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Worlds Collide: 16 Unbelievable Fan Art Crossovers That Need To Happen

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Worlds Collide: 16 Unbelievable Fan Art Crossovers That Need To Happen

When it comes to fan art, there are some seriously talented people out there — drawing, painting or even computer-generating some of the most popular characters, and with the help of the internet, their work can be seen worldwide. But while it’s impressive to recreate fan favorites in a unique style, it takes real imagination to imagine those figures existing across stories and universes interacting, helping and/or fighting each other.

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Ever wondered what it would look like to see Wolverine take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Neither had we. That is, until an artist online shared his work and suddenly, we’re desperate to see it happen. Often, fandoms overlap — particularly when it comes to all things geek — and this type of art is the perfect way to bring them together when the titles and worlds they belong to and live in, just won’t let them cross over. So while such crossovers are unlikely to ever happen, we can still enjoy them in the form of fan art instead. CBR has scoured the internet and found 16 awesome pieces of art that are sure to make you want to see each of these exchanges in comics or even, on the big screen…


Batman x Iron Man Handshake

They’re both billionaires. What more evidence do you need that Batman and Iron Man HAVE to meet each other at some point, regardless of whether it’s logistically possible? An exchange between Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark is doubly interesting too, because of how similar their lives are compared to how different they are personality-wise.

Stark likes to command a room with jokes and banter, whereas Wayne is very serious. But you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll find both of them at a swanky charity gala either way. French artist Noe Monin combats that issue by making them both pranksters in her artwork, as Wayne uses a joy buzzer to shock Stark at a party. Then the latter returns the favor later when they’re both in costume. Fan art that tells a story like that is the best kind of fan art.


Harley and Deadpool

As heroes go, Deadpool has always seemed like he’s got a bit of a screw loose. Despite coming out on top against his enemies most of the time, he never really takes his battles too seriously and can’t help himself chatting throughout them either. So the thought of him teaming up with the morally-ambiguous Harley Quinn — who is partial to a gossip herself, too — isn’t so far-fetched.

They both love black and red too, so because of those reasons, the pair have been sketched together frequently by fans. What’s so great about Vinz-el-Tabanas‘ take on them though, is how he seems to encapsulate both of their slightly manic natures in this ink-splattered piece. Painted with watercolors, the image has its own recognizable style that would look at home in its own graphic novel.


steve rogers and steve trevor fan art

When Wonder Woman came out in June, people were quick to say that the titular character’s love interest Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) is a lot like Marvel’s Steve Rogers (also known as Captain America). Both were alive during history-defining World Wars and both served in the military in some capacity; Rogers as a soldier and Trevor as an undercover operative. They also sacrificed themselves in their respective movie debuts… in very similar ways. Lastly, both have a soft-spot for strong women too.

Seeing these comparisons, artist ZJ illustrated the pair meeting, with hilarious results. The above image is just a snippet of a larger that piece that simply HAS to be checked out. During the entire hilarious exchange between Rogers and Trevor, the men’s other halves, Diana Prince and Peggy Carter, become just a little fed up of all their yapping.

13. 11 & 23

11 & 23 - Lord Mesa

When Logan was released in cinemas earlier this year, comparisons between Dafne Keen’s character Laura Kinney (aka X-23) and Stranger Things’ Eleven were drawn instantly. It was inevitable — both are badass, both love eating, both are pre-teens and both aren’t too keen on talking. Additionally, each has their own special abilities; Eleven is psychokinetic while Laura is a clone of Wolverine, possessing the same heightened physical senses and retractable claws. (She also has a single claw housed within each foot but that’s beside the point!)

Really, the point is, they’re both super cool, young girls who hold their own against their older — often male — counterparts. So, Lord Mesa’s artwork which sees them come together is brilliant. We particularly love how Eleven is munching away on her favorite snack, a waffle, as Laura is chewing some Pringles and sporting her signature sunglasses.


Tormund x Captain Phasma - Katie

Any Game of Thrones fan will have noticed, since he first met the female knight back in season six, Tormund Giantsbane has had a pretty serious — and not so subtle — crush on Brienne of Tarth. Any Game of Thrones fan will also know that Brienne is famously brought to life by British actress Gwendoline Christie.

