Russos Aren't Involved With Disney's Falcon & Winter Soldier Series

If the planned Falcon and Winter Soldier series moves forward on the Disney streaming service, Joe and Anthony Russo won't be involved.

Collider hosted a special IMAX screening of Avengers: Infinity War on Wednesday, followed by a Q&A with the directors. Unsurprisingly, the filmmakers were relatively mum about Avengers 4, but when it came to other projects, they were a bit more willing to divulge information. That includes confirmation that they aren't involved with the reported Falcon and Winter Soldier series for Disney+.

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While Disney has only confirmed a limited series devoted to Tom Hiddleston's Loki, two other Marvel Cinematic Universe projects believed to be in development for the service are a Scarlet Witch series with Elizabeth Olsen, as well as a Falcon and Winter Soldier series set to star Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Of the three, only the latter has announced a series writer thus far, suggesting that, despite Marvel's lack of confirmation on the project, it's far enough along that it may be entering pre-production soon.

Naturally, one might have expected to see the Russo brothers involved to some extent, given their previous roles with Agent Carter, and the way they've gone on to establish both characters within the MCU. Unfortunately, it appears the incredibly busy duo will be sitting this one out.

Empire writer Malcolm Spellman was brought on to pen the series in October by Marvel and Disney. And while news has been rather sparse since then, it remains the only of the three projects to have confirmed a writer. Spellman, of course, will work closely with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who will oversee all of the Marvel shows.

Other projects rumored to be in development for Disney+ are series featuring Rocket and Groot andl Nick Fury. Disney+ will launch in late 2019.

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