Fall Out Boy Signing Report

Phoenix retailer Atomic Comics recently hosted a Fall Out Boy signing featuring the band's new comic book, "FOB Presents: Fall Out Toy Works." Atomic's owner, Mike Malve, shares with CBR the story of the day, from the signing to the concert at Tempe Town Lake and more, as well as a huge gallery of photos from the event.

I went to the venue at Tempe Town Lake and was pleasantly surprised that the whole band was excited to attend the signing! I had expected that maybe only one or two members of Fall Out Boy would be able to take time out of their busy schedule to make this brief appearance at Atomic Comics. So Pete, Patrick, Joe, Andy and two members of their security team jumped into my van and we made our way out to the store to sign copies of their new comic, "Fall Out Toy Works," and meet their fans!!

Fans had started lining up at 6am, and we cut the line off as soon as the band arrived. We had already sold out of the books at that point. Over 300 people were on hand meet the guys and chat get comics and other items signed. Everyone was so excited, and the band were really stoked that they were doing their first ever comic book store signing! Having witnessed the magnitude of the concert at Tempe Town Lake, I was really impressed with these guys for taking time to journey to Atomic and do this for everyone!

Fall Out Boy's management had them on a tight schedule and we suddenly had to rush them back to the concert. They posed for a few photos and I whisked everyone back into the van. Driving back they mentioned that they would have loved to be able to walk around the shop and buy some comics! They invited me onto the tour bus to have a few drinks with them and talk comics, but I told them I needed to spend some time with my family but that I would come back later. On the way home, I went to one of my shops and picked up some cool trades that we had talked about that they had wanted to try. Joe asked about Avatar's "Gravel" by Warren Ellis because one of my employees, Ashley, had recommended it to him. Also grabbed some Mike Mignola stuff, "100 Bullets," Geoff John's "Green Lantern" and a couple "Batman" trades!

Returning to the show I was invited backstage and delivered the package of trades and other good reads to show my appreciation to these guys for taking the time to come by Atomic Comics on such short notices. Then I hung out with Fall Out Boy and the other bands and talked about comics and some of the exciting comic book movies coming out soon like "Iron Man 2." They even let me stay up on stage with them during the show!! I admit, I really did not know all of their songs that well, but they did play a Journey song I knew! It was such a great time and they are a good bunch of guys. I would love to have Fall Out Boy come by Atomic Comics again for a future signing!

-- Mike Malve,

Atomic Comics

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