Why is that relevant, you ask? Well, Star Wars enthusiast Katie has put a funny spin on Tormund’s affections but depicting him looking at Christie’s The Force Awakens character Captain Phasma instead. (Well, she’s not too far of a stretch from Brienne — she and the chrome Stormtrooper do both wear metallic armor, right?) Unfortunately for Tormund though, it doesn’t look like Phasma is interested in him romantically, as Katie’s take on the character can be seen sweating and muttering, ‘Seven Hells,’ as she notices him admiring her.


Black Widow & Hawkeye x Supernatural - Jean

Unlike most of the other entries in this fan art list, we couldn’t really see an obvious reason why Marvel characters NBlack Widow and Hawkeye would be hanging out with Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester and Castiel, but who are we to question it? Manila-based artist Jean obviously thought it was a worthy crossover and when the result looks this good, who needs a reason anyway? However, it turns out that there is a reason.

You see, the stylized, simple image sees Black Widow and Dean glaring at each other whilst holding their arms out, with their elbows perpendicular to the floor they’re standing on. Hawkeye and Castiel are balancing on their respective buddies’ arms. In Supernatural, Castiel is an angel while Hawkeye is associated with his namesake’s bird so the pose makes sense if you’re looking at them as winged creatures, whether they have any or not.


Bane v Venom

Andy Timm‘s depiction of DC Comics supervillain Bane arm-wrestling Marvel Comics baddie Venom is so detailed; we can’t help but stare at it in awe every time we come across it. Not only does it feature the aforementioned characters but it also has Batman, Nightwing and Green Lantern cheering on Bane while Venom’s side consists of Spider-Man and other Marvel figures on the symbiote-possessed Eddie Brock’s side.

It’s the perfect balance between cartoon-like and realistic too as Timm not only expertly shades the characters but also makes sure to outline them. Our favorite parts of the image however, are in the background, with Hulk being an employee of the Gamma Bar, Superman moping at the counter and Deadpool giving a cigar-smoking Wolverine bunny ears with his right hand.


rocket raccoon and bb-8

This entry caught our eye because it’s so darn cute, which makes a change from the battle scenes that fan art crossovers so often portray. Drawn by female artist Hallpen from South Korea, it brings together lovable Star Wars: The Force Awakens droid BB-8, wise-cracking Guardians of the Galaxy character Rocket Raccoon and astronaut Mark Watney from The Martian.

Not only does each member of the trio spend a lot of time in space within their own stories but they each love orange too, making them the perfect makeshift gang! We reckon that if they ever met, they’d probably get on well too. Mark definitely has a great sense of humor and might appreciate Rocket’s jokes more than his usual allies, Drax the Destroyer or Gamora, do…and well, everybody loves BB-8.


Hulk v Hellboy -Emil Cabaltierra

What springs to mind when you see the colors red and green side-by-side? We don’t blame you if you instantly thought of Christmas. However, when Julian Wicik thought of red and green together, he envisioned The Incredible Hulk and Hellboy coming to blows instead. We love the way that you can see the individual strokes in this image as it’s completely different to the more two-dimensional state fans are more accustomed to seeing these two characters in — it almost looks realistic.

While most of the detail has clearly gone into highlighting Hulk’s muscly body and Hellboy’s unique hands, it’s great to see a piece with a fitting backdrop too. It appears as if the duo is fighting on the streets of a big city, as you can see several skyscrapers behind them. These big guys clearly don’t mind if anyone sees them pummeling each other!


superman and doctor who

While Superman is arguably one of DC Comics’ most recognisable and well-loved heroes, he’s justifiably described as one of its most predictable sometimes, too. His super-strength, flight powers and nigh-invulnerability means you know he’s going to beat his opponents most of the time, which zaps some of the fun out of his battles. So what better way to add a little intrigue into the Man of Steel’s escapades than having him team-up with kooky character Doctor Who, who so often makes situations around him worse before he saves the day?

In Dean Trippe’s eye-catching fan art, Supes aligns himself with the Tenth Doctor to defeat Brainiac and the Daleks as they try to exterminate his beloved Krypton. It’s a good job The Doctor is a time traveler too, as their enemy’s plan is to destroy the planet before Superman was ever born!


invader zim green lantern

Invader Zim versus Green Lantern? Why not, eh? For this is the realm of fan art crossover and anything goes here… even if it is a little on the random side. Arqueart’s interpretation of the Cartoon Network alien taking down Hal Jordan is relatively simple in its design, what with Zim and his cronies overpowering him with some sort of power source.

