Fan Art Proves, Jansen Ackles Would Make the MCU's Perfect Cyclops

Some new fan art has emerged online revealing Supernatural star Jensen Ackles would be perfect as Cyclops in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has indicated it's going to be a while before mutants enter the MCU, but that didn't stopped Reddit user SUPERFRAME from posting a glorious visual featuring Ackles and his chiseled jaw decked out as Cyclops in his classic comic costume from the '90s.

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The envisioning of Ackles as the X-leader dresses him in Scott Summers' iconic blue and yellow scheme, equipped with pouches, gloves and a padded visor similar to what we've read in the books for years. Fans would most likely connect this to the Jim Lee era, as well as X-Men: The Animated Series. The Fox movies never really hit on this look at all, with James Marsden's Scott Summers usually clad in black leather, although Tye Sheridan's younger Scott did at least get a dark blue outfit.

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Ackles is no stranger to superhero fan casting, as many supporters have voiced their desires to see him play Jason Todd/Red Hood in a DC film someday. He voiced the vigilante in the Batman: Under the Red Hood animated movie, and even cosplayed as him. But as this image shows, Ackles looks just as good in blue as he does in red, and definitely looks the part of saving the mutant race when the time comes to hit the silver screen again.

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