Family Dynamic #3

Story by
Art by
Dan Davis, Tim Levins, Lee Townsend
Colors by
Heroic Age
Letters by
Sal Cipriano
Cover by
DC Comics

Another issue of "Family Dynamic," and it's another good read for us. J. Torres continues to investigate the nuances of a family steeped in the world of crime-fighting and superheroics. Unlike previous takes on a similar concept (think "Fantastic Four" and "Incredibles") this take exposes the entire world of the superfamily, and it is a lot more closely knit than anyone imagined.

This story continues the tale from the two previous issues wherein the reader was clued into the family secrets. The universe inhabited by Family Dynamic is instantly and comfortably familiar, as Torres and Levins provide archetype heroes and villains with updated sensibilities without becoming sensationalist in their storytelling.

Levins' art continues to invoke comparisons to Mike Wieringo while remaining completely independent. This is one of the cleanest books DC has put out in a while, and perhaps the artwork is part of the reason it was deemed necessary to place this title under the Johnny DC banner.

That marketing move may have caused "Family Dynamic" to run its course with DC a little too quickly. The story is enjoyable, lively and fast-paced without being rushed. The art is clean, yet detailed and uncluttered. At any other publisher, this title would be held up as a new flagship, yet for whatever reason, at DC it was shuffled into the relative obscurity of the Johnny DC line.

A fabulous all ages read that doesn't have characters being maimed, raped, or killed, this book would provide any younger (or disenfranchised older) reader with the perfect (re-) entry point into the world of comic books. I only hope "Family Dynamic" finds a new home that offers it an opportunity appropriate to its potential.

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