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Fanmobiles: 20 Jaw-Dropping Fan-Designed Batmobiles

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Fanmobiles: 20 Jaw-Dropping Fan-Designed Batmobiles

Batman is an iconic character. There are many elements to his story that are just as iconic. Anyone telling a Batman story has to keep these elements in place, or they risk losing their entire audience. One such element is the Batmobile. Bruce Wayne has to have a fast way of speeding around Gotham City, and the only viable way to do that is by custom making a special car that can blast through any road. Over the years, many different artists have played their hand at designing the Batmobile, each suiting the needs of the version of the Dark Knight they were portraying.

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Tim Burton created a gothic Batmobile for the 1989 movie, Christopher Nolan had a much more realistic take on the machine, and the comics have varied in how the Batmobile looks for decades. Everyone recognizes the Batmobile, but the different interpretations have led to different designs that still hold key aspects that make it the Batmobile. We’ve seen artists give it a shot, but what about the fans? Many other minds have tried designing Batman’s signature vehicle, and the results are so stunning that we compiled a list of our picks for 20 fan-designed Batmobiles that are better than anything we’ve seen.


At its core, this Batmobile from Guilherme Tataoka was designed with a steampunk aesthetic in mind. From the wheels that are reminiscent of a train and the pipes that sit on the hood, there’s no questioning which era the artist had in mind for this interpretation. Due to its color palette and inspiration, we can’t help but wish this is the vehicle that appeared in the Gotham By Gaslight story.

Despite being from a less advanced era, the Batmobile still manages to be terrifying and communicates to criminals that they’re in for a world of hurt. The only thing that doesn’t quite fit with this design is the logo from The Dark Knight trilogy. Had it been a more comic-related logo, it would’ve been just about perfect.


Many times, we see the Batmobile portrayed as a massive machine that is armed to the teeth with every bit of stylistic addition you can imagine. That’s why we picked this design from Marc Nail for the list, as it is refreshingly simple yet still sleek enough that it looks exactly like something Bruce Wayne would put together.

Sitting so low to the ground and having that clean top, this machine was built for speeding around the streets of Gotham. Furthermore, its design is extremely compact, meaning that it would be able to sustain a lot of damage while still hitting top speeds (something that the other Batmobiles struggle with). The blue lights are a nice finishing touch that compliments the overall look of this vehicle.


lambo batmobile

A cheeky joke in The Dark Knight is when the Joker is blowing up a hospital. Bruce tries to get out there to help save the day, but knows that he can’t do it as Batman because it’s taking place in broad daylight. To become more “conspicuous,” he takes the Lamborghini Murcielago — “Murcielago” is the Spanish word for “bat.”

That fact had to inspire this design from Nathaniel. It takes the luxury feel of a Lamborghini and combines it with the extra armor and padding that Batman usually puts on his equipment. The best part of it has to be the wings in the back that extend outward. The Dark Knight won’t be taking this car on any back roads, but there’s a lot to love with this luxury interpretation of the Batmobile.


Loren from the U.S. deserves credit for this design. Back in the old days, the chrome look was everything. If it didn’t look shiny and metallic, then it wasn’t a popular item. This Batmobile is heavily inspired from the days when Jukeboxes and diners were everywhere, and we’re not complaining.

As opposed to being all black, this Batmobile is instead an eye-catching silver. It’s simplistic look also reminds us of earlier Batmobiles as seen in Batman: The Animated Series. A nice addition is the spikes under the front end of the car that look like bat ears. There isn’t much else to say about this design other than we hope that DC takes inspiration from this if they ever do a Batman story from that era. Just the appearance of a silver Batmobile alone would be enough to turn heads.

16. THE GOTHAM 500

What do you get when you combine Bruce Wayne’s tech with a race car? You get Miguel Lopez’s version of the Batmobile. It features a narrow look that we see in many race cars, but still looks mean enough to be the suped-up car for Gotham’s greatest vigilante.

Just imagine being a criminal and suddenly hearing the roar of the engine as it speeds up to you. Then you see a single light in the front as the thruster propels it forward at an incomprehensible speed. You can fire rockets and bullets at it, but it will easily keep going until the Dark Knight launches out of it to enact his vengeance on you. This is one Batmobile we wouldn’t want to be on the business end of.


Batman doesn’t always need a massive car to get him going. Sometimes all he needs is a bike to be able to maneuver in tight spots and chase criminals down dark alleys. We’ve seen him use one in The Dark Knight, but it didn’t look as powerful as this one by Samuel Mukiri.

