris used to redesign the costumes of his favorite characters. One of his projects was this amazing redesign of Marvel characters in the style of Torn. Kris give 17 Marvel characters a complete makeover, including Spider-Man, Star-Lord and Wolverine. Just to name a few. His Daredevil looks very stealthy and futuristic in his all-black suit with glowing red stripes. We wouldn’t mind seeing a Daredevil from the future dressed in Kris’s costume.


Daniel Fu, superhero name: Daystorm, is a comic book artist, writer, designer and animator from Austin, Texas. Currently, Daniel is freelancing as a UX/UI Designer. However, his talents don’t stop at web design. When he’s not designing web pages, this creative artist likes to spend his time redesigning iconic superhero costumes.

His Daredevil costume is a very interesting take on the famous Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and Daniel even breaks down the design. The Neo Daredevil sports a bright red techno-ninja suit. The forearm and shin-guards, along with a helmet were added to the suit to provide more protection. The helmet has an audio boosting system to enhance echolocation. The tunic was added as a hint at Asian martial arts outfit, a nod to Matt’s training in Japan. A fascinating suit we wouldn’t mind seeing in action.



Albert Hulm, known as deralbi in the art world, is a graphic designer and storyboard illustrator that hails from Berlin, Germany. His biggest passion is creating fictional worlds and bringing them to life. Currently, Albert is drawing his own comic book, titled Fairy Tales Gone Spandex, which follows the adventures of the ancestors of famous fairy tale characters set in the 21st century.

Albert loves redesigning comic book characters and he’s taken a shot at Daredevil. Albert’s 18th century Daredevil looks like a genuine gentleman thanks to his stylish red boots and elegant red jacket. Matt’s cane also received an update. The new classy gargoyle-shaped silver handle further adds to the elite design of this costume. Not even the mask can take away from Daredevil’s elegance.


Joseph Descallar is an insanely creative and talented freelance illustrator and concept artist from San Francisco, California. His favorite art styles are western, eastern and urban, which explains his unique design of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. According to Joseph, reality is for people who lack imagination, and judging by his amazing art Joseph has it in abundance. But don’t take our word for it and go check out his gallery.

His Daredevil design is perhaps the most original, scariest and unusual we’ve seen. The skull-like helmet adorned with enlarged red horns makes this Daredevil costume a frightening sight. The long nose-high jacket with lots of straps and hovering robes just adds to Daredevil’s overall intimidating appearance. Wearing this outfit would surely make Matt’s job easier, since most of his opponents would probably run away in utter fear rather than stay and fight him.

What costume do you think best suits the Man Without Fear? Let us know in the comments!

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