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BEAVERTON, OR, July 12, 2001 ­ Brian Joines, co-owner (with Joshua Rowe) of False Idol Studios, recently discussed the current state of affairs for the company and revealed plans for the company in the year 2002.

"The most important thing to say right now is that we're back on track with our publication schedule," Joines reported early Wednesday morning. "Issue # 8 will be out by the end of the month and issue # 9 will be out in mid-to-late August. We're planning to have issue # 12 out by the end of the year. By the start of next year, we'll be officially soliciting the book on a bimonthly schedule, which we have no problems maintaining at all."

This news may come as a shock to readers who dropped the book due to the chronic lateness. "I think that between the schedule problems and the whole cover error problem we had with issue # 5, we lost a few readers," Joines suggested. "Don't get me wrong, our numbers are still good for a book like this, but they are down a bit…which is too bad, since the book has received the highest amount of critical praise for the most recent issues. Josh [Rowe, also the series' artist] is doing work that's literally light years ahead of what the first issue looked like, Michael Thomas' lettering just takes the content of the story to a higher level and David Elder's colors for the covers really convey the fun that's inside. We regularly outscore a number of books published by the larger companies and were even favorably compared to [Brian Michael] Bendis' Powers, which was a quite a shock for me to read. Hopefully, our new dedication to putting the book out in a timely fashion will bring some former readers back into the fold and possibly bring in new readers as well."

In the meantime, according to Joines, False Idol Studios is branching out into merchandising the 7 Guys characters. "At San Diego, we'll be debuting T-shirts and posters featuring characters from the book at the False Idol booth, including some that have only made cameos or haven't appeared at all yet. We'll also feature these items on our soon-to-be-revamped website (www.7guysofjustice.com) and hope to have them featured in Previews as well. And yes, odds are there will be a Bad Art shirt for those who want it."

Looking ahead, Joines offered a hint of what readers could expect in the pages of "The 7 Guys of Justice" through 2002, as well as other series and specials slated to debut that year. "In 7 Guys, the rest of 2001 will be spent wrapping up the current storyline with the Pie Master and Baron Brilliance, followed by a storyline where Lord Talon has to save Big City and his teammates from a resurgence of the Axis power. Yes, there will be a head in a bottle. Will it be Hitler? I'm not telling. That ends with issue # 12, which we're hoping to land a `name' artist to do the cover for us.

"In 2002, we'll be on our new schedule, which will consist of 6 issues and one special a year. It starts with issue 13, which is the closest we'll ever get to a `very special 7 Guys of Justice.' In that book, Johnny Explode takes the spotlight as we poke light at a current controversy in the comics industry. Without going into too much detail, let me just say that Johnny has to rescue a hero who could be described as miraculous, if not marvelous. After that, the team tangles with a villain who could be a grown-up version of a poplar figure from children's literature who's turning the city officials into frogs. We'll wrap up the year with the resolution of the hero-killer storyline, which will also reveal the origin of Hunter-Gatherer and finally fill the seventh slot on the team."

As for the other projects:

The 7 Guys of Justice Big Dumb Holiday Special ­ by Joines, Rowe and various.

"We were hoping to do it this year, but we decided to make sure we got all of the books out instead. Needless to say, it's a Christmas special where the team tangles with a disgruntled Latin elf named Felix Navidad. We're hoping to land a very special, real-life guest-star to appear in the book…I'm in the middle of trying to get permission from a few different people right now. I don't want to say more until I'm certain it's a go."

Fleet 133 ­ by Rowe

"Josh is doing this one all by himself. It's got an epic space opera kind of feel, with a fleet of ships making their way back to Earth to uncover the origins of their beliefs. Meanwhile, other parties are conspiring to stop them for a variety of reasons. Josh has a whole mythology worked out for this book jaw dropping. The book has a real Star Blazers vibe in its look and feel."

The Temporary Guy ­ by Joines, Cmelak and Kirkpatrick.

"This is a mini-series starring a down-on-his-luck plainclothes superhero-for-hire who gets involved in a case involving stolen alien bodies, a dead superhero and a very pregnant femme fatale. I think of it as `Ambush Bug meets Luke Cage' in tone. Should be funny like 7 Guys, but a bit darker. I co-wrote the plot with my buddy Stephen Cmelak and the art's being handled by Greg Kirkpatrick of Novavolo fame."

In addition to the above titles, Joines is also working on "Customer Service," a book featuring "James Bond undercover, working retail," with artist David Hedgecock as well as "Coolsville," about "a group of cops who find themselves having to deal with something that is, essentially, the world's first super-villain." Mario Wytch draws that book. Neither book is slated to be published by False Idol Studios, although that does remain a possibility.

Joines is quick to point out that "while we're excited about each and every one of these projects and have faith in our ability to produce them, our first priority remains 7 Guys and putting it out on time. We're more than ready to accommodate new fans with these titles, but not at the cost of alienating our older fans. We're moving forward with a new mind-set, a better knowledge of the industry and a better understanding of our own limitations that can only serve us in the future and ensure that we keep our readers happy. Because if we can't do that…what's the point of doing this at all?"

False Idol Studios is based out of Beaverton, Oregon. Founded by Joines and Joshua C. Rowe in 1999, the company publishes The 7 Guys of Justice, a monthly humor book that pokes fun at the super-hero genre. The book, written by Joines and pencilled by Rowe, features the exploits of such heroes as Lord Talon, Ugly Monkey, Nightie Knight, Johnny Explode and Moray Earl set against the fictitious backdrop of Big City. The company's website can be found at www.7guysofjustice.com.

Source: False Idol Studios

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