Right off the bat, we have to point out the red accents that are in place on the bike as well as Batman himself. It harkens back to the days of Batman Beyond and we love every inch of it. The guns on the front are reminiscent of the aforementioned Batman movie, but the plating covering the tires and the seat is easily the best part of this design. This is one machine the Caped Crusader would have no trouble piloting throughout the streets of Gotham.


Many of these fan designs for the Batmobile have strayed away from the comics to go for different takes on the vehicle. User Ravendeviant, on the other hand, decided to embrace the comics wholeheartedly, and as a result, we have this masterpiece. One wouldn’t think that the black and yellow color scheme of the Dark Knight would translate well to the Batmobile, but here, we love to be wrong.

Sporting yellow on the rims and windshield, it gives just enough pop to an already stellar design. We especially love how the hood is a completely black Bat symbol which stands out from the rest of the vehicle. The only problem is that it doesn’t look like it would have room for anyone other than Batman himself, so no Robin this time around.


While it doesn’t look quite as stable as some of the other designs on this list, we wouldn’t want to get in the way of this Batmobile from Evgeniy Gottsnake. With those massive tires in the back, there’s no telling how easy it could crush anything it ran over. This Batmobile looks like it belongs in a twisted Demolition Derby (Joker needs to get on that).

It’s also worth pointing out that the nimble look of this vehicle would likely allow for some kind of jumping mechanic to allow Batman to race across the rooftops (granted he didn’t cave them in first). It wouldn’t fit very well on the road without crushing all of the other cars in its path, but when you have a design that looks this good, it’s hard to argue against it.


Dwayne Vance is a man who does art of futuristic concepts. If Batman were to operate several decades in the future, this might be what the Batmobile would look like. Taking some notes from a race car, this Batmobile sits very low to the ground and looks aerodynamic. The spikes on the sides might make it difficult to maneuver the streets of Gotham, but it would prevent people from running in to the side.

The only issue we take with this is that for it being presented as a futuristic Batmobile, it lacks many of the bells and whistles that we would expect from Bruce Wayne in that time period. It seems like nothing more than a car designed to go really fast. It doesn’t have an overhead compartment for Bruce. The spot where his ears come up is really cool, but not very functional when you think of it practically.


Adam TD created this beauty, and we’re impressed. If Batman were to ever tackle a street race with the criminal underbelly, this is exactly the kind of Batmobile he would drive. It features many of the pointless lights that street racing cars have (not to mention that it’s pretty low to the ground).

However, it would still be extremely functional for helping save Gotham, as it has that solid front and those massive tires. It looks as if it could easily run into anything and demolish it on impact. One thing that is nice about this design is how the windshield is tinted entirely black. While there’s no secret that Batman would be driving it, it gives this massive vehicle a sense of anonymity that would strike fear into criminals’ hearts.


Because Batman is known for having a big vehicle to patrol the streets of Gotham, criminals are likely to use powerful vehicles as well. Some of them are even insane enough to drive straight into the Batmobile. Because of this, Bruce needs something that can withstand such an impact and make the enemy feel it more than he does. Enter a design that we dubbed “The Knightmare.” Artist Tristan Reidford did a stellar job with this one.

Featuring heavy metal prongs on the front and back, any criminal will have a tough time trying to keep the Caped Crusader off of their trail. It looks industrial and heavy duty, meaning it may not move fast, but would certainly pack a punch. While the design leans a bit too heavily on the prongs, we still appreciate how powerful and mean it looks.


The Batmobile X is a vehicle that demands respect, and it’s something that would be both loved and feared by many people. Something we have to praise artist Steven Cormann for was not going with the standard yellow or blue accents. Instead, he goes for a black and green color scheme, which is something not often seen on a Batmobile. Yet, it works in this case, and leads to a sleek-looking piece of equipment.

One can only imagine what it would feel like getting hit by those front tires, but the flat design would make it easy for Batman to hop right in the cabin even if the Batmobile was moving autonomously. It may be simple to flip over if it were hit at the right angle, but that’s hardly a complaint with a design so amazing.


Tim Burton did an excellent job designing the Batmobile for his interpretation of the character and lore. It was every bit as gothic as its surroundings and complimented the overall tone and feel of the films it appeared in. However, there is always room for improvement, and as a man named Sean Ellery proves, it can lead to some great results.

While it may or may not be directly inspired by the Batman movie, this version of the Batmobile would feel right at home in that universe. The black and silver go together extremely well, and we love the spikes on the front that look almost exactly like the top part of the Bat Signal. Despite these subtle differences, there’s a very classic feel to this Batmobile, like we could practically imagine Bruce Wayne taking it out of the Bat Cave and into the streets of Gotham.