But if you look closely — and at the artwork’s name too — you’ll figure out that Zim is actually using a Yellow Lantern Power Ring to defeat his unlikely foe. Some of the Yellow Power Batteries that are used to power said rings can be used to drain any nearby Green Lantern Corps Power Rings, so it’s safe to say, we’d put money on Zim being the victor in this fight.


Vader v Batman - Dave Dorman

They’re both lovers of black attire and each has had their own share of family tragedy, so it’s not hard to imagine how artist Dave Dorman came up with the idea of combining Batman and Darth Vader on paper. In his image, Batman can be seen fighting Vader with a blue lightsaber — just like the one Luke Skywalker wields in the Star Wars franchise — while Vader brandishes his iconic red one.

With his hand raised, the former Jedi also looks like he’s using The Force on Batman, which cannot be good for the all-too-human Dark Knight. If that doesn’t sound intense enough, the pair’s fight is taking place in a huge mass of fire, on what looks like, a burning building. It doesn’t really get more epic than that now, does it?


captain america wonder woman steven universe

Captain America, Wonder Woman and Rose Quartz? What do they all have in common? Well, all are impossibly compassionate AND they all rely on their shields in battle, of course. Because of this, artist Yinza put the colorful trio together in a sweet fan art piece. However, Yinza explains on her Tumblr post that she didn’t just choose this characters to appear together because of they’re all a fan of defensive personal armor either. She selected them because they’re all supposedly bisexual.

Back in September 2016, DC Comics writer Greg Rucka confirmed that Wonder Woman is attracted to both men and women, while Rose Quartz is canonically bisexual in Steven Universe. Captain America’s sexuality on the other hand, is viewed as straight in the comics and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but certain fandoms ship him and his life-long friend Bucky Barnes romantically.


Supergirl & Iron Man

Supergirl and Iron Man might seem like an odd combination, seeing as they aren’t so similar in personality. Moreover, one has superhuman powers while the other needs a high-tech suit to carry out his heroics. However, thanks to their popping colors and joint ability to fly, their crossover makes for one dynamic image.

Drawn by Australian artist Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz and colored by Daniel Tiberius Salgo from the US, the artwork sees the Marvel and DC superheroes whizzing through the air as they remain back-to-back. Talking about the creation, Salgo said: “This piece was a long time coming, ever since I saw it in 2010 (a long time ago) I wanted to throw some colors on it. I have to say if there’s one thing that I love doing, it’s metal work. Hope you enjoy.”


TMNT v Wolverine

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fighting Wolverine isn’t something we can expect to see anytime soon, but oh boy, wouldn’t it be something? Fortunately, talented sketcher Emil Cabaltierra, from the Philippines, has knocked up a piece of fan art that shows us what that battle might look like if it ever happened.

The image sees Michelangelo using his nunchucks to restrain the clawed X-Man while Raphael pounces on him from behind, his sai daggers raised. Things aren’t all bad for Wolverine though. The incredibly detailed piece depicts him slicing through Donatello’s bow staff and Leonardo staring down at his broken katana sword. Basically, it’s impossible to know who would win in this fight! It might be four-on-one but Wolverine can certainly hold his own — it’s too tough to call.


Punisher kills Joke

The Punisher, aka Frank Castle, is one of Marvel Comics most interesting and popular characters. A violent vigilante; he’s often seen as an antihero and occasionally, even a villain, but in Daniel Dahl’s crossover, he’s definitely the do-gooder. Dahl’s artwork sees Punisher relieving Batman of his duties, as he kills The Joker; something we’d definitely love to see in comics or on the big screen.

The two characters’ looks are iconic anyway but here, Punisher’s black streamlined outfit stands out against Joker’s more colorful costume brilliantly. Dahl’s plain background makes sure the focus is completely on the figures and their gore-free, but still very brutal, positioning. The Joker’s catchphrase is usually ‘Why so serious?’ — spoken by Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Here, he’s playfully saying: ‘Why so silly?’ (We can only assume it’s because Punisher is so relentlessly stony-faced).

Have you seen any other cool crossover fan art on the net? Let us know in the comments section!

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