Famous paintings transformed into works of Batman art

Artist Vartan Garnikyan is an avowed "big Batman fan" who,outside of his work creating posters, DVD packaging and standees for film studios, likes to transform famous paintings into Dark Knight pop art.

You may recognize his "Starry Knight," a mashup of Van Gogh's masterpiece and a Joker scene from The Dark Knight; it's popped up here and there over the past several months. However, there's more where that came from. Take, for instance, "American Gotham," in which Batman and Scarecrow replace the farmer and daughter in Grant Wood's famous painting.

Garnikyan keeps up with recent pop-culture developments, too, using the first official Suicide Squad photo of Jared Leto as The Joker as inspiration for a twist on Edvard Munch's iconic "The Scream."

"I’ve had some negative feedback over the years with people saying things like, 'This isn’t art, you’re disgracing a masterpiece, etc.,' as if I’m doing it to insult the artists," he writes on Bored Panda. "But truth be told, I see it as paying homage to them. I try to paint a new classic Batman piece every year, and each project is well thought-out, planned for a long time, and worked on for months!"

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