Fan creates detailed LEGO replica of Uncle Scrooge's money bin

Some of us have fantasized about going for a swim in a gold-filled vault like Scrooge McDuck, but Carl Barks fan Dennis Steppe put his time to better use: He built a painstakingly detailed model of the legendary money bin using LEGO bricks and Don Rosa's blueprints. And it only cost a small fortune.

The artist discovered the impressive project while appearing over the weekend at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, where he signed one of the money bin's exterior walls.

"It's about 4+ foot square, and it's built entirely out of LEGO," states the post on Rosa's Facebook page. "It has the ENTIRE interior included so that it is nearly solid Lego, or a honeycomb of Lego. The only part omitted is the money below a false top layer of coins, but apart from that, literally EVERYTHING that is shown in Don's blueprints or that he's shown in any story he's ever done set in the Bin... every detail, no matter how tiny, is there, made out of Lego pieces." Each floor can even be removed, intact.

Steppe built the money bin over the course of a year and a half, at a cost of more than $10,000. He plans to take it on a tour U.S. LEGO conventions. See some photos below, and more on Rosa's Facebook page.

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