Family Guy Pays Tribute to Adam West

Adam West on Family Guy

Fox's Family Guy has released a nine-minute highlight reel showcasing the performance of the late actor Adam West as Mayor West.

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West, who passed away June 9 at age 88, is of course best known for his starring role on the 1996 Batman television series. However, he also had a lengthy career as a voice actor, and appeared as the mayor of Quahog on more than 100 episodes of Family Guy.

West will continue to appear on the show's upcoming 16th season, as he'd already recorded five episodes at the time of his death.

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“He’s such an integral part of the series that it never even occurred to us to take [his episodes] out,” said executive producer Steve Callaghan. “I would almost feel like that was somehow not properly honoring him. I think the proper way to honor him is to keep the character in the show.”

The tribute reel closes with a shot of the Griffin family gazing up at a statue of Mayor West, accompanied by the message, "We'll miss you dearly. Quahog couldn't have had a better mayor. We couldn't have had a better friend." It then cuts to a live-action clip of West in the mayor's office, swinging a bat to the cheers of an unseen crowd.

Family Guy returns for its 16th season Sunday, Oct. 1, on Fox.

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