Worlds Collide: 25 Crazy Marvel And DC Fan Mashups We Wish Were Real

Whether you're a Marvel Comics fan, a DC Comics fan, or a fan of both, you probably have a couple of favorite characters. Maybe you have one for each comic book universe and maybe, just maybe, you'd really like to see those two heroes combined into one unstoppable force of nature. The Amalgam Comics gave us some pretty awesome mashup characters, such as Doctor Doomsday, Super-Soldier, Spider-Boy, Speed Demon, Bruce Wayne, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and so on. However, the Amalgam Comics couldn't have possibly made everyone's dreams come true. Which is why many fans have taken it upon themselves to create more amalgam characters. These fan-designed mashups come in all shapes and sizes and range from expected to how-the-hell-did-you-even-get-here. Nevertheless, they are all equally awesome.

While these mashup characters are mostly created for fun and their aesthetic appeal, some artists have even provided a brief character description for their original creations. Many decided to combine their favorite Marvel Comics hero with their favorite DC Comics hero, while some went as far as taking various characters from their favorites' universes and mashing them together to form a new amalgam universe. Because these characters probably won't ever debut on comic book pages, we decided to shine a spotlight on these wonderful, weird, gorgeous and surprising creations. Some will astound you, some will scare you, and some will make you laugh. We scoured the internet in pursuit of the best fan-made Marvel/DC mashup characters and now we present to you our favorites.

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Rick Marin_Cyborg Thing
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Rick Marin_Cyborg Thing

Combining the guy whose body is mostly cybernetic with the guy who looks like a giant humanoid rock is not an idea that would come naturally to many people. Luckily, artist Rick Marin came up with an awesome way to mash DC Comics’ Cyborg and Marvel’s The Thing to create Cy-Thing.

Exactly how all of this is supposed to work is anyone’s guess. The character certainly looks interesting, if a bit cartoonish, and would probably have some pretty cool powers.



Here’s an idea, let’s combine Aquaman and Daredevil. Sure, it sounds downright foolish, but see how cool it looks. This odd, but stunning, character design comes from doubleleaf. Honestly, we don’t even understand how he came up with this mashup, let alone how he made it look so cool.

The two characters couldn’t be more different, yet doubleleaf somehow made fish scales work with devil horns. This amalgam would probably never happen, but it’s hard to deny its aesthetic appeal.


Eric Guzman_Night Devil

Combining Aquaman and Daredevil may not make much sense, even if it does look cool, but combining Nightwing and Daredevil makes a whole lot of sense. Both seem to like the same kind of weapons -- namely, variations of sticks, nunchaku and batons. Plus, their costumes complement one another, as evidenced by Eric Guzman’s design featured above.

And, let's not forget, that both Nightwing and Daredevil are excellent acrobats with similar fighting styles, which is yet another reason why combining these two works.


doubleleaf_Captain Bat

Turns out, combining Batman with just about anyone works surprisingly well. Marvel’s Captain America has a lot more in common with Superman than with Gotham’s Dark Knight, yet doubleleaf’s Captain Batman looks way cooler than the official Amalgam Comics’ mashup, Super-Soldier.

Captain America’s star-spangled suit looks awesome in black, but the best part has to be the bat-shaped shield. And, as if Batman wasn’t impressive enough already, this version of the Caped Crusader would actually have some pretty impressive superpowers.


Eric Guzman_Deathpool

Deadpool and Deathstroke are so often compared that a mashup of the two was not only expected but inevitable. When Eric Guzman decided to collide the worlds of Spider-Man and Batman, he combined Slade and Wade Wilson into a single villain/anti-hero.

Deadpool and Deathstroke’s costumes mix so well together that it’s almost impossible to tell that these are in fact two characters combined. This new character would certainly have immense power, but what we would like to know is how their personalities would mix.


Adam Tupper_Lantern Goblin

Artist Adam Tupper decided to combine various Marvel characters with various Power Rings. One of his amalgamations is the Fear Goblin, which mashes Marvel’s Green Goblin with the Yellow Power Ring from DC Comics. Imagine the already-scary Green Goblin with all his superpowers having the Yellow Power Ring and hence the ability to manipulate fear (among others).

Not only does the Fear Goblin look awesomely fear-inducing, he’d actually be a pretty interesting character. Though, we’re not so sure Spidey would be happy with this upgraded Green Goblin.


doubleleaf_Captain Crawler

Another unorthodox mashup from doubleleaf. This time, the artist decided to combine Marvel’s Nightcrawler with DC Comics’ Captain Marvel, aka Shazam. Certainly, mixing the peculiar physique of Nightcrawler with the rugged good looks of Shazam couldn’t have been an easy task.

