Fallout 76's $100 Annual Pass Isn't Worth the Money

Fallout 76 developer and publisher Bethesda announced that it will offer a paid service called Fallout 1st that provides some features those who play the game have wanted since launch. These include private online servers, unlimited player storage, a fast travel item that can be deployed anywhere, 1650 atoms to use to buy stuff  in-game and other random cosmetic items. The service costs $12.99 a month or $100 a year. It is shocking that Bethesda is not only charging for these services in the first place, but wants them to cost money on an ongoing basis.

Fallout 76 launched last year disastrously. Servers would constantly kick players, making them lose progress and there were numerous bugs and glitches  The game itself was a bare bones experience that essentially gave players nothing to do except go on a wild goose chase for a bunch of computers.

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The troubles don't end there. Bethesda's fixes often only made Fallout 76 worse. After implementing a feature that allowed users to detonate nukes once the proper codes were found, players were able to detonate three of the devices at the same time, crashing the entire game. One update actually made the game way too easy due to a recipe being bugged and easily replicated.

The problems don't end in the game world, as even Fallout 76's collector's editions had problems. An advertised canvas bag was meant to be included but instead was made of cheap vinyl. The helmet that was included in the GameStop release had to be recalled due to high levels of mold. You could contact Bethesda to get replacement bags at least, but then the company accidentally leaked private information. There are far more problems that Fallout 76 has had over the year, but we'll be here all day should we go into them.


All of these errors are reasons why players shouldn't get Fallout 1st. Firstly, atoms just fuel the microtransactions that are in the game, making it just a way to get players to spend more money. The cosmetic items and fast travel item are features Fallout 76 should give players to begin with, especially with the issues the game has had. The only features here that could be worth it is the servers and storage. Finally, the service costs more than PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass, which are streaming services that offer you games, with full blown titles coming at a cheaper price or for free.

The Fallout 1st service alo started with bugs and other issues. The so-called private servers weren't private, as players found stuff had already been searched and pilfered. People were joining private servers without the permission of those players to whom they belonged. The storage is also not working properly, and players are losing the items they had as a result. So the service isn't worth the money because what's being offered doesn't work, isn't much and is priced absurdly. Don't pay for Fallout 1st; it's not worth it.

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