<i>False Witness!</i> is no <i>Female Force</i>, that's for sure

While political figures ranging from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to John McCain and Sarah Palin have been portrayed positively in recent biographical comics, one outspoken Republican won't be treated so kindly.

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, best known for an interview in which she called for a media investigation of Congress for "anti-American views," is the target of False Witness!, which traces her political career using the congresswoman's own quotes.

The comic is a collaboration between Bill Prendergast, a contributor to the Dump Bachmann blog, and Minnesota cartoonists Lupi, Dan Olson, Danno Klownowski and Ken Avidor. Minneapolis' City Pages has a preview, "It's All A Conspiracy!", by Prendergrast and Jason Gorski.

Prendergast & Co. describe False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story as "the thrilling, behind the scenes look at the seedy, hairy, loathsome underbelly of the career of of one of America's most notorious right-wing nuts and demagogues!"

The first issue will be available this summer for purchase online and in stores in the Twin Cities area.

(via TPM and Tom Bondurant)

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