But, as weird and impossible as the idea may sound, the result is absolutely stunning. Shazam’s suit looks absolutely awesome in blue. With Shazam and Nightcrawler’s combined powers, Captain Crawler would be a force to be reckoned with.


doubleleaf_Emerald Speedster

Alright, as cool as this looks -- and it looks insanely cool -- perhaps combining the man with a tendency to screw up time every so often with someone as strong as the Hulk is not the best idea. Imagine the damage Barry would be able to cause then.

Still, we’re intrigued by this peculiar concept. It would definitely be interesting to see the massive Hulk run faster than the speed of light leaving a green streak in his wake. This impressive creature was designed by doubleleaf.


Eric Guzman_Thunder God

Next up, we have the mashup consisting of The God of Thunder and the Earth’s Mightiest Mortal. This sentence alone should be enough to make any villain, no matter how powerful, cream their pants. And seeing this formidable being can only intensify the fear.

Eric Guzman’s Thunder God looks exactly how you would picture a mashup of Thor and Shazam, which is to say big, imposing, and shiny. The costumes blended nicely, especially the lightning bolt on Shazam’s chest and Thor’s Mjolnir.


Eve Orozco_Green Lantern Thor

If for whatever reason you don’t find the Thunder God impressive enough, perhaps the Emerald God of Thunder will be more to your liking. This amalgam character is the combination of Marvel’s God of Thunder, Thor, and DC Comics God of Light, aka Green Lantern. With their combined powers we don’t even want to imagine what this new character could do.

But one thing is certain, the Emerald God of Thunder looks mighty impressive. This amazing concept was created by the Mexican artist Eve Orozco.


Eric Guzman_Joker Goblin

For years, fans have been clamoring for Willem Dafoe to portray the Joker. His facial features are clearly suitable and his performance as Green Goblin in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man may well serve as his audition tape.

Speaking of Joker and Green Goblin, Eric Guzman decided to mash these two villains into one unstoppable, unhinged monster and mixing these two really does make a lot of sense. However, we do pity the hero who has to go up against this creature.


Joe Azpeytia_Venom Lobo

With so many superhero movies coming out every year, it’s no wonder anti-heroes and villains are getting some of the spotlight as well. Deadpool and Venom already got their live-action adaptations and Lobo could be coming soon. After all, it’s been in development for quite some time.

While we’re on the subject of Venom and Lobo, here’s an interesting fan-made character concept that combines these two characters. Created by Joe Azpeytia, Lobenom, as we’re calling him, looks appropriately frightening with his piercing red eyes and the prehensile tongue.


Eric Guzman_Myseriddle

Another clever mix, and an even more clever name, from Eric Guzman. In his Spider-Bat universe, the DC Comics character the Riddler and the Marvel character Mysterio combined to make one awesome supervillain, Mysteriddle. Not only does this concept work, it’s actually surprising that the official Amalgam Universe never used it.

Riddler loves to mess with people’s heads and with Mysterio’s VFX expertise there’d be no stopping them. Plus, they’re both partial to green and extravagant clothes, so there’s that.


Ha Huy Hoang_Spider Bat Avenger

This unreal character comes from Ha Huy Hoang, a Vietnamese artist who created this amalgam character in celebration of the three big superhero movies of 2012 -- The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises. Seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it?

The Spider Bat Avenger is a combination of Batman, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man. The artist also provided a brief character history for Peter Wayne, which borrows story elements from all of the characters listed above.


Mac FPFX_Iron Flash

Iron Man and the Flash don’t really have much in common, aside from the fact that both their costumes are based around the colors red and yellow. Which apparently was more than enough for Mac FPFX to create this awesome mashup.

His Iron Flash does, indeed, look incredible. The lightning bolts fit nicely with the design of Iron Man’s armor. The lightning-bolt-shaped arc reactor is our favorite part of the costume. We could easily imagine this being one of Iron Man’s weird armors.


Eric Guzman_Banenom

Say, how about we take the guy who enhanced his abilities with the Venom super-steroid and combine him with the actual Venom? Artist Eric Guzman mashed two of Tom Hardy’s characters back in 2013, when he had no way of knowing that Hardy would be playing Venom, and we bet he feels pretty good now.

Eric is a big fan of both Spidey and Batman, so he decided to combine their very different worlds. Banenom is our favorite creation from Eric’s Spider-Bat universe. Though, this guy would be too OP for either Spidey or Batman.


