Stars And Style: 15 Fan-Designed Captain America Costumes

fan cap art

Captain America. He’s an iconic character that has captured the hearts and minds of fans, artists and writers for decades. And since pop culture has evolved and expanded, so have comic books. With new genres and new stereotypes giving way to whole new trends – artists and writers can create an amalgam of different genres and styles. But it also gives fans the chance to play around with some of their favorite characters and costumes like a sandbox.

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Characters like Cap resonate with fans, making him incredibly popular -- even more so now that his live action films have become some of the most acclaimed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And just because we have a definitive live action Steve Rogers, doesn’t stop fans from imagining the infinite possibilities and universes that exist in the Marvel Universe. We’ve done our research, and found a whole host of fan-drawn designs that take Steve and others who’ve taken up the Captain America mantle in entirely new directions. Just a quick side note, these aren’t in ranking order. Each design is fantastic in a unique way, and it didn’t seem fair to choose just one of our favorites. Here are 15 fan designed Captain America costumes.

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female cap art
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female cap art

In the style of the What If? comics from Marvel, this artwork asks what would Captain America look like if the hero was female. The costume is relatively close to the current MCU version that we last saw in Captain America: Civil War. It also combines the "Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." suit from The Winter Soldier. So instead of the red details around the star -- it has the white lines symbolizing wings.

She also has armor attached to her shoulders. The red details on the brown leather boots and gloves are also a nice touch. The artist, Andrew Hunt, wrote a quick description of the character. “Defending us from those who threaten our freedom, Katharine Holloway, a Captain America for our modern world. She is the successor to Steve and has more than earned the right to wear the iconic red, white and blue garb to follow in his footsteps.”


steampunk cap

This version of Steve Rogers from Eric Yan doesn’t have the slick equipment from S.H.I.E.L.D. to back him up in a fight. And he doesn’t have a tight, figure-hugging costume that still allows him flexibility. Instead, this bulky behemoth Cap looks like he can dish out some pain with the huge armor that he’s wearing.

The shield looks relatively similar to the normal design. We love the cobbled together pieces of armor that form his iconic look -- complete with goggles. He looks quite battle weary, and it’s likely that he’s seen his fair portion of fights. The shirt underneath his armor looks almost like it’s made from the American flag due to its size and the way it’s ripped. He’s wearing his heart on his… stomach? We’ll go with it.


scales cap

This version of Cap is a little strange from artist, Mars. His belt, trousers, scales and the top half of his cowl all look like the normal pieces we’re used to seeing. But the entire torso part of his costume looks almost organic in the way that it’s formed. The bleeding white star in the middle and the chin strip alongside the chunky protective collar around his neck are a step away from the usual designs that we’re used to.

The collar almost looks like an organic version of gear you see bomb disposal experts wear in the army. Plus, the leather around his arms seems to be so skin tight that it’s almost indistinguishable from his actual arm. It’s only because his arm is a different color to his face that we think it’s the costume. Either way -- this is one Cap that looks like he can dish out a beating.


cap alderaan

Realistically, if Captain America existed in the Star Wars universe, he’d be on the side of the rebellion, that’s an obvious one. Here, we get a look at what that might look like. Over the top of his blue and white armor Steve is wearing sleeveless jacket similar to the one Han Solo wears across the original trilogy. And the armored knee pads alongside the belt and combat trousers match the Rebel’s typical uniform.

And Cap’s iconic shield incorporates the Jedi flag into the design, with the center star slightly shifted below the center. That same star is emboldened onto the chest of his armor, which is a great way of tying the whole look together by Pip Reyes. Since Star Wars is now under the Disney brand, who knows, and MCU/Star Wars crossover is in the realm of possibility…that might be taking it too far.


wasteland cap

Even when the world’s gone to ruin, Captain America would still keep fighting -- that’s for sure. We’ve seen it in comics before, even when things are at their worst -- the hero just doesn’t back down. This makeshift costume by Christopher Stevens shows us what to expect from a post-apocalyptic Steve.

It’s not his traditional costume, and looks to be made from an old army uniform alongside some tactical pouches and that single pistol. This could be Cap in a future where the Sentinels have taken over -- or a villain like Ultron. We love his clearly homemade cowl too. The quick paintjob of the "A" ties of the look perfectly. Although the belt and bandages make us think that he’s recently been injured… Deathclaw anyone? Captain America in the Fallout games would be superb.


Iron Hydra cap

An Iron Man/Captain America suit is something fans finally got to see in the MCU thanks to Iron Man 3 -- but what if he was evil? This chunky piece of armor shows off what a Hydra controlled Iron Man/Cap suit would look like. With piercing red eyes and a battle-ready look, this suit is intimidating.

The artist has also thrown out the usual star on Cap’s shield and replaced it with the iconic red Hydra symbol. The star that usually sits on the costumed Cap’s shoulder has also been replaced by a smaller Hydra symbol. This suit looks like it could match Iron Man in a fight, and although we can’t see any additional weapons attached to it, one punch from this beast looks like it could do some damage.


exo cap

This is a pretty different take on the star spangled man with the plan. Steve sits on top of a set of mechanical legs, and it seems like he can control them with his thoughts. The reason we think this is down to the blue piping connecting his body to the back of the machine. And with the faceplate having the same blue color on his forehead -- we think that he’s connected to the suit in a similar way to the Jaeger pilots from Pacific Rim.

