"Fall Out Toy Works" Motion Comic from "Repo Men" Director Available in October

Official Press Release

Following the success of the print comic edition of Fall Out Toy Works, loosely based on the Fall Out Boy song "Tiffany Blews" from the band's multi-platinum CD "Folie à Deux," Fall Out Boy will be releasing an animated motion comic version of the series on October 19th. Released over a period of 15 weeks, the animated motion comic will provide fans with a unique visual experience that will capture the essence of music, fashion, design, animation, technology and most importantly, great storytelling voiced by an eclectic cast including: Anna Faris, Jaime King, Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz, among others.

The Pinocchio-like, futuristic story of a toymaker and his creation, Fall Out Toy Works was envisioned by Wentz and Los Angeles designer Darren Romanelli (Dr. Romanelli), penned by acclaimed writer Brett Lewis (Bulletproof Monk and The Winter Men), brought to life with art by Sami Basri of Imaginary Friends Studios, in partnership with Jeff Krelitz of Double Barrel Motion Labs.

"Repo Men" director, Miguel Sapochnik has signed on to direct the series with Double Barrel Motion Labs principals, Andy Collen and Jeff Krelitz, producing the project.

The story takes place in a future, machine-driven Los Angeles, industrially monopolized by a greedy man named Baron. A movement against Baron exists, comprised of creative minds opposed to commercial monopoly. Among these artists-heroes is the Toymaker (Stump), a once successful creator who brought robotic "cybers" to a public who is now on the verge of losing it all. With little time to do something truly great, the most unlikely ally, Baron, brings forth a challenge: to create a cyber who is capable of true love. It is then that we meet Tiffany Blues (Faris) and the true story of the comic book begins as readers follow the complex relationship between the creator, The Toymaker, and the created, the android Tiffany, who embark on a turbulent ride in a world of unscrupulous characters and sinister plans to find the true meaning of life and love. Along for the ride are an emotionally damaged toy boy, Crybaby (Wentz), who refuses to take off his bear suit and Gravity Welles (King), a hostess for hire who starts a new life with help of the Toymaker.

The motion comic will be available for download purchase in October 19th at falloutboyrock.com, gomerch.com and friendsorenemies.com for $29.99, and at a pre-sale price of $19.99 for a limited time only, starting on September 18th.

For more information, visit www.fallouttoyworks.com.

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