If there’s one word we could use to describe this Batmobile, it would be “slick”. Once again, this is another interpretation of the vehicle that sports a silver color  rather than black. It’s minimalistic, yet intense and makes a bold statement. The entire feel is something straight out of The City of Angels. It’s not hard to imagine this Batmobile pulling up to a red carpet event (not that Batman ever would do such a thing). Colin G deserves some praise for creating this bad boy.

Batman was never one to be ostentatious, so we doubt that a Batmobile like this one will ever appear in official DC projects, but it’s not difficult to dream. From the chrome rims to the jagged frame, there’s a lot to like with this design and we hope to see more like it in the future.


The ’60s were an interesting time for Batman. He did star in his own TV show, but it was a camp fest starring Adam West and Burt Ward. For all of the jokes that show received, we have to admit that the Batmobile design was quite unique and gave the show a sense of style. Another route they could’ve taken is something more along the lines of this classy station wagon.

This Batmobile is little more than a car that had some modifications made to it (similar to the Batmobile seen in the show). While it doesn’t exactly make us quiver in our boots, there’s something fond about this throwback design from Pierce Roth. The fins, white wall tires, and hood ornament all add just enough to make it feel like something Batman would’ve used back in the day.


The whole idea of Batman is to be something that strikes fear into criminals so that they know what they do to other people. Bruce Wayne was scared of bats, so that was the persona he chose for his vigilante career. His Batmobile, on the other hand, hasn’t always received the same treatment. It’s something that’s cool to look at rather than a tool to make criminals afraid.

That said, an artist by the name of Vlado, who designed this version of the Batmobile, deserves some praise. Not only is this Batmobile recognizable and appropriately dark, it has a tattered feel that looks like a nightmare someone would have in Arkham Asylum. No one on Earth would want to be stuffed in this machine, and we’re just sad nothing like it has appeared in a Batman story.


Right away, you’ll notice that this design from Encho Enchev of the front is very similar to the Batmobile X, but that’s where the similarities end. At its core, this Batmobile is functionally different. First of all, the tires themselves are much larger and more rigid, meaning it will better grip the road and even allow Batman to do some off-roading as well.

It also sports guns near the rear that extend over the roof of the car, which again, feed into the idea of this vehicle going off-road. What makes this design particularly interesting is not the massive additions, but the little things that help ground it in reality. For example, there are two speaker grills on the front, likely for Batman to project his voice as well as side mirrors just next to the windshield (though Batman probably couldn’t see much with them).


While the Batmobile is the focus of this list, we came across this design from Tsimmer Sergey for a Bat Boat, and would be remiss if we didn’t include it here. Speeding along the water is every bit as important as racing through the streets, as Gotham’s criminals could strike from any place. Batman needs to be prepared and if he were ever needed on the water, this boat would be perfect.

Unlike most boats, this one is completely covered from head to toe. Batman could sustain intense fire and remain safe. We also like the yellow accents, but the blue lights on the front are what makes this design stand out. It looks like something Ben Affleck’s Batman would use in the DCEU, and we wouldn’t complain if something like it were to show up.


Khyzyl Saleem, you’ve caught our attention. Of all of the designs we’ve seen, this one has to be one of our absolute favorites. There are some interpretations of the Batmobile in the future, but none quite like the one we see here. It looks like it was ripped straight out of the Tron franchise and given right to the Caped Crusader.

Sporting a slick silver design with blue lights stretched all around, this Batmobile immediately catches the eye. While there are no massive weapons visibly noticeable, all of those divots and ridges have to be hiding all sorts of equipment. This is not only a Batmobile that we would love to see Batman drive around in– but it’s one that we would love to drive around in as well.


Mohit from India designed this absolute beast of a machine. If you thought the Tumbler was a massive machine, you haven’t seen anything yet. If Batman needed to take it a step further in protecting himself while still combatting powerful criminals, this is exactly the kind of thing that he would build.

The machine is simply massive, featuring huge tires, plenty of armor, and all sorts of weapons that would be hiding in the plates. This is the kind of Batmobile that’d be able to run straight into Killer Croc and come out the other side without a scratch. It might take a while to build up speed and it may damage some property on the way, but this Batmobile has to be one of the most well-designed from any Dark Knight fan to date.

Would you want to see any of these fan-designed Batmobiles in the comics? Let us know in the comments!

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