Falcon/Winter Soldier Is the Marvel TV Series We’ve Always Needed

As Disney prepares to unveil their streaming service, more rumors about the platform's Marvel arm have emerged. Along with limited series supposedly planned for Loki, Scarlet Witch and Nick Fury, now it's come out that Captain America's BFFs Falcon and Winter Soldier will have a limited series of their own. And that's honestly the best fate for both characters and will allow for the best use of them.

Is it surprising that the two are being paired up? Not in the slightest. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan proved to have great banter with each other during their interactions in Captain America: Civil War, and even pre-Infinity War, Stan likened their dynamic to what would be perfect for a buddy cop film. Just seeing the two snipe back and forth while their friend is dismantling the organization he helped found was surprisingly funny and finally got to let Bucky have some humor after his pretty traumatic situation. It's a well-worn dynamic that never gets old, as Castlevania and Venom from earlier this month have taught us.

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The MCU versions of Sam and Bucky both exist at an odd juncture in Captain America's history as a character. With Chris Evans' departure from the franchise looming over the horizon with Avengers 4, there's been plenty of talk online about which of the two should have the honor of wielding the iconic shield: Bucky should technically have first dibs, seeing as he was Steve's best friend (and honestly had some of the more interesting stories when he had the title), but Sam is the more recent of the two to hold the mantle. Also, making a black man a symbol of liberty and America at the time felt right because... well, guess.

Despite the numerous debates online, the movies themselves haven't made any real hints as to which man will be the new Captain America for future phases, aside from a brief deleted scene from Captain America: Civil War where Sam and Bucky each get a chance to throw it during the chaotic airport battle. This supposed show doesn't completely solve the Captain America problem, but at the very least it can address it and allow the two to either share the title, much like how there's just multiple people flying around in suits of armor. It'd be a good way of acknowledging the time both spent as the Sentinel of Liberty, plus it would just be funny for them to bicker about that back and forth during their stint together.

Captain America The Winter Soldier Bucky

The Marvel shows are going to live and die based on what characters are being used. Sam and Bucky aren't quite the heavy hitters that Steve or even Ant-Man are, but they are still pretty big and worth sticking with. By the time Avengers 4 is around the corner and Spider-Man: Far From Home is gearing up for release, the majority of the MCU films will likely be aimed more towards a cosmic bent. There’s still stories to tell on Earth and, beyond Peter Parker, Bucky and Sam have potential to tell some interesting Earth stories considering their respective backgrounds.

All MCU characters have their fans, but fans can’t carry every character to movie territory. Buck and Sam are better suited to television. If there’s one thing the MCU Netflix shows have shown us, it’s that team-ups with two supporting characters can lead to some great moments. Evans will always be Captain America, but there’s nothing wrong with letting his pals share the spotlight together.

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