M. Arif Rahman Winandar_Venom Batman

According to the man behind this amazing piece of fan art, M. Arif Rahman Winandar, Batman is never OP enough. His Venom Bat looks absolutely scary. This is total nightmare fuel, and yet we can’t help but love this design.

Batman and Venom mashed together surprisingly well to create something far more frightening than either one has ever been on their own. One thing is certain, with this guy around, Gotham would either be the safest palace to live or the most dangerous.


Heriberto A Hernandez_Spider-Flash

Grant Gustin, the actor who portrays the Flash on The CW show of the same name, stated that if he were to join Marvel, he’d like to play Spider-Man. Picturing Gustin as Spider-Man isn’t hard and fans have already created fan art of the Flash actor sporting a Spidey suit. But what if we combine the two?

Well, Heriberto A. Hernandez has done just that. His amalgam character is a combination of Spider-Man and the Flash -- Spider-Flash, if you will -- and we really wish we could see this speedster wall-crawler in action.


Zach Jordan_BatPool

The Merc with a Mouth and the Dark Knight mashed together? Yes, please. Artist Zach Jordan presents the Dark Knight with a Mouth, the Caped Merc, the World’s Greatest Mercenary. Batman could definitely use Deadpool’s accelerated healing factor, considering the kind of individuals he comes in contact with on daily basis.

But, what really sold us on this idea is the possibility of a fourth-wall-breaking, joke-cracking, foul-mouthed Batman. The downside is, with Deadpool’s abilities in his arsenal, Batman’s rogues wouldn’t stand a chance.


Eric Guzman_Marvelous Girl

Eric Guzman’s second favorite superheroes are Captain America and Superman, which prompted him to create yet another amalgam universe, which we’re going to dub the Super Captain universe, and one of the most powerful superheroes in this universe is Marvelous Girl.

Marvelous Girl is a mashup of Captain Marvel, the Marvel one, and DC Comic’s Supergirl. Their costumes blended nicely as would their powers. The only possible problem is, Marvelous Girl could be just a tad OP for pretty much anyone.


Jore Escalera_Bat Rider

Gotham City is filled with some of the most repugnant villains in comics, and Batman has to deal with these vile people every single day. It’s a taxing job, especially for a guy with no superpowers. But, what if we combine Mr. Wayne with another comic book character, someone whose powers would make his job a bit easier?

Artist Joré Escalera mashed Batman with Marvel’s Ghost Rider, thus creating the Bat Rider. This way Batman would have the ability to consume the souls of the degenerate and heartless.


Dean Trippe_Ultimate Beyond Spider-Bat

Combining Spider-Man and Batman isn’t uncommon, but what makes this particular design special is the fact that the artist used Miles Morales and Terry McGinnis, hence the name Ultimate Spider-Bat Beyond. This awesome new character was created by Dean Trippe who stated that the idea came from his four-year old son.

Miles and Terry already use similar colors on their suits and combining them feels natural and looks gorgeous. And with their combined abilities, the Ultimate Spider-Bat Beyond would be an amazing hero.


Supergirl is one of the strongest heroines in the DC Comics Universe and She-Hulk is one of the strongest female heroes in the Marvel Comics Universe, so it would make sense to combine the two and create one awesome powerhouse hero, no villain would dare to challenge.

Artist Tovio Rogers took this fantasy a step further by designing an amalgam character, dubbed the Super She-Hulk. Tovio also designed Red Power Girl, a combination of Power Girl and Red She-Hulk, which you should definitely check out.


Sam Monh Iron Bat

Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are often pitted against each other as rival billionaire playboys/superheroes. The similarities between these two can’t be denied and, perhaps, instead of always putting Iron Man and Batman on opposing sides, we should try and get them on the same page.

Artist Sam Monh designed a special get-along-shirt for Mr. Stark and Mr. Wayne. Being a big fan of both characters, Sam wanted to know what they would look combined. As far as we’re concerned, his Iron-Bat looks incredible.


Toni Santos_FireStorm

Brace yourselves, the Fire-Storm is coming. Marvel’s Ororo Munroe, aka Storm, has the ability to control the weather and atmosphere and is considered to be one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. She certainly doesn’t lack power.

However, if we were going to upgrade Storm’s abilities, combining her with DC Comics’ Firestorm would be the way to go. Artist Toni Santos created an amazing fan art piece depicting Fire-Storm in all of her glory. That flaming hair is simply stunning.

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