Perhaps this Steve doesn’t have the use of his legs -- and this is the way that he keeps the fight alive. ZhiQian Lu doesn’t give us a good look at his shield, but that certainly seems to be a part of the suit in some away.


captain wonder woman

One of our favorite designs on the list combines two of the most iconic characters from across comic books. The Captain America/Wonder Woman combination is one hero you probably don’t want to mess with. And although she’s a little more scantily clad than the other suits on the list, this heroine would have the grit and determination alongside the right moral compass to do what’s right.

The combination between Cap’s costume and the armored elements from Diana’s suit actually fit quite well together. Plus, the shield design looks fantastic, still embracing the culture of the Amazons but in an American patriotic way. The signature red and white boots are easily complimented by the blue scaled leggings, completing this hero’s look from Satoshi Arakawa. Princess Diana of Brooklyn anybody?


captain robotica

In a dark world where heroes have been murdered and there’s no one left to fight for us -- maybe a way of still keeping a heroic figure alive is through robotics? This ultra-realistic bot by Yuito Ono shows us what an AI based patriot might look like. The blue portions of the bot are quite dark, and make us think that not much of him is actually blue -- instead just drawing your eye to specific parts of him aside from the shield.

The only thing we don’t like, is the lack of eyes. There’s no way of connecting with this faceless robot whatsoever, which could actually be quite haunting in a way. How about a plot twist? This isn’t a heroic robot at all, but a brand new sentinel. Uh oh.


captain dome head

This is a hugely different take on Cap. Most costumes that we’re familiar with show his face so we can see whatever emotion he’s feeling during his fights or conversations. Here, ShadedAreasArt chooses to cover up his face -- instead going for a domed helmet. The main body of armor is broken up by a black undersuit. According to the artist: “I wanted to go for a performance daredevil crossed with a special ops wet suit feel. Dual mini-shields to give him a brawler feel.”

This look would probably work best if someone was taking up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers, as most people would think it weird that Steve didn’t show his face. It sounds like this version of Cap would be more of a brutal brawler than a patriotic soldier though. We’d love to see a Captain America: MAX series in this style.


slim cap

Many designs of Steve Rogers show him at a huge size with bulging muscles and immeasurable strength. But here we get a slim, toned version of the hero that streamlines everything about Cap. It still incorporates his classic scaled costume, but blends it with other styles we’ve seen before. The circular star emblem looks similar to the Agent of S.H.I.L.D. costume.

But just because this Steve is slimmer than other versions, don’t think that he isn’t as formidable. You just have to look at his facial expression to realize that he isn’t one to be messed with. The artist, nebezial, said that because the hero gets his powers from the serum he’s more powerful on a cellular level -- and that’s why he’s a lot slimmer in this version.


mech captain america

But what if you wanted to give Captain America an extra boost of power in a heavy fight? Well, you stick him in a full mech suit. It’s not quite a set of Iron Man armor, but it’s not far off either. The suit looks quite heavy, and replaces the typical boots, gloves and scaled look of the patriot. It’s quite a detailed piece from Marco Mantuetto, with each piece of tech carefully placed over the other to form his robotic exo-skeleton.

It’s an incredibly detailed piece of work, right down to the smallest rivets in the metal or the shadow of the stars on his shoulders. We like that they kept the wing tips on the helmet though, maybe they serve a practical purpose. Antennas? Still cool.


bucky cap

We all know that Bucky Barnes took over the Captain America mantle at some point in time, and this design by Grailee shows us some alternate designs for that era of the patriotic hero. These set of designs show off the black ops focus that Bucky has. And the artist proposed that Bucky keep wearing the costume so that Captain America’ presence could be felt everywhere, even in the places and operations he couldn’t carry out.

But the costume utilizes a very large star, whilst the metal arm builds his iconic shield into it in a clever way. The arm also looks like it feeds up onto his face, forming a communications headset. It makes sense that S.H.I.E.L.D. would pack as much technology as possible into his arm. We love it.


scary cap

Who doesn’t love the symbiote? Venom and the black suit have been responsible for some of the most iconic Spidey stories for years. And with the "Venomverse" storyline in full swing at the moment, Marvel are doubling down on their symbiotes. But what if Captain America was used by one? That’s what JHarren pictured back in 2012, and the result was monstrous. No more bright and hopeful stars, say hello to a chaotic and slimy costume complete with claws and sharp shield. This is one superhero you wouldn’t want to save you.

Plus, the crossed out eyes look like what a serial killer does to photographs. It’s pretty disturbing. And then there’s the mouth. Yeah, we’re not sleeping tonight. Captain Venom? No thank you, keep your tentacles and claws to yourself.


fantasy captain america

We love fantasy redesigns of our favorite characters. It’s a great way of transporting some of the most iconic superheroes into an entirely new setting with a completely new look. This medieval Captain America by Daniel Kamarudin shows us the hero as a Knight, with flowing red and blue robes underneath some heavy metal armor.

His cowl is a similar shape to the one we all know, but without any wings on the side. Although the wings would have fit nicely in with the aesthetic of the armor. The shield looks pretty much how it always does except for one chip missing out of it. We want to know how that happened. He doesn’t seem to be holding any other weapon, so we assume it’s just hand to hand combat for this Knight of the Americas.

Which of these Cap designs would you love to see really happen? Let us know in the comments!

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