15 Superhero Fan Art Designs That Wouldn’t Make It Past The Censors

Fan art seems to be everywhere these days. Talented artists determined to put their skills to good use take it upon themselves to create a plethora of fan art pieces of our favorite comic books, television series, movies, anime, video games and more. A popular category, if you will, is re-designing characters or their outfits. In particular, comic book fans tend to delve into this area of fan art. The fan re-designs of classic superhero costumes can gain immense popularity on the internet by being shared on social media and featured on various websites. Some of these fan-designs are so well-thought-out that they make us wish these costumes were in fact the real deal.

However, there are also those designs which, no matter how much some of us may enjoy them, are destined to remain only fan art because censors wouldn't let them pass. As we all know, censorship can be a real hassle. Although, some characters seem to be privileged. We're looking at you, Emma Frost. But be that as it may, fans still have the freedom create sultry versions of comic book costumes. So, without further ado, here are 15 superhero fan art designs that wouldn’t make it past the censors.


Over the years, we’ve seen a plethora of different Batgirl costumes. Starting from comics and the old Batman television series to the Schumacher Batman movie and a myriad of animated adaptations. Reportedly, a Batgirl movie is in the works helmed by Joss Whedon. And knowing Whedon, his Batgirl will have her own look, while paying homage to previous iterations.

At the moment we can only guess what will come of this movie and what Batgirl's costume will look like. But while we wait, we can always turn to fan art for possible and not-so-likely designs. The South Korean artist qoiwrng created this sultry version of the Batgirl costume, which probably won't become official comic book art or a movie costume, but is nonetheless easy on the eyes.


The Teen Titans are finally getting their own live-action television series. With series like Runaways, The Gifted, the Netflixverse and of course the Arrowverse, this does seem like the perfect time to introduce the masses to Teen Titans. As one of the members of this awesome group of superheroes, Raven is expected to make an appearance.

We have yet to see what kind of costume Raven will be wearing in her live-action debut. In the comics, the character wore a blue/purple cloak along with a tight jumpsuit or some kind of a dress. The above version of the costume is -- as the artist himself put it -- a more fan service attire. This Raven costume, designed by Dan Howard, would probably raise some flags if suggested as an official costume design.


Alright, while Winn’s initial vision for Kara’s superhero costume was a bit on the nose, it didn’t come even remotely close to the one featured above. And we can only imagine what Kara’s reaction would be to such an audacious suggestion. The look on her face would have been priceless for sure. However, we know damn well that something as provocative as this would never make it into Supergirl.

Although, Supergirl’s top has always been very close-fitting and her skirt extremely short, her outfits have never been this skimpy. The Russian artist known as Candra redesigned Supergirl’s usual attire, spicing up the Girl of Steel’s usual costume. And while we have no doubt that a certain group of fans would like to see this as the official design, we’re pretty sure the censors wouldn’t allow it.


The Arrowverse has already gone through three different versions of Black Canary, plus a version of Black Siren for good measure. The costumes of the Black Canaries have changed over the years, but for most part they’ve consisted of the same obligatory elements -- a pair of leather pants and a face mask. However, the comic book character is best known for a very different costume -- a much more revealing costume.

Still, even in her most scanty outfits, Black Canary hasn’t had this little fabric covering her body. The artist Daniel Heard, who re-designed Black Canary’s costume for a contest, was inspired by Motorcross protective gear. Although, we are concerned about the actual protective abilities of the so-called armor. But we needn’t lose too much sleep over it, since this design will probably remain just fan art.


This southern belle is one of the most popular X-Men characters. Over the years, Rogue has had a number of different costumes in the comics, as well as in live-action adaptations and animated series. She started out in an all-green outfit but has since gone through plenty different looks. In the movies, the character, of course, wore black, while in the '90s X-Men: The Animated Series, Rogue was seen in her yellow-green costume topped with the leather bomber jacket.

Naturally, fans too have designed various outfits for Rogue. The artists behind the costume you see above are John Stinsman and Juhani, who redesigned Rogue’s green costume to give it more sassiness. While a lot of fans would probably like to see this as an official costume, it’s revealing nature might pose an issue.


As if Black Cat wasn’t spunky enough as it is, this artist thought it would be a good idea to give her a Symbiote look -- and a sexy one at that. The Italian artist who goes by ACM1899 designed this amazing version of Symbiote Black Cat, based on the version of the character that appears in the video game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

The Symbiote Black Cat hasn’t made an appearance in the comics yet and we doubt that even if she does she’ll be allowed to wear an outfit such as this one. But on the web, the fans have been discussing this possibility for years. A good portion of Spidey fans seems to think that Black Cat would be a good candidate for a new Venom.


Over the years Wonder Woman’s costume has changed drastically. She’s gone from wearing a skirt to wearing shorts and even a pair of very tight pants. The character’s most recent live-action adaptation, portrayed by the gorgeous Gal Gadot, had a costume that while less vibrant than her comic book outfit retained some key characteristics.

However, none of the official designs we’ve seen thus far have been this revealing -- which is probably for the best. Still, artists creating their own versions of superhero costumes sometimes get a bit carried away and end up with something like this. This Nguyen-style Wonder Woman was created by the artist Stephen Schaffer. But as much as you might like his design it’s highly unlikely it will ever be used.


Remember the first episode of Supergirl when Winn was helping Kara make a superhero costume? Kara tried on a very revealing costume before she landed on the one she’s wearing now. Winn’s initial idea was a little out there and Kara was fast to reject it commenting that she wouldn’t even wear it to the beach. That makes us wonder how Kara Danvers would feel about this outfit.

Something tells us, she wouldn’t approve of the rather sexy take abraaolucas did on her costume. Although the comic book character has worn something similar, her top was considerably longer as well as her skirt. And not to mention those straps and tan lines. With all of this, the design probably wouldn’t make it past the censors.


Harley Quinn is one of those characters who already have a rather unbelievable costume design, speaking in terms of skin coverage. Even though, the character didn’t start off in such revealing clothes. But since her debut on Batman: The Animated Series, Harley has gone through a number of different costumes in the comics. Plus, the recent movie version of the character featured a brand-new design for Margot Robbie's take.

However, despite the demanding task ahead of us, we managed to dig up a fan designed costume for Harley Quinn that tops everything we’ve seen so far. The Russian artist Denis Abdullin designed the costume you see above, which while interesting -- to say the least -- probably won't be making an official appearance for glaringly obvious reasons.


Psylocke’s outfits usually don’t leave much to the imagination. Consisting mostly of a very revealing one-piece, her costumes tend to show a lot of skin. When the character appeared in X-Men: Apocalypse, Olivia Munn wore a costume that did justice to the character’s well-known comic book look.

And while Psylocke’s outfits tend to be rather skimpy, we have yet to see something as revealing as this fan design. This sultry costume was designed by the American artist Adam Hughes and the statue was created by the French artist Edrice Waliyar. And while you may find this design to your liking, it’s hard to imagine that Marvel would ever make it official. Whereas showing some skin is welcome, there is such a thing as too much.


All the waiting finally paid off. Marvel’s most powerful female superhero is getting her own movie and we’re all extremely excited to see it in 2019. Recently, we got our first look at Brie Larson in costume and reactions, as always, are divided. We think the costume blends well with the world and atmosphere of the MCU, even if it didn’t quite live up to everyone’s hopes and expectations.

However, if you were hoping for something like the design seen above, you were pretty much out of luck from the very beginning. While the Binary-based costume designed by Sebastien Minatchy does look pretty awesome, it’s not exactly fitted for the big screen, and would probably have a hard time getting past the censors even in the comics.


The DCEU faced a lot of criticism over Wonder Woman’s costume, mostly because the fans felt it lacked color. Although, if we’re being honest, a bright colored costume in the midst of the grim universe DC and Warner Bros. have so carefully concocted would feel out of place. So, even though the costume could probably use a few tweaks here and there, adding flaming red and piercing blue would probably be counterproductive.

Still, if it’s something like this you had in mind, don’t get your hopes up. The Swiss artist The-Mirrorball-Man took it upon himself to redesign Wonder Woman's costume completely, because he never really liked it. He got rid of the blue, replaced it with black and made Diana look more like a post-modern Greek goddess. But while this costume does look pretty cool, it lacks fabric on some crucial places.


A couple of years ago Marvel got us pretty hyped up for a Mockingbird spin-off series titled Marvel’s Most Wanted. The show was supposed to follow the adventures of Bobbie Morse and her ex-husband Lance Hunter after their departure from S.H.I.E.L.D.. Unfortunately, our hopes were crushed when ABC decided not to move forward with the series.

It would have been cool to see Bobbie kick some serious butt, preferably in an awesome superhero outfit, but ABC wouldn’t let us have it our way. And now, we can only imagine what the show and Mockingbird would look like. But we're pretty sure ABC wouldn’t say yes to a design like the one we see above. The French artist ZabZarock is the person behind this sexy Mockingbird art, which probably wouldn’t get past the censors.


Batman girls are pretty much made to be incredibly hot and seductive. The femme fatale Selina Kyle proved to be too dangerous even for Bruce Wayne himself. The naughty Poison Ivy has also had her affair with Gotham’s Dark Knight, while the love smitten Dr. Harleen Quinzel successfully performed her seductive techniques on Batman’s arch nemesis The Joker.

And no wonder these poor souls fell to their charms considering the sultry outfits these girls usually wear. However, as hot as their usual attire is, artists who design their own versions of superhero costumes don’t need to worry about censorship. The costumes you see above were designed by a two-man team of Jen Broomall and Sanju Nivangune, but we doubt these will become official anytime soon.


On Earth-616, Gwen Stacey is Peter Parker’s first true love, but first and foremost she is a civilian. However, Earth-65 is a significantly different place and Gwen and Peter’s roles are pretty much turned upside down. On this Earth, Peter is the so-called damsel in distress, while Gwen Stacy gets bitten by a genetically engineered spider and become Spider-Woman.

The Spider-Gwen comic book series gained a lot of popularity because it is well written, Gwen Stacy’s character is fleshed out and Spider-Woman has an awesome costume. Speaking of costumes, here’s a sexy redesign of Spider-Woman’s costume created by Michelle Hoefener, which probably wouldn't fool the censors. You can check out Michelle's gallery for whole bunch of awesome fan art featuring characters from comics, video games and movies.

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