Fallon Bids Farewell to Late Night with The Muppets

Jimmy Fallon ended his eight-year run on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last week as he prepped for his transition to The Tonight Show, and the comedian's final show did not disappoint. Fallon's final act as host of Late Night was a performance of The Weight by The Band along with The Muppets for an appropriate end to his tenure as host.

The performance -- a stylistic homage to The Last Waltz -- started off with Fallon on drums alongside The Electric Mayhem as more and more Muppets joined the stage. After the final note of the song, Fallon exited Studio 6A and walked down the hall to his new studio for The Tonight Show where his cast and crew were waiting for him with champagne ready to pop.

It's a great song selection, and it's always incredible to see Beaker sing an entire verse of a song by just saying "Meep." Plus, Animal gets to scream a lot while playing drums.

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