Fall Into Fall with 67 Falling Superheroes

Put away the beach towels and give up on your beach bod, because summer is gone. Now that fall is here, it's time to get your corduroys, loose scarves and cardigans out of the closet and engage layering mode. Fall means a lot of things. Fall means pumpkins, fall means breezy weather, fall means colorful leaves, fall means Christmas decorations appearing way too early in big box stores and now, thanks to this list, fall also means superheroes falling to their deaths.

Yep, the one enemy that all superheroes have in common is gravity -- that pesky natural phenomenon that always sends them hurtling to their doom just because they happened to get thrown out of a window/off a roof. As you'll see on the 67 covers we've lovingly collected in this fall scrapbook, even superheroes that can fly fall victim to falling. So pour a pumpkin flavored liquid into your favorite mug, get cozy and enjoy this collection of fall-themed comic book covers.

They fall alone.

They fall together.

They fall mid-fight.

They fall because they don't have their powers.

They fall despite the lack of gravity.

They fall even if they can fly.

They fall with